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5 Major Telemarketing Myths That Aren’t True

Telemarketing myths you need to know

When trying to enter a new market, you will hear different telemarketing myths that can easily weaken your strategies. Are these myths about telemarketing true? And what are some telemarketing facts you need to know when serving the American audience?

There’s a popular saying among salespeople that people sell the way they buy. If you can easily buy a product you’ve never heard about before simply because you got a phone call from someone pitching the product to you, you too can also get a stranger to buy from you by implementing the same sales strategy that got you sold.

This is where implementing the best telemarketing techniques come in. However, everyone doesn’t have the same buying behavior. The phone closing strategy that worked for Mr. Elon may not work when calling Mr. Warren.

Are all opinions people have about telemarketing true? The answer is no.

In this article, we will show you some of the most common telemarketing myths that are simply not true, and why we think so.

Telemarketing Myth 1: It’s a Game of Numbers

Some people believe that telemarketing is a game of numbers. In their opinion, building a huge contact list automatically guarantees more sales. Could this be true?

The answer is no. A huge contact list doesn’t guarantee more sales if the people in your contact list have no need for what you are selling.

When generating leads, quality matters. Experienced telemarketers know how to generate quality leads using the resources available to them. They don’t just go after numbers. Each lead matters to them, and that’s why they want to be sure what they are selling is relevant to the target market.

If what you are selling won’t benefit the contacts that filled up your list, being the best telemarketing coach in the United States won’t save you.

Telemarketing Myth 2: All You Need to Be a Good Telemarketer is Being an Eloquent 

One of the most common telemarketing myths we think you need to know is the general belief that having the gift of the gab automatically makes you a good telesales person. This is not true.

Being an eloquent public speaker can help you become a good phone closer. However, that’s not all you need to be a successful telemarketer. To get more people to buy from you, you don’t need to always be the one talking. This is not a place to showcase your eloquence.

Having good communication skills can help you. It’s one of the most important soft skills every marketer needs to have. But you need to know when to step back and just listen to them. Oftentimes, the best way to get a stranger to talk is to ask them questions that are peculiar to their needs.

The only key areas telemarketers talk includes introducing themselves and their company, offering and details of the offer, and answering questions that the prospect might ask.


Telemarketing Myth 3: Sales Objection Automatically Shows That the Prospect Doesn’t Need Your Product or Service

Overcome sales objections

If you are new to telemarketing you are going to be getting loads of sales objections. It’s important we inform ahead of time. As it becomes more frequent, you might be tempted to believe this myth that all objections mean no.

What do all sales objections truly mean, no? The answer is no. Most sales objections simply mean that your prospect has a question in their mind that you are yet to answer. Most telemarketing myths can be easily corrected if you know how to ask the right question.

Maximize the opportunity to ask why they turned down your request to buy the product. Don’t try to push sales at this time. Give them options. But if the prospect truly still doesn’t want to buy, it will be in your best interest not to force them otherwise it will result in what we call, buyer’s remorse.

What is buyer’s remorse?  Buyer’s remorse is a feeling of regret experienced after making a purchase, typically one regarded as unnecessary or extravagant. When you literally force a customer to buy what they don’t like, they will surely slip into remorse. The effect of buyer’s remorse is that the customer won’t like to do business with you again.

To avoid buyer’s remorse, always tell your outsourced telemarketing company to know when to stop. You can always re-schedule a conversation.

Telemarketing Myth 4: You Need a Telemarketing Script

Both inbound and outbound telemarketing experts use a script, especially when they are starting out. But the question is, do you really need it? Is telemarketing script compulsory? 

If you don’t know when to stop, using a telemarketing script can make you look like a robot. Trust me, your prospect will definitely find out and they will suspect you are calling to scam them. 

A script is only there to guide you on the important points to discuss during the sales call. If you have the skills, you can always craft different telemarketing scripts that will work for the insurance, web design, digital marketing industries, etc.

How do you write an award-winning telemarketing script with which you can close sales pretty fast? It’s super simple. All you need to do is to research and identify your prospect, write down your pre-qualifying questions and outline the benefits your product is going to offer them.

If your prospect gets to know that you are talking off a script or template, that’s the end of it. This is why we always recommend that you hire the services of an experienced telemarketing agency near you.

Telemarketing Myth 5: You Can Only Use Telemarketing Strategies to Sell Basic Products and Services

Most businesses still believe that telemarketing is cheap. This is why only very few businesses outsource telemarketing. In their opinion, any member of the sales team can take care of that. Are they right on this? The straight-to-the-point answer is, no.

Everyone is not trained to be a telemarketer. Good B2B telemarketers are trained in dealing with complex propositions. Read this article to see good reasons why your business needs a great call center service. It’s not only your basic products and services that you can sell through telemarketing.

You can virtually sell even your advanced products and services through telemarketing. But don’t try to close the sale the same day. For highly expensive products, telesales is only the start of the sales process. The telemarketer can help to set an appointment.


B2B Appointment Setting

B2B appointment services

B2B appointment setting services focus on generating quality leads with other businesses that meet their client’s qualifications. The sales team of a company uses telemarketing strategies like cold-calling or cold-emailing to reach their prospect and set up appointments. Most aircraft sales experts use this strategy in selling their high-ticket executive products.

Which of these telemarketing myths have you heard before? Did you ever believe them? Are you currently using telemarketing in your lead generation? Which of the B2B telemarketing companies have you worked with in the past?

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