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How to Be More Productive in Your Idle Time

How to be more productive

How can an online business owner become more productive?

First, let me begin by sharing a very practical story of something that happens where I grew up.

The people over there are probably the most enterprising people I have ever known.

There, you don’t need to attend any Business School to learn;

  • How to start a business – even Children at 6 can wake up in the morning and tell you that they want to sell sachet water so that they will make some money.
  • How to do affiliate marketing – over there it’s called, “Oso ahia.”
  • How to build instant rapport with a prospect – you will think they have known you for ages when they launch this strategy on you.
  • How to negotiate and win (although most of them don’t end up in a win/win deal which should have been the ultimate).
  • And many more.

But here’s where majority of them are missing out.

When there’s no customer to attend to or when they feel they have made enough money for the day, week or month, they resort to playing games.

In the course of playing games, a customer might walk in and walk out without being attended to,

Or they won’t have an adequate knowledge of what to say that will help them get inside the head of their prospect within a short period of conversation.


First, they were distracted. Secondly, they were inadequately informed.

The “Down Time” like we call in Analytical Chemistry (one of my favourite courses back in the day) which can be interpreted in business as that “time you don’t have a customer to attend to or a project you are working” is not the time to while away chatting, arguing, roaming around different social media platforms or playing games if you are running an offline business.

It’s not the time to poke nose. Instead, it is the time to develop your capacity.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t chat, argue on social media or play games with your hommies. Who am I to tell you what to do with your time?

But do you have an idea of what the people you while away your time with do when you are sleeping? Do you?

After the inexhaustible argument, some of them go back to develop themselves in the night while you sleep and snore. When the day breaks, they drag you to continue where you guys stopped. And to you, as long as you don’t have a project you are working on, you are okay with that.

Later, you begin to think that they have a secret they aren’t telling you. Some will even allow themselves to be lied to that someone is holding them when it obvious to “Ewu na Okuku” (Goat and fowl – meaning, EVERYBODY) that you’ve been the one holding yourself.

There’s something I have observed over the years…

Grace easily find FULL expression in a man that has built capacity.

You can write it down.

When you develop your capacity and you continue to develop it, one oil of Grace will erase decades of struggles.

But when you sit there wasting your “Down Time” that should have been used for something productive, (like updating and upgrading yourself) you will continue to worry while favour isn’t natural in your life.

You can be more productive today even in your idle time.

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  1. Hi Emenike,

    Great post! You have shared excellent post with in-depth information. making good use of one’s idle time is key to gain advantage in your field. Learning never stops and we should continue our learning during idle time.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day. 🙂


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