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7 Lucrative Income Streams You Should Consider as a Ghostwriter

Employers will hire you to write for their social media pages, google business pages, and blog once you position well. 

Lucrative income streams as a ghostwriter

Do you know you can make more money as a ghostwriter when you consider other lucrative income streams?

You may not have considered alternative sources of income besides ghostwriting, but this article will show you how to do so without conflicting with your writing career.

First, let’s clarify some terms.

A Ghostwriter is someone hired to create content for clients and gets paid for such service while the client takes credit for the finished work.

Lucrative income streams are money-making sources anyone can leverage while selling their skills – especially a ghostwriter. 

As business owners get busy daily, they have less or no time to create content tailored to suit their target audience.

They often run out of ideas and strategies for increased business performance, mostly sales. 

Many also wish to have their business ideas and stories written in books, in their names, and published for wider public consumption. 

Hence, a great demand for ghostwriters who would help convey their thoughts and ideas in writing via blog posts, books, social media posts, and other forms of business writing.

This article would expose you to most high-income streams you should look into.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a self-employed kind of job where you can apply to work with several clients at a time, at your desired rate and work hour. 

According to a report by FlexJobs, writing is one of the fields that hire the most freelancers. Writing is one of the most sought-after remote roles companies are hiring today. 

You can choose to offer your services to as many businesses as possible. Pitch professionals to write their emails, blog posts, speeches, video scripts, product descriptions, and landing pages.

Employers will hire you to write for their social media pages, google business pages, and blog once you position well. 

As a freelance ghostwriter, these steps would help you:

  • List your ghostwriting services on marketplaces such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, or Indeed.
  • Submit your proposals and stand a chance to get interviewed and hired.

You could also offer value through content creation on platforms such as:


Optimize your profile, turn on your job notifications, and apply for ghostwriting jobs. Build strong connections and comment strategically on posts. This is another way to get hired. 

Send cold DMs to prospective clients and offer to work with them. 


Join Facebook groups and contribute meaningfully to discussions that revolve around ghostwriting.  


 Utilize reels and written content to attract clients.


Tweet short content and retweet posts of brands related to your niche. 


Create short videos that educate your audience about ghostwriting and build strong connections. 


Ask and answer questions related to ghostwriting. Join active spaces and share your knowledge. Quora helps you discover content ideas. 


Join communities and share your interests. Create and post relevant content and comments. Create a strong portfolio, read often, and market your skills to build your experience.

2. Self-publishing

Publish your books on free platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and place a price for each of them. This strategy would help you earn Royalties for your published works. 

All you need to do as a self-published author is to write, edit, format, launch, and market your book aggressively. 

Connect with influencers and bloggers in your niche to review your book for more visibility and purchase.

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3. Course creation and/or 1-on-1 coaching

Create courses on ghostwriting for beginners. Host free classes/webinars and upsell afterward. If done strategically, you would have many people sign up for your paid course. Choose the right platforms to promote your course. 

Before your course creation and promotion, you should give value to your audience so that they can easily trust you to deliver excellently. 

You can have specific outlines and sell your course over and over to your audience. 

To sell out more of your courses, you can leverage affiliates to reach more buyers.

More so, you can offer a paid 1-on-1 coaching session for your students/clients. Your guidance and encouragement would help them achieve their career/business goal.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a rewarding means to earn more money as a ghostwriter. You can augment your ghostwriting income with commission earned from helping other writers sell their e-books, courses, and webinars.

Your writing skills will help you recommend digital products to the target audience on several platforms. You can utilize organic marketing or paid ads whether or not you have a website.

The results you have as a ghostwriter plus your marketing and sales skills would enable you to sell other writers’ courses profitably. You would get a commission for each buyer that buys through your affiliate link. 

5. Consultation services 

One of the best ways to generate additional income is to offer expert advice to clients who need ideas to advance their business performance. Many clients need a consultant who can offer solutions to their business challenges. 

Additionally, you can offer 30-minute to 1-hour consultation services to other writers who need clarity in their area of specialty. This further positions you as an authority in ghostwriting, thereby being sought after by clients. 

Consultancy allows you to know more about your client’s needs, and make them a few recommendations that would help them achieve a desired result.

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6. Guest posting

Guest posting is also known as guest blogging. Pitch bloggers in your niche to publish your articles on their blogs. Many sites would be happy to accept guest posts. 

Though it might come with a fee, the benefits of guest posting are quite enormous.  

Guest posting exposes your brand to new audiences and improves the relevance and authority of your website. 

If you have a blog, you can also charge other writers in your niche to publish their work on your site.

7. Speaking engagements

How ghostwriters can make money as speakers

According to an article by the Speakers Bureau Canada, the cost to get a guest speaker at the Speakers Bureau in Canada ranges between $7500-$20,000.

This is to tell you there is money in teaching what you know. 

Speaking engagement can be access to reaching high-paying prospects who want to collaborate with ghostwriters for their projects.  

Your prospective clients are at conferences. Pitch event organizers, and collaborate with ghostwriters, authors, and influencers to speak at their podcasts or seminars.  

People love stories. Share your ideas and experiences to get people interested to listen to you.

Network with keynote speakers, professionals, and other guests. Leverage speaking opportunities to talk about ghostwriting. At best, share your business cards, and social media handles, and exchange contacts at physical events. 

As an advanced Ghostwriter, you should charge your fee when invited to speak at online or physical events.

Similarly, you can opt for On-Air presentations with any popular Podcast channel for more visibility and income.  


High-quality content matching your client’s tone can earn you huge income.  However, sometimes you wouldn’t get ghostwriting gigs as usual. Yes, ghostwriting income wouldn’t be steady all the time. At such periods, what might be your saving grace would be income from other sources. 

These seven points above are productive ways to increase your revenue inflow as a ghostwriter. 

So, diversify your income with the above tips and assess profitable opportunities that further improve your personal growth. As a ghostwriter, which of these lucrative income streams have you been utilizing?

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