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7 Lucrative Digital Skills That Will Make You Financially Free Even Without a Degree

Digital skills offer you the potential to decide your income-earning ability. There is no limit to your income if you decide to learn one today.

How digital skills can give financial freedom without a degree

With the evolution of human society, there has been a great shift from the methods of gaining financial freedom. 

Years ago, getting a white-collar job was the most guaranteed method of being financially free. So there was the pressure of getting degrees and getting such jobs.

This made people live from one paycheck to another.

However, in recent times, the narrative has changed remarkably. Individuals don’t have to be certified in the four walls of a learning institution before they can be financially free.

Do you know that you can be financially free in 2024 with digital skills, even without a degree certificate?

What are digital skills?

Digital skills are a set of learned activities that can only be carried out via the use of devices. Such devices are computers, smartphones, iPads, etc.

Digital skills are also carried out over the internet. One good thing is that digital skills touch all parts of the world. This means that it is borderless and gives you the room to do your job in any location you find yourself.

So, what is required to acquire a digital skill is just your device and internet connection. Of course, your hard work, and dedication are a part of the requirement.

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Importance of digital skills

There are various reasons why you need to get a digital skill. Some of them are:

  1. Flexibility: Digital skills offer you the opportunity to work whenever you feel like working, unlike the normal 9-to-5 jobs. You can schedule your work hours to your liking without being penalized, so long as you meet your deadlines.
  2. Universality: Since digital skills are done over the net, it means you can work with someone on the other side of the world. Yes, you don’t have to meet with the person physically. As such, you don’t have any boundaries.
  3. Versatility: Most digital skills are linked to each other. For example, a digital marketer needs to learn about graphics design. A salesperson can double as a copywriter. This offers you the opportunity to explore other digital fields and earn from them as well.
  4. Timeline: Unlike university degrees that require a minimum of four years for one to be certified, the acquisition of online skills takes a shorter timeframe. You don’t have to spend up to a year to be grounded in whatever skill you decide to learn.
  5. Reward: digital skills are mostly lucrative. A digital marketer can earn as much as $70,000  per annum.

7 lucrative digital skills to learn in 2024

Here are some highest paid digital skills that you can build a niche on, without a degree certificate:

1. Cyber security

Hackers are on the constant lookout for the slightest breach in individual and institution’s security. Being prone to cyber attacks is highly possible in the event of any security breach. To combat this, cyber security is highly needed.

Cyber security is a set of rudiments that guarantee the safety, security and protection of digital equipment and information contained therein.

It guides against cyber criminals, information theft, computer fraud and identity theft. Having this skill is a gem that companies prize. 

2. Web development

With the invention of the internet, businesses and even individuals are striving to have an online presence.

This has led to the building of websites, which serve as an online address for businesses. With this, web designers are needed in their numbers to put businesses out in the digital space.

As a web designer, you will use HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, etc., to build websites. You will also ensure the smooth functioning of the website.

3. Digital marketing

There is a dire need for business publicity since it’s the first step to making sales. If a business is not known, sales will be greatly affected. This has made businesses to be on the lookout for digital marketers, especially the ones that can put them in the forefront of their niche.

Digital marketers are individuals who utilize digital platforms like Google, social media, email, etc., to make businesses visible to potential customers. This is one of the most profitable digital skills you can earn from without having a degree.

4. Sales

This is the life of any business. Since businesses need to sell, they need a salesperson who can close sales, write proposals and strike partnership deals, to keep the business thriving. 

As a salesperson, you can also double as a copywriter. This is because both aim at persuading customers to make a purchase decision. Your success as a copywriter starts with your ability to write attention-grabbing headlines. Where else can you learn this if not from the Magic Headline Hooks by Emenike Emmanuel?

5. UI/UX design

This has to do with the skill of creating products that are both functionally and aesthetically appealing. It involves designing web and app interfaces, combining colors, elements and texts, for users to easily interact with.

6. Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products/services and receive a commission for them.

In this light, you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating your own product. You only need to pick an already-made product that has affiliate commissions and promote it.

For every purchase made through your affiliate link, you will receive your commission. You can get up to 50% affiliate commission.

7. Artificial intelligence/machine learning

As the online space evolves, we can’t over look the use of artificial intelligence.

Knowing the fundamentals of machine learning, neural framework, and natural language processing will empower you to develop intelligent systems and automation tools. 

Businesses use AI to streamline workflow and build personalization. This gives you a great edge in the digital space.

Other digital skills that can make you financially free without a degree are:

  • Search engine management
  • Product management
  • Cloud computing
  • Content writing
  • Software development
  • Data Science
  • Video editing

Final Thoughts

Digital skills offer you the potential to decide your income-earning ability. That is to say, there is no limit to your income if you decide to learn one today. Furthermore, being skilled and earning massively takes a great deal of focus, hard work, dedication and consistency.

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