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10 Long Distance Moving Companies in California You Can Hire and Why

Long distance moving companies in California

Are you looking for the best long distance moving companies to help move your properties within or outside California? If you have experienced moving out of a place, you will agree that the process can be hectic. It becomes harder when it involves the whole family, with different pieces of luggage, both small, heavy, breakable, weightless, and highly valuable materials.

The services of a long distance moving company can save you all the stress that comes with relocation. Whether you have to move uptown Los Angeles or down San Francisco, you will be sure to have your stuff safe in their exact conditions.

In this article, we will show you the top 10 long distance movers you should hire in California and why we recommend them.

What Are the Operations of a Moving Company?

A moving company is distinctively involved in helping households, companies, a crew, and other groups, move their items to their new accommodation.

They are also called public movers, removal companies, removal firms, etc. These companies have tested and trusted systems that simplify the process of moving items, inter-state, state-to-state, and cross nations. 

The end use of hiring a moving company is to help you migrate successfully to your location. In the process, you don’t need to pack or move out the items yourself. A moving company has the competence and resources to help you start and complete your move safely and timely as well. It does matter if it’s only two men and a truck, they will still deliver a great job.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company?

A Fast and Seamless Process

Every professional moving company offers an all-inclusive service for relocations, such as packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, and arranging of items in the new location.

Cost Efficient

Giving out the job may cost you and save you some money in the end. But moving out yourself may cost you more in time, labour, and resources. In terms of monetary cost, the base cost of hiring a moving truck in Los Angeles, CA is between $19 – $39 per day while the mileage fee is between $0.79 to $1.09 per mile.

Whether we are talking about short or long distance moving companies in California, they all have the experience and resources to meet your relocation needs. Your budget may likely not complete your relocation process if you do it yourself. Yet, you can find a good local Califonia mover that fits your budget neatly.

Access to Additional Services

Hiring a moving company provides the opportunity to pay for additional services for your new location. These additional services like cleaning won’t cost much compared to getting it as a stand-alone service from a cleaning company.

Avoid Injuries

Lifting, packing, or loading items can result in sustaining avoidable injuries. The work could get risky depending on the movement of large equipment. The pros have gadgets, and safety equipment to reduce accidents and injuries. You can avoid all that risk by hiring a professional mover in California.

The Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies You Should Hire in California

The number of long distance moving companies is significantly growing in California. Here we have listed 10 of them you should hire when you need to and why?

1. International Van Lines

International Van Lines (IVL) was established in the year 2000. Since then, it has kept a good reputation for seamless local and international moves.

IVL manages all its moving contracts in-house without outsourcing any part of the task. This is as a result of their full-service operation across 180 countries. International Van Lines is one of the best long-distance movers you can find in California.

Why Should I Hire International Van Lines?

IVL provides full-service options locally and internationally. Thereby, you have peace of mind hiring their services and need not worry about external companies that may complete the job.  

The company also provides in-house assistance with full-service options like packing and loading, specialty services, as well as ocean or air freight transportation. 

Though International Van Lines specializes in international moves, it also provides domestic moving services for both local and interstate moves.

In summary, IVL is possibly one of the best long distance moving companies in California, with full-service options, and worldwide availability.

2. American Van Lines

American Van Lines can be referred to as the most experienced moving labor company in California. They expertly pack, load, and transport delicate materials within and outside California.

Why Should I Hire International Van Lines?

For items that needed special handlings like musical instruments, artworks, priceless antiques, recreational equipment and other highly valuable materials, American Van lines is your best option. The cost is also price competitive as they offer flat rate pricing and price matching policy with binding estimates.


3. Interstate Moving & Relocation Group

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group INC are another full-service moving brokerage. It is a top-rated company with 25 years of experience. 

This moving broker is best for major cities as it operates across the United States. Their area of expertise includes long-distance moves, corporate relocation, military moves, auto transportation as well as packing services.

Why Should I Hire Interstate Moving & Relocation Group?

Their services are targeted at delivering hitch-free, affordable, and world-class support for each move.

4. Moving APT

This broker is another moving company in California. The moving APT openly outsource its moving contracts as they deem necessary. They work with a network of partners of more than 2000 agents.

The uniqueness of this company is that it connects its clients directly to its partners. This enables clients to get direct information from the company, plan well and ask questions before booking.

Why Should I Hire Moving APT?

APT provides its clients the opportunity to schedule last-minute moves, peradventure previous plan for moving fails or an individual moving carrier is not available. They provide prompt service delivery and excellent customer experience.

5. Safeway Moving Inc

Safeway Moving Inc. has regional offices located in strategic areas in New Jersey, Florida and Indiana. It conducts the majority of its services and outsources to vetted partners at busy times of the year and for some locations. 

Why Should I Hire Safeway Moving?

Safeway Moving is your ideal partner when you need extra carefulness in moving senior citizens. Aside from this feature, the company complies with the least instruction when moving to a neighborhood with specific rules and regulations.

They are customer oriented and have proven experience with rules compliance. Their services include packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking assistance in its standard service package.

6. JK Moving Services

JK Moving Service usually assigned a personal moving coordinator to a client that requires full-service moving. The coordinator serves as a direct line of communication with the company. 

The company is known for keeping all your valuables and belongings safe especially items that are incredibly lightweight but costly. You get that financial peace of mind when using JK Moving services.

Why Should I Hire JK Moving Services?

You can add or change services, make payments, and check on the status of your items with their user-friendly mobile app. 

JK readily assures the safety of your luggage. In the situation anything gets lost or damaged in the moving process, they pay you the worth. That is an uncommon feature for most long distance moving companies.

7. U-Ship

U-Ship is an online platform where clients have access to over 800,000 shippers to help transport single items (one-off) such as vehicles, appliances, and other large equipment or machines.

As a client, you have the choice to pick a shipper that best suits your needs from the available shippers that respond to your job request on their online platform.

Why Should I Hire U-Ship Services?

The operations of Uship are convenient, fast and easy to list and book a shipment. Uship also provides step-by-step instructions that help clients understand the shipping overall process.


8. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines (NAVL) handles your California move with its extensive network of more than 500 local movers. They move using their own truck and labor resources. However, for reasons of logistics, they may outsource to their partners. NAVL has been in the moving business for more than 85 years and is still very relevant in the job.

Why Should I Hire North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines provide the unique option of helping clients to disconnect, transport, and reconnect major appliances. Another advantage NAVL offers is the company’s user-friendly app that allows clients to conduct a virtual home survey, create a digital inventory of items, and store important documents.

9. Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is very experienced in the moving business. Established in 1928,  Allied Van Lines concentrate on customer experience, providing an easy, timely and seamless California move. 

Why Should I Hire Allied Van Lines

Allied’s moving app helps you conduct virtual surveys, make a digital inventory, and store your documents. 

10. 1-800-PACK-RAT

When you need to move a smaller number of items, 1-800- Pack-Rat comes very handy. The company is a self-service mover in California that provides a selection of waterproof steel portable storage containers to load your items and deliver to your location. 

You have a 30-day rental period to load your items. Once you are ready, the company picks up the containers and delivers them to your new accommodation.

Why Should I Hire PACK RAT

You get plenty of support on their website as a Do It Yourself customer. There are several online tools and resources available for your convenience to do your packing yourself. However, PACK RAT offers third-party assistance when you request it through their resource called HireAHelper.

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