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All You Need To Know About Melbourne Taxi Culture

All you need to know about Melbourne taxi, cost, companies and how to calculate it

An old saying goes: It is easier to get a taxi in Melbourne than it is to get a cup of coffee.

Considering that Melbourne is one of the most renowned coffee cities in the world, this is saying a lot!

Melbourne has over 17 government registered companies providing taxi services to the city. Considering its size, that’s a lot of taxis roaming the streets at any given time.

Getting around Melbourne is accessible and convenient whether you are a local resident or just visiting from out of town to start a franchise business.

Taxis should be your preferred method of transport in this eclectic city.

Melbourne Taxis

Melbourne is a small area located at the Southmost tip of the Australian continent.

It is home to the creatives of Australia, flooded with the nation’s most interesting and alternative characters. It is also a popular tourist attraction for anyone visiting the continent.

To help you get a taxi Melbourne runs, check out for well circulated grid of drivers and vehicles. Australian public transport is generally so efficient that there is usually no need to own your own car.

When catching a taxi in Melbourne you can be rest assured the driver will know exactly where you want to go. Attractions are relatively close together and visited frequently.

As are most Australians, taxi drivers are incredibly friendly. When catching a taxi to Melbourne airport, for example, your driver will probably calculate the quicker, most traffic free route to get you there ASAP; unlike other bustling cities where drivers prefer the slower, more congested routes as it means more money for them.

The industry is competitive in nature but taxi services in Melbourne run on a central metered system. This means fares are only likely to differ by a few dollars between companies. Here are a few of the most well-known companies in operation:

  • Arrow Taxi Services
  • Black Cabs
  • Crown Cabs
  • Melbourne Taxis
  • Silver Top Taxis
  • West Suburban Taxis

There are a number of ways to get hold of a taxi while in Melbourne. If you are not a local, then familiarize yourself with these methods before visiting the city.

Ways to Get Hold of a Taxi in Melbourne

Melbourne taxi and the most affordable airport taxi in Melbourne

Flag One Down

The age old method of flagging down a taxi: Arm out, sharp whistle, go!

Flagging down a taxi in Melbourne can be done from any street or curb side.

Taxis in Melbourne have dome lamps on the roofs of each cab. If that dome light is lit up then the taxi is probably available for hire. Only attempt to flag down taxis with lit up domes. Flagging down already occupied vehicles is a waste of your time.

Call Ahead

How great is modern technology? Simply dial up the cab company and they’ll send a car straight to you!

However, though seemingly quite simple, this method of taxi Melbourne booking can be unreliable depending on call volumes and demand.

The call centers sometimes become saturated with callers all looking for taxis to come and collect them. It can be so busy that you could spend a few minutes on hold. This is more of a last resort solution to find a taxi service Melbourne can supply.

Use The App

Ingogo offers an easy to use mobile app that directly connects you to taxi drivers around Melbourne.

What’s great about Ingogo is that your final fare is calculated before you even get into the taxi. There are no hidden costs or added tolls. Simply log on, request a taxi and confirm the given price.

Ingogo is available day and night and is a safe, sure way of securing taxi services even when the streets are extremely quiet. You’ll be picked up at your exact location.

Visit A Rank

You also have the option of booking a Melbourne taxi from any of the many ranks located around the city.

Ask a local to point you in the direction of one or use a simple Google search – Take a look at how search helps you find the right information you are searching for.

Cost Of Service

Taxi fares in Melbourne vary depending on a number of factors.

Time You Hail a Taxi

Depending on the time of service, fares may fluctuate because of city traffic conditions.

No traffic means that the trip will be uninterrupted and as quick as possible. A lot of traffic means the trip will take longer. Every minute spent in a Melbourne taxi is charged by a few cents.

Per Kilometer

The exact distance of a journey is charged at a rate per kilometer. This is usually around $2 but will depend on the taxi company.

For this reason, it’s always good to use an electronic map system to calculate the shorter possible route to your destination. Without one, drivers could take scenic routes and rack up your bill unknowingly.

Flat Fees

Most taxi services Melbourne provides will add a flat fee of usage to each ride total. This is usually around $2 for general use, and slightly more for airport trips.

The three above mentioned costs are added together to determine your final cost of travel. It is up to you whether you’d like to add a tip for your driver or not. Tipping of drivers in Australia is welcomed but not expected.

Let’s Go!

Melbourne is an exciting city with much to be explored. The most efficient way to do so is definitely via taxi service. Why? Because the best way to experience any new city is to do it as the locals would.

So grab a cup of coffee, use your taxi app to call a ride, and become one with the culture!

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