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5 Major Clothing Care Labels You Should Know

If you buy from reputable boutique ventures, the care label on it will guide you on how to better handle the item. It will also aid the longevity of the cloth.

Clothing care labels

Have you ever wondered what the tiny piece of clothing care labels inside your clothes mean? If your response is yes, worry no more. I’ll be showing you 5 major care labels you should know about your clothes. This will help you take better care of them, especially when using a washing machine.

A lot of times, when your cloth gets defective after one wash, it’s not the manufacturer’s fault. It could be that you didn’t follow the washing instructions on the care label. The key to preserving your clothes pristine is understanding how to wash, dry, iron, and keep them.

Why Are Care Labels Important in Clothing?

Care labels are tiny pieces of labels on clothing, usually sewn to the bottom-left of your clothes. They tend to guide consumers on how to take proper care of the fabric. The foremost thing to consider is sorting the laundry. Others are the right detergent or soap and setting the appropriate temperature. 

Ready-made clothes from reputable boutique businesses have care labels, sometimes called care tags. These laundry symbols guarantee the attractiveness and fit of the cloth. The cloth will last long even after many washes if you follow the instructions.

What is Care Labelling Systems?

It’s a system put in place to guide consumers about the regular care of their clothes. There are several labelling systems, and this varies from country to country. Some countries like America, Canada, and Japan have their own labelling systems. But, our focus is the International Labelling System.

International Labelling System

The body in charge of care labels is GINETEX, or The International Association for Textile Care Labelling. According to GINETEX, care labelling was founded in Paris in 1963. This was following several symposiums for textile care labelling in the previous years.

Among its objectives is, to define symbols for textile care at an international level. They also regulate the use of these symbols.

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5 Major Clothing Care Labels

Without Much ado, let us dive into the 5 major clothing care labels you should know:

1. Care Symbols for Washing

Begin by sorting your clothes according to colour and fabric type to group similar items. After sorting, check the label on each cloth to ensure the kind of wash that applies. We will be looking at 3 types of washing symbols here:

a. Hand Wash Symbol

This means you can only use your hands to wash the cloth. A washing machine is not ideal for this type of cloth. Although, technology is always evolving. Today some washing machines have a handwash program which is the same as manual handwash.

b. Machine Wash

This indicates that it is safe to wash the cloth using a washing machine. In some cases, the temperature and other symbols will determine how well to wash it.

c. Do Not Wash  

Do not wash any cloth that has this as one of its symbols either with hands or a machine. Doing so may damage the fabric or cause it to wear sooner.

2. Dry Cleaning Care Symbols

A professional can handle certain clothes better. This is where dry cleaning plays a vital role. Professional dry cleaners should always clean any cloth bearing the dry cleaning symbol. They have the right tools to tend to the cloth.

The circle means that the item is suitable for dry cleaning. Likewise, the letters instruct the dry cleaners on the appropriate solvent to use. The X over the circle indicates that the cloth cannot be dry-cleaned.

3. Bleaching Care Symbols

Bleaching is the process of removing stains from fabrics. Some clothes have stubborn stains that only a bleaching agent can remove. The triangle symbol on the care label indicates whether to bleach or not. What are the care symbols for bleaching?

A triangle shape represents the bleaching care symbol. If the triangle is empty, it means it’s safe to bleach, while the symbol with an X crossing it means you can’t use bleach. Also, a triangle with diagonal lines indicates that you cannot use non-chloride bleaches.

4. Which Symbol is Used for Drying? 

Have you ever placed your clothes under the sun and noticed the sun has overheated them or makes smaller? To avoid this scenario, you must pay appropriate attention to the care label. Understanding your clothing tag symbols is an important aspect of clothing care.

Let us look at some specific symbols for drying and their meaning:

a. Tumble dry allowed

Clothes with this drying symbol are safe when using a dryer. Understanding the appropriate temperature settings is important here. This can be low, medium or high heat levels. A square with a circle in it indicates that a cloth is dryer-safe. When the square has one dot, it means the dryer should be on low heat, while two dots mean medium heat. Also, three dots means high heat and this is usually ideal for clothes that take time to dry.

b. Do not tumble dry

This means you cannot use a dryer. You may ask, how do you dry clothes without tumble drying? Ensure you dry any cloth carrying this symbol using other drying means.

c. Hang to dry

It’s safe to dry a cloth carrying this symbol using a hanger. You can place the cloth straight under sunlight. They are usually non-stretchy materials.

d. Dry flat

Clothes with this symbol should not be tumble dry or hung. You can lay them flat on a drying rack or flat surface. This is usually done to clothes that are fragile and susceptible to stretching. Laying them flat would help keep their shapes. Examples of clothes in this process of drying are those made from cotton, wool, and silk.

e. Do not wring

This means squeezing your cloth to extract water from it. Wring drying either by hand or machine can damage your clothes faster. The twisted symbol with an X through it indicates that you cannot squeeze the cloth. Also, the other symbol indicates that you can wring the cloth.

5. Care Symbols for Ironing Clothes

Another aspect of the care label is the instructions for ironing clothes. Special attention is always required when ironing your clothes. This is to avoid situations where there is either low or high temperature. The little iron symbol means ironing while the dots indicate temperature. You should not iron the item if there is a cross over the iron symbol.

The dot can be one, two, or three, indicating low, medium, or high temperature in that order. Always check the care tag to ensure whether you should iron the cloth, and at what temperature.

The no steam symbol means you should not use the steam setting of the iron. That is, don’t steam the cloth while ironing it.

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A clothing care label is an important piece of your clothes. If you buy from reputable boutique ventures, the care label on it will guide you on how to better handle the item. It will also aid the longevity of the cloth. When next you buy a cloth, check the care tag before cleaning it.


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