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How to Make Your First $500 Online

Make your first $500 online

If you’ve been following this business blog for quite some time, you must have heard numerous stories of ordinary people like you in the U.S., UK and Australia who are making whooping 6 figures online from the comfort of their homes.

Just in case you don’t know, before they made their first $100K in a month income, they made their first $500 USD online.

Make your first $500 online

And like we already know, it is easier to hit your first $500 than it’s hitting 6 figures blogging income. So if you are smart, you’d rather set your income goals in this order: $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and so on and so forth.

Aside the fact that it portrays you as one who’s realistic with his goal setting, it also makes it easier for you to check it off in your plan.

If you’ve never made $500 online before, come closer. I want to show you stupid-but-simple affiliate marketing hacks to help you achieve that real quick.

But first of all. Let’s look at:

Debunking Myths about Making Money Online

I want to you know that making money online isn’t rocket science as well as it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

To make money, you must invest your time, money and energy to it. My buddies who their major source of organic traffic are from tier one countries like the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia don’t smile home with anything less than $3,000 monthly.

It will be frustrating to think you will immediately start getting passive income from your website from the very first day you started it.

No, it does not work that way in most cases. You have to roll up your sleeve and get to work immediately. You gotta handle this online business as a full-time business.

Additionally, at the early stage of your online business, outsourcing your prospecting job completely will only make you struggle. Don’t do that. This is because nobody can market your business better than you. Become the Chief Evangelist of your brand while other people you employ will do the job of consolidating on your effort.

That said, let me briefly thank those of you that participated in our 30% discount promo. You guys kept us really busy. As in, it was coming left, right and centre. Kudos!

Moving on, here’s what you need to do to crush $500 in total affiliate commissions in record time.

6 Steps to Making Your First $500 the Easy Way

  1. Identify a niche you would like to offer people solution in.

This guide will help you choose a profitable niche even if you are targeting Australia traffic alone.

  1. Seek for companies offering affiliate programs in that niche and register with them
  2. Go to 3 popular forums (Quora, Warrior Forum and any other) and set up an account with them
  3. Build influence and credibility by answering questions in your niche (which you already have some affiliate programs)
  4. Creatively respond to questions that would necessarily demand that you insert the company link (now you can replace it with your affiliate link)

For instance: What’s the best autoresponder? Getresponse or Constant Contact.

Siteground and Bluehost, which one is a better web hosting company?

While responding to any of these questions, with a long-form comments, (like 300 words) you can insert your affiliate link. If you overdo it, you will be kicked out.

Alternatively, you can use No.5

5. Borrow a minute of browsing time from anyone with phone or laptop that knows a thing or two about buying online and visit your affiliate link with their browser.

Here’s what happens…

Once your link is clicked on using a particular PC, within the next 3 months, whatever anyone buys using that computer and from the site you are an affiliate to, you will be paid a commission on that.

It sounds like spamming but it’s not. Instead, it’s a stupidly simple hack. A lot of people who are still coming up are doing this.

6. Start buying momentum ETFs.

Momentum ETFs are investment portfolios made up of stocks that are trending upwards. Before buying a Momentum ETF, you need to find out if the ETF uses physical replication or synthetic replication, otherwise, you might not be able to make money from it.

If you do this with passion, you will make at least $500. Read the story of a young man who made $500 from Quora in a day doing exactly what I just told you above.

This is will work well for you if you’ve never made $500 online or you have enough time on your hands.

Share with us, how did you make your first $500 online?

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  1. Another great piece.
    Well done!
    I tried to implement the tips shared in this post but most of the affiliate program I tried was requesting for vat number(tax number).
    Please, if there are affiliate site that doesn’t request for that, you can kindly share that with me.

    • You are welcome, ThankGod.

      I personally avoid those ones that request for Tax number. But I have also heard from people say that as long as you’re not a U.S. citizen nor live in the States you have no reason to bother on that. Go ahead and promote your link first. Even if you don’t withdraw it, you can use it to renew your account.


  2. Great post Emmanuel,
    Even though we all already know that blogging is not easy, but building a blog and making your first $500 is actually not difficult once you have a solid plan and strategy on how to go about it.
    Even though it’s often said that the first $100 is always the most difficult, I believe that if you have a goal, backed up with proven strategy and work tirelessly towards achieving your goal, you’ll definitely make such amount and more.
    However, the problem with most people is that they often jump into blogging with the wrong mindset thinking that they will start making thousands of dollars immediately with little to no efforts, only for them to be disappointed in the end.
    Blogging is never a get rich quick scheme, it’s a real business and should always be handled as such. And like you said, if you’ve never made any money from blogging before, it’s always advisable to start from the little amounts. Start from making your first $100, then take it up to $500, and so on. If you’re just starting and you want to start making it big immediately, you’ll fail in most cases.
    Thanks for sharing mate.

    • Exactly! You captured it correctly, Anil.

      Thanks for stopping over once again. I appreciate your thoughtful contribution. Making money blogging is only as difficult as we make it.

      If I had someone to explain things out the way I do for my readers, I would have made my first $100 in my first week. But you know, what? I began from the very scratch.

      But thanks to God I didn’t quit.


  3. Hi Excellent information for those who are looking to earn more in blogging. These long tail keywords has helped me to draw targeted traffic to my site. Excellent and much useful info.


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