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11 Major Factors For Selecting The Most Effective CRM System For Sales

What to consider when selecting effective CRM system for your sales team

Today, businesses of all sizes are in need of effective CRM to help boost their sales.

Every CRM software promises to fulfill the major requirements of a sales team such as closing more deals and managing customer relationships better.

But you must understand that your business may have some unique requirements and so do other businesses out there in the market. Also, not all CRM products available in the market will be equally suitable for your requirements.

With all these factors taken into account, how can you evaluate which CRM works the best for your sales department?

First off…

Take a CRM cheat sheet and note down the list of factors that you don’t want in your system and extract to choose the ones you need.

This process of choosing CRM software through a cheat sheet has been a great success for many organizations and has helped them to streamline their CRM search.

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Here we present important factors that will aid in selecting the best CRM software for your sales department.

1. User-friendly and Easy to Set Up

Do you need external operators to run sales CRM for you or you need a couple of weeks to get the knowledge on how the CRM software really works? Or you need a consultant to help set up your CRM system?

Forget about it now.

Customer relationship management software was built so that sales representatives can focus more on selling and prospecting. However, many managers pick up a CRM without knowing how it can benefit their business and thrusting them upon their sales representatives.

The impact is the business leaders end up purchasing an expensive, low quality tool that hinders team productivity significantly.

The truth is, effective sales teams are very clear about their preferences. They want a system that they can use easily.

Most effective CRM platforms provide its customers with a free trial ranging from 15 days to one month. But, this is invaluable when you are running a small business trying to figure out ways to manage sales.

Try to use this period of time in order to let your team explore the software such as, whether the user interface is intuitive enough for capturing new leads from emails or do they still need to keep entering leads manually, or how often the team needs support.

2. Creating Reports Quickly

Every sales representative in your team needs to know what are the things they have done right and what are the aspects that they need to improve on. But how can a CRM make it easy for your team to create reports?

Identify your need for analytics and a system’s range of capabilities for generating reports and other useful information in order to find the right CRM match.

Look for a CRM system that has standard pre-made reports as well as customizable reports so that your organization can get tailored analytics specific to each situation.

3. Examining Customer Behavior

Today, businesses can trace the digital behavior data left behind by their customers to identify the pattern and use it to ascertain the customer’s interests in the product.

A cloud-based CRM software helps you to track and monitor customer behavior to gain complete visibility into your client’s entire sales track. This will help your team to have relevant conversations with perspective customers.

It is important to keep in mind that these sales conversations with your customers can make a major difference between a deal won and a deal lost.

Let’s find out how sales CRM receive customer data in seconds.

Someone visits your website and takes a look at product pages that are integrated with the CRM and fills out a web form. Just after this step, they pop up as a new lead in the CRM system with their activity clearly captured.

4. Integrating with External Applications

Bringing numerous tools under one roof is the main purpose behind integrations so clients can get a greater number of apps to merge together in less time and without much effort from your side.

For example, when your CRM integrates with Google Docs, it automatically synchronizes files into your system. You can edit, search, and save actions on the documents directly from the CRM software.

5. No More Repetitive Tasks

Many salespeople are spending more time on tedious tasks and entering data manually into the CRM system rather than spending time on selling.

In order not to get caught in the same cycle, here are few ways to automate your CRM system for sales.

  • Workflow Process (turning prospects into customer when the deal is won)
  • Assign Leads to Sales Team by Territory
  • Bulk Emailing

6. Mobile CRM

How mobile CRM is helping employees in remote working
Mobile CRM

Employees are no longer tied behind their desks. They have to travel a lot and keep working on the go. Thanks to the rise of remote working.

Sales teams have to meet with new prospects and need to visit diverse locations in between office hours. Employees working in the field also need access to their work.

A mobile CRM application ensures that customers receive the best experience all the time. Employees on the road receive important information from any smart device and get real-time updates so that they can provide the customers with relevant information whenever and wherever required at any speed.

Also, they can manage schedules, access important data, create reports, and organize files all in a single and secure location.

7. Price That Fits Your Budget Easily

Businesses spend a lot of money on choosing a CRM but gradually end up investing in some other tools such as customer behavior tracking, lead scoring, and marketing automation as sometimes the system may lack some of these above functionalities.

So, when selecting a CRM software solution, make sure that the tool is doing all of the hard work and not shooting over the budget expenses.

Organizations never want to spend large sums of money just in the process. Maintaining the balance between affordable pricing and key features is hard, but not impossible.

8. Single Packaging

Ask yourself what you want- a single tool to capture all leads, send emails, generate reports, track and monitor customer behavior, make calls.

Write down the features that you don’t want- maintaining excel spreadsheets, manually entering data, etc.

What is the solution?

Search for an effective CRM system that will provide you with the basic requirements such as sending bulk emails for running campaigns, reporting, lead scoring, tracking customer activity, placing calls instantly from the CRM system, and more.

9. Managing Deals Efficiently

A CRM software gives you the ability to visualize your sales pipeline whereas through excel spreadsheets you are unable to view the pipeline.

Although you can list your deals in spreadsheets, still you are unable to get the context behind every deal such as the conversations you have had with customer and the number of deals you expect to close by the end of every month.

With the help of CRM, you can get all the above. You can find out the number of new deals won and lost. The information is stored in the pipeline view and deals are arranged from left to right. It has separate columns that represent the particular stage of the deal while capturing your pipeline entirely. It is easier for you to send emails and make calls to specific pipeline stages.

When your business has different sales process for various products, you will like the numerous sales pipelines that CRMs provide.

10. CRM for Customer Support

How your CRM system helps in customer support
Businesses use CRM in excellent customer support

Sales CRM software also includes features that customer support representatives are looking for.

When customer support representatives are well informed about all previous contact and issues that a customer is having, customers gain a higher sense that they are being taken care of by your company and are more likely to remain a client.

CRM solutions give the insight that businesses need to keep their customers happy.

11. Customize Your CRM software

Customizable CRMs allow an organization to tailor the experience to their own, changing theme colors and adding the company logo gives sales and other users a sense of company spirit that gives employees the passion to succeed in their roles.

Customizable dashboards allow individuals to see data that is most important to them in one central location and can be modified based on the user’s requirements.


A simple customer relationship management system ensures that it fulfills all your essential requirements such as managing clients effectively, providing suitable training to your department, tracking customer interactions, and more.

When you start prioritizing your CRM requirements, it will help you to boost overall business effectiveness and return on investment.

Your sales team can sell smarter, make better decisions that can guide the organization in the best direction, and stay in the loop by never dropping the ball.

A good CRM system such as SutiCRM helps your sales team to save hours, money, and effort by stopping redundant duplicate manual data entry so they can focus on their main purpose of making sales.

Keeping all these factors in mind will help the entire sales department to enhance revenue, faster sales cycle, and higher pipeline visibility.

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