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10 Low-Cost Vacation Destinations in Europe in 2024

Cheapest vacation destinations in Europe this year

Are there low-cost vacation destinations in Europe? Europe is every traveler’s delight. There is an abundance of fun-filled low-cost vacation destinations that will blow your mind. The region is certainly a must-see if you are yet to experience Europe firsthand.

Talk about the fascinating history, artifacts, religious heritage, rich culture, cuisine, gastronomy, landmarks, architecture, beaches, and everything else that makes it the most visited region in the world. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Switzerland is the best place to start a business.

Almost only in Europe, you will find destinations filled with vivacious escapades, blue seas, stunning landscapes, gigantic mountains, and top views that are very affordable and sometimes cost nothing. 

You may need to see some of the best places around that you wouldn’t need to break the bank to visit. And if you must hang on a tight budget, no worries. There is a spark of holiday vibes you will get in the best of the world’s low-cost vacation destinations in Europe.

Already, global inflation is beating down travel and tours across the world. This is more reason why lots of voyage lovers and experienced tourists are seeking affordable vacation destinations in Europe and elsewhere around the globe.

Without much ado, you should plan a trip or fix Europe as your next vacation region to explore some of the world’s finest. You will be amazed at the incredible leisure packages at the best prices you can’t resist. You will never get enough of Europe. 

Why You Should Pick Europe For Your Next Vacation?

Europe is vast and the most traveled destination in the world. According to UNWTO, 50% of the tourist destination arrivals worldwide are in Europe. While some of them are there on a family vacation, others are there to see why Europe is a great place for startup founders.

Moreover, it’s fun being around Europeans as they are cultural people compared to Americans. There are sharp differences between these two nationals that cause fervor, learning new stuff and great deals. 

The 50 countries’ continent is known for its strong domination of almost the entire world with beliefs, traditions, religion, and literature. The world incorporates European culture from all walks of life. 

Europe is also home to the smallest country in the world – Vatican City and consists of competing nations. This competition is what often spurs greater development in the region.

Cost Versus Experience 

Experience Europe on the cheap and when it comes to luxury, you will find your taste as well. Vacation costs and experience have a unique combination in strategic places across the continent: Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands, to mention but a few.

10 Low-Cost Vacation Destinations in Europe 

The following are 10 low-cost vacation destinations in Europe.

1. Croatia 

Croatia is a beautiful country that is famous for its photogenic landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and medieval walled cities like Dubrovnik and Split. 

The climate is a wonder as sunshine is stable for over 2,500 hours in a year. There are stunning cultural sites, exquisite nature, easy accessibility, and hundreds of beaches to explore.

Though the Balkan country was once a tourism backwater, it’s now a charming spot for tour lovers. According to the vacation rental research group, Croatia is officially the most sought-after vacation destination in Europe. 

The best news is, all adventures from walking in the Dubrovnik walls to historic split views and beautiful beaches come at great prices. Accommodation, food, and leisure in the country are budget friendly for tourists seeking low-cost vacation destinations in Europe. 

In 2022, foreign tourists spent overnight in the country rose by 31% to 82.3 million. But since Croatia adopted the Euro and joined the Schengen Zone on January 1, 2023, Americans will be subject to 90 days rule in Croatia which used to be visa-free days. 

Previously, Americans could visit the country and spend up to 90 days visa-free. This made it a popular place to go. Every activity, including return flight tickets, exploring the old towns, beach swimming, boat trips, and visits to historic venues and lush parks would not hurt your wallet.

2. Bulgaria 

When it comes to culture, landscape, nature, events, heritage, gastronomy, etc, Belgians have it all. Tourists’ attraction to this destination has doubled in recent times since it’s now well known for its winter resorts and seaside activities. 

Bulgaria is another low-cost vacation destination with a lot of stunning nature activities that won’t affect your account. From go-karting to boat cruises, sunny beach walks on golden sand to onsite spas, football pitches to water sports. What about the alpine mountains? You would fall in love with Bulgaria. 

The country ranked 5th in Eastern Europe and so far provides exquisite tourism packages. Some of Bulgaria’s well-known attractions include the ancient theater in Plovdiv, Krushuna Waterfalls, the Balchik Palace and Botanical Garden, Prohodna Cave, Belogradchik Rocks, Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo, and Pirin National Park. 

Our article on how to start a business in Bulgaria covers both the company formation guidelines and opportunities for foreigners.

3. The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic as a good holiday destination in Europe

The Czech Republic has more castles and chateaus than any other country in Europe. It is also a cheap vacation destination with high taste, funfair, delicious food, rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and friendly locals.

It is one of the most affordable and interesting must-see places in Europe. The country is geographically positioned in central Europe, with Austria to its south, Germany to the west, Poland to the northeast, and Slovakia to the southeast.

One of its major tourist attractions is Sky 721, the longest suspended footbridge in the world. Others include the Pilsner Paradise in Prague, the local underground at Brno, the new archaeological open-air museum in Trocnov, and many others.

Tour expenses are reasonably priced. The average daily cost in Czech is around Kč2,050 ($92) based on the expenses of other visitors.


4. Hungary 

Another affordable holiday venue worth noting is Hungary. It offers excellent vacation attractions with fabulous landscapes and thermal baths at low prices.

Hungary leaves visitors with pleasant memories as any traveler will enjoy the beautiful weather, local cuisine, stunning countryside, and admirable architecture. 

To save costs, it is best to visit Hungary from March to May, September to November is also a good time to visit. The country is rich, welcoming, and has a lot to offer. For instance, the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and other cities such as Tihany, Győr, and Szeged are amazing places to see in Hungary.

According to Post Office UK, all items necessary for travelers during holidays here is 33,000 HUF or €83. The most expensive cost goes to a three-course meal for 24,000 HUF or €60

5. Portugal 

Portugal is rapidly becoming a popular vacation destination because of Porto. Several airlines fly into Port which makes the place popular. 

Aside from the affordability in terms of flight tickets, accommodation, and delicious food, Porto is the most beautiful city in Portugal. Other experiences travelers need to enjoy are in cities such as Lagos, Lisbon, Azores, Tomar, Algarve, and Funchal. These places are the best in the country with low-cost prices. 

Lagos for instance is Europe’s premier party destination for young travelers. It’s a Portugal point for party lovers. If the party isn’t your interest you can check out Faro, hike the Camino, or attend a Fado performance. 

Portugal offers a heap of budget-friendly activities. You can get a two-star budget hotel with WiFi and TV for 40-75 EUR per night. Free breakfast may be added. 

When you visit, try a Pastéis de nata – the Portuguese staple pastry, a delicious custard-filled tart found at every bakery. It costs around 1 EUR and completes your adventure in Portugal.

6. Greece 

Greece is one of the most affordable places in Europe, and for vacations, expect nothing less. It has beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes, dreamy islands, and amazing food.

It is one of the countries in Europe you can travel to at an affordable rate. Flight tickets from the US on major airlines cost as low as $248 depending on the time of the year. 

An interesting fact about Greece is that it is full of old rugged artifacts and incredible architecture that leaves you to wonder how the country manages ancient structures in modern-day life. A 100-year-old building is new in Greece. Not only that, there are loads of business opportunities available in Greece that foreigners can explore.

The country is filled with pleasant places. It was one exciting experience for another at Athens and other places such as Mykonos, Acropolis, Corfu island, and much more. 

You need to see Crete, Greece’s largest island, where the beach party never stops. Right on the beach there are beds, pools, jacuzzis, and entertainment to give tourists a nice time. This has given rise to many profitable business ideas in Greece.

You get to enjoy so much at affordable prices. On average you are likely to spend around €70 – €100 on food, accommodation, and activities.

7. Spain 

Food and drinks are reasonably priced in Spain. While your travel cost may be high depending on your spending habits, Spain can be a surprisingly low-cost holiday destination for you and your family. 

A study carried out by the transport booking website, Omio, ranked the Andalusian city of Granada in Spain as the most affordable vacation destination with the highest number of free attractions (112) and activities. 

The city of Granada has availability of free wifi hotspots, affordable tour guides, public drinking fountains, nightclubs, and affordable paid attractions. Food and accommodation are relatively cheap as well. A meal for two costs €50 and the average price of a beer costs €2.50.

Other cities worth visiting in Spain include Valencia, Madrid, San Sebastian, Seville, Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, and Cordoba.

8. Montenegro 

Price is a real deal in Montenegro to make budget travelers consider the country as a holiday destination.

According to new research conducted by Jersey Island Holidays, the city of Podgorica, in Montenegro, is one of the most affordable vacation destinations for a break in Europe with very low costs for flights, accommodation, and meals.

Montenegro is well known for the classy beach resorts of the Budva Riviera, glacial lakes, amazing mountains, and the UNESCO World Heritage listed Bay of Kotor.

If you are interested in visiting Montenegro this holiday, budget around €84 per day. Travel experts believe with €120, one can enjoy the most affordable holiday in Montenegro. This will take you on a 3-day adventure, exploring the most pleasant things in the country.

9. Romania 

Romania is a great vacation resort in Europe

Romania is another affordable holiday destination with a strong sense of cultural identity. It is the most bio-geographically diverse country in the EU due to its varied landscape. Tourists have vast vacation attractions in the country due to Romania’s largest and best-preserved delta. 

The green hills are covered in forests and vineyards, the mountains are robust and snow-capped, fascinating nature with gracious cities around, and the food is traditional and delicious. There is something for everyone who visits to explore the rich urban country.

10. Turkey 

Turkey offers a rich tourism experience with its breathtaking natural beauty, ancient history, mountain landscape, and great cuisine. The country is one of the low-cost vacation destinations you shouldn’t miss.

Things are reasonably priced in Turkey, and that is the reason the country’s tourism is booming. Food for instance is drastically cheap. You can get good food, almost for nothing. The average cost of a meal in Turkey starts from $3-$6. 

Transport is also affordable, so you maintain a budget for travel as a total of 83 USD is capable of sustaining one person per day for a vacation in Turkey.

Being a country that bridges Europe and Asia, most people describe Turkey as where east meets west. It also shares borders with other tourist countries like Greece and Bulgaria. 

A huge part of Turkey offers unique features for holiday travelers. Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Ephesus, and other places in Turkey, are great locations to behold.

Tourists on a visit can use the opportunity to learn how to start a profitable business in Turkey.

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