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10 Unbreakable Laws of Social Media Marketing 2024

The 10 unbreakable laws of social media marketing in 2020

What are the 10 laws of social media marketing? Are you breaking any of these marketing rules? What is the future of social media? And what social media marketing strategies are currently effective in 2024 and beyond?

In this article, we shall be discussing the unbreakable laws to follow when it comes to marketing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and recently, TikTok. In a separate article, we discussed how to improve your TikTok marketing strategies.

In the end, you will discover some not-so-obvious social media marketing mistakes to avoid if you truly care about building a sustainable and scalable business empire.

Business owners who run small, medium and large companies in today’s digital era need social media marketing.

It is a great way to leverage the power of content in connecting with customers and prospects. The secret of achieving successful marketing on social media is seeking professional social media services.

Your sales skyrocket when you work with a social media marketing agency that understands your business needs, not one that has absolutely no idea about the future of marketing.

As an entrepreneur, you should consider taking advantage of all the relevant social media platforms to build your business. This way, you do not alienate prospects that don’t use specific social media platforms.

Here are the top 10 unbreakable laws of social media marketing in 2024 that work both in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

1. Always Lead with Objective

To use social media platforms the right way, you have to understand how each platform will help achieve your objectives. Clearly outline your top marketing needs and use them to come up with success roadmaps. This should also help you determine whether you will need outside help from someone like this Jacksonville social media marketing company to ensure you are able to achieve your objectives.

Many times, business people are on social media platforms because they feel they have to. Of course, you should ensure you’re not left behind as times change, but every action you take should be purposeful.

Social media is more than a megaphone for businesses; it should go as far as helping you reach your goals. What better way to achieve this than to have predetermined business goals for each social media platform?

Endeavor to partner with reliable social media marketing services that have channel-specific strategies. This allows you to successfully engage the right audience and get your sales numbers up.

2. Build Authority

Authority is everything on social media because it passes the message that you’re a reliable company. But the question is, how do you build authority as a brand with social media?

Some of the smart ways you can build authority as a brand using social media are by creating valuable content, remaining consistent and being intentional about your social media activities.

Social media marketing should help you invest in your online presence. To grow your business, customers need to perceive you as an authoritative brand.

The authority you command on social media platforms determines the relationship capacity you will have with your customers.

The right social media marketing agency will help you cement your brand name in the minds of your target audience. It’s an excellent way to increase the intention to buy and gain a competitive advantage over rival businesses.

Quite a good number of our readers here traced me, Emenike Emmanuel, to this blog after reading my free articles in my Facebook community, The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network.


3. Start Conversations

The surest way to engage an audience is to start a conversation. Remember that social media platforms reward brands that exhibit interaction. For instance, if you post something on Facebook and many followers react, comment and share, Facebook will show it to more people.

Social media algorithms work for the benefit of users. If your page is not interesting, your updates will hardly appear on people’s feeds.

You can start a conversation on social media by being one of the first to break verified industry news, starting a debate or asking a question.

If you are known for crafting highly engaging posts on social media, you will find it super easy to use social media for business.

At times you may need to seek professional advice. Seeking social media services ensures that you keep your pages interesting all the time. After all, social media marketing is a never-ending process.

4. Be Appreciative

How to appreciate your followers on social media as a marketing rule - Laws of social media marketing

Another important social media marketing law most business owners ignore is being appreciative of their followers.

Social media allows you to build a community around your business. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that you understand the contribution your followers make in the speedy growth and expansion of your business.

Your business would not grow if no one followed you and shared your content. This is me being honest with you.

Appreciating customers who recommend your products to their friends encourages others to do the same. It results in a domino effect that opens you up to new market segments.

Note: A domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. It is also known as a mechanical effect.

Social media is not a monologue, but rather an opportunity for you to make meaningful connections. Each post you make needs to feel inclusive and appreciative of the time followers accord your brand.


5. Stand Out!

You must get above the noise to connect with your audience. Understand that social media is personal and you’ll have an easier time connecting with users if they know who you are.

There is a great need to personalize your brand, and that is why your personal brand should always come first. Once users connect with you as an individual, introducing your product becomes much easier.

Strive to be different and you will be remembered.

A few of the strategies that can help you stand out while marketing on social media include telling your stories, creating quality content and practicing empathy and gratitude.

Brands that tell their stories always remain top of mind in their niche. Do you have at least one thing that differentiates your brand on social media?

6. Have Clear Goals

On each social media platform, you should know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. 

A strategy that worked on Facebook may not work on LinkedIn and Twitter. You need to really figure out what your goals for each platform would be.

Marketing on social media can only be lucrative when you set clear goals.

Metrics like shares, follows and likes can help you keep track of your progress but they are not as important as sales conversion.

I have seen businesses that are not on Twitter to make direct sales but to quickly create virality or join the conversation in their industry.

What do you want to achieve on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as it relates to your business? Do you even have a clear goal or you are just on these platforms for the fun?


7. Dominate a Specific Platform

Ultimately, you cannot achieve the same level of online presence on all social media platforms. This is the cold-hard-truth many small business owners have refused to themselves.

Find out where your customers spend most of their time and dominate that platform. Even as you build authority on other platforms, spend most of your time on that one.

For me, my domain is Facebook. I know small business owners in the United States that Instagram and Twitter are their core domains. This is because that is where a huge chunk of their ideal customers congregate.

One important social media marketing mistake you must avoid like a plague is working so hard to dominate a platform that your target audience is not. The problem is that you will literally be begging people to buy your product or hire your services.

8. Have a Calendar

Do you have a content calendar for your social media activities or you aren’t organized at all?

Having a well-prepared social media content calendar can help you remain consistent in your giant moves to becoming an authority brand in your industry.

Every business person should plan social media content to achieve consistency.

This is the only way to get consistent results. This allows you to use less time and effort to reach your goals. A content calendar allows you to automatically publish posts on your page even when you’re engaged elsewhere.

9. Utilize Visual Media

Statistics have it that 80% of marketers utilize visual content in their social media marketing. The remaining 20% are probably amateurs who do not understand how effective visual media is.

Being visual helps you catch the attention of your audience. People’s attention spans are quite short, and without visual media, they’ll scroll right past your content.

This is why we often recommend that our clients submit video creative when they want us to run their Facebook advertising. The fact that it demonstrates your product makes it more likable.

When you use videos and photos, users are inclined to stop scrolling and read through your post. It is as serious as that.


10. Work with a Professional Team

Working with a professional team as one of the laws of social media marketing

Seeking social media services is key whether you own a small business or a well-established one.

When you delegate social media work to experts, you’re more likely to get satisfactory results.

It is a huge social media marketing mistake to ignore the opinions of experts when trying to use social media to grow your business. Doing that is a recipe for unnecessary struggle.

A professional team understands exactly how to handle social media bashers and trolls so that they won’t damage your business reputation.


Social media marketing plays a key role in the success of businesses. Utilizing these platforms gives you opportunities to connect with your audience, build a lasting relationship and convert them to raving customers.

Make sure you work with a reliable social media marketing agency that understands your business needs. Failure to adhere to these 10 unbreakable laws of social media can make the effort you put into using social media to grow your business fruitless.

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