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How to Learn English Quickly with the Best ESL Apps

How to get the best ESL apps

Author: Alia Haley

If English is not your native language, then you should definitely consider studying it.

Learning how to read, write and speak in English will open up a world of possibility as it is the world’s first language. Whether you plan for a career in professional translation or simply want to pick up enough English to get you through your holiday, it can be a fascinating language to learn

There are many ways to learn English, and thankfully, they don’t all require that you drop a large amount of money on education.

I have recently become addicted to language learning apps as you can learn anytime, anywhere right on your phone. Not only that, many of them are free to use!

So, I thought I would put together a list of the top 3 ESL (English as a second language) apps to help you find a way to learn the language that is both free and convenient.

However, rather than choosing random apps from the App store, I referenced a list of the best 10 ESL apps I found online.

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They summarized key information for each app, which made it easier to identify the apps that were worth checking out.

I tested the apps that caught my attention and reviewed my top 3 favorites. I summarized some of the pros and cons of each one, so you can easily find the right ESL app for you.

Basic English for Beginners – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 1M+

My first pick is Basic English for Beginners, an app for people learning English as a second language.

Just like its name implies, I found it to be the best option if you are just getting started learning the language.

I like the fact that the lessons start off are really basic, and how you can slowly work your way up through elementary vocabulary and grammar rules.

I found that the increase in difficulty of this software for English language learners is gradual enough so that anyone can learn the language, regardless of their experience.

I also liked how you can record yourself and compare your English pronunciation to that of a native speaker. Another plus I found is that you can take a quiz to measure your English learning progress.

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If you are new to English, you can’t go wrong with this app. But, if you already know some basic vocabulary and grammar, you might find that the lessons are too easy for you. For a more advanced ESL learning app, I recommend you try this effective online English course, ABA English.

Pros: For beginners, compare pronunciation to native speaker, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes.

Cons: Not for intermediate or advanced students.

Overall: Start learning English with step-by-step lessons that will walk you through the language, although it might be too easy for you if you are an intermediate or advanced student.

Learn to Speak English – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 1M+

“Learn to Speak English” is my second pick.

One of the reasons I really like it is because it uses real-life scenarios in each of its lessons, so you can learn key vocabulary and grammar that will help you in your everyday life.

I also like the fact that the topics are really varied as they discuss a wide variety of themes including sports, movies, college, pets, shopping, and more.

Another plus about this English teaching app is that you can listen to recordings by a native English speaker, which is great for practicing pronunciation.

The only drawback I’ve found is that the interface is not particularly exciting as it is mostly text against a white background. However, the real value of this English as a second language app is in its lessons.

When it comes to learning the language, I find that English learning tools are more important than aesthetics. If you prefer an ESL app that is more visually appealing, you might prefer my next pick, ABA English.

Pros: Real-life scenario topics, recording by a native speaker, vocabulary and grammar lessons.

Cons: Basic interface.

Overall: Learn English grammar and vocabulary with lessons on a variety of real-life scenario topics, although the interface’s visuals are pretty basic.

ABA English – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 10M+

Another ESL app that I really liked is ABA English. I found this to be a great choice if you want to learn English by watching video lessons.

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The neat thing about ABA English app is that you can find lessons that fit your experience level, as you can choose from 6 different difficulty levels.

My favorite feature in this English learning app is that you can speak to an online tutor anytime you want help understanding vocabulary, grammar rules, or English idioms.

While I really liked the variety of English learning features, I did not find an option for downloading video lessons for offline access. So, keep in mind that you will need an internet connection if you want to access ABA English’s lessons.

Once you complete each of the 6 levels taught in ABA English course you will be awarded, ABA English certificate.

Pros: Video lessons, 6 difficulty levels, online tutor, vocabulary, grammar, idioms.

Cons: Internet connection required.

Overall: You can learn English by watching video lessons and speaking to an online tutor, but keep in mind that you will need an internet connection.


I hope you liked my selection of the best ESL apps? If you are just getting started, you may want to go with Basic English for Beginners. On the other hand, if you are already familiar with the language, you might prefer ABA English. And, if you are looking for a more interactive way of learning English, I’m certain you’ll like Learn to Speak English. Have fun learning English!

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