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7 Key Requirements for Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in London

How to hire a digital marketing agency in London

Have you now concluded that the next step to take for your business growth is to go online? Hiring a digital marketing agency in London could be the best decision if you make the right preparation. 

The UK is a crowded environment when it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency. One or more digital marketers launched their agencies almost every month. So, it takes critical observation and ascertaining to come up with a good list of digital marketers to work with.

As a result of this, our team of content writers took their time and unravelled the requirements for hiring a good digital marketing agency in London.

1. Identity, Compile and Present Your Marketing Objective

As aforementioned, the first requirement to succeed in the business before or after hiring a digital marketing agency is to understand your phase. Ask yourself, is this the right tool for our business at the moment?

A good digital marketing agency would want to study your business structure to understand how to make the campaign work for you. This is why you need to identify your business stage, compile the data and present it to the agency.

When you understand the objective with which you are hiring a digital marketing agency, it will be a lot easier to determine the calibre of an agency to go for. 

According to Cybercrew.uk, 98% of social media users in the UK access it through their mobile phones. This shows that the hired digital marketing agency should have experience in social media marketing and management.

Your business website should be mobile phone friendly. Statistics show that over 43 million people in the UK use Facebook. The implication is that the agency you want to hire must have a trackable record of Facebook marketing success.

2. Reach Out to as Many Digital Marketing Agencies as Possible in London

To do this, you can check awards-list.co.uk for a guide on which good digital marketing agency to hire in London. There are hundreds of award-winning marketers in the UK compiled on the website.

From this, you can coin out at least 10 digital marketers. After this, you check their services and see which of them offers exactly what you want. Digital marketing agencies offer an array of services depending on the customer’s objective. If you find an agency that specialises in your niche, that will be a lot better. An example is a digital marketing agency for real estate agents or an SEO firm for lawyers.

There are those that specialize in search engine optimisation, LinkedIn advertising or website design. While some other ones could be more good at creating marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Try and understand your objective and get in touch with a few of those that align with your purpose.


3. Check Their Website

After picking one or two to work with. Kindly check how their website is built. Is it attractive to you? Is their business website easy to navigate? The way they built their website is a good example of what you can have from them. 

This is very important if website development is part of the work you are hiring them for. Check your competitor’s website to see and understand a frame of what you should expect from the London-based digital marketing agency.

Be sure they avoid all the B2B mistakes marketers encounter when building a business website. Keep a close eye on the web hosting platform they decide to use for you. Here is a list of some of the best web hosting service providers you may want to work with.

4. Have a Niche and Focus on It

Focus on your business niche when hiring a marketer

The UK market is highly competitive in the digital space. More than 93% of the UK population uses the internet. They use the internet for various purposes including shopping.

To have a good result, in the long run, you need to have a laser focus in a specialised area. Plan with the London-based digital marketing agency to give specified and succinct information to your targeted audience.

Don’t try to be all things to your customers. Your company should craft an irresistible offer that will make it easy for customers to buy from you.

5. Specialisation

Better still, hire a digital marketing agency that specialises in a few areas. Those with specialisation usually do a better job than generalists. 

Instead of allowing one digital marketer to handle all the work, you could look for two or three specialists to do the various tasks. Although, this could cost you more money you will probably get a better result.

6. Investigate the Agency

All previous keys mentioned above are important but you actually need to take this aspect more seriously. The agencies can easily give you a captivating online presentation. Most of the time, you can only know the real value of them if you investigate them.

Get the contacts of their previous clients and find out how well they were served by the agency. It is very close to getting genuine information and knowing the truth if this step is taken. 

Ask the satisfied customers to show what the agency did if that is possible. This might be somehow tedious to carry out, but it is a sure-fire strategy for hiring a good digital marketing agency in London.


7. Over Claimed Result

If the agency’s claims are too good to be true, that is a red flag. It is either you do a proper investigation or you look elsewhere. Don’t let them sugarcoat things for you all in the name of getting your money. 

Sales and marketing are a game of risk and result. You can’t be 100% sure of what will happen. Your marketing campaign may not perform as expected despite the good work put into it. The number of leads you expect to generate could be lower or higher; no certainty. Always look for the best lead generation agency near you to work with.

A good marketer out there will probably tell you the disadvantages you may likely encounter when working with them. What they achieved for a previous client could be a different result for yours. Pay attention to all these. This is why most of them always add, “results aren’t typical,” meaning, it could vary.


You see, London accommodates hundreds of digital marketing agencies and knowing the best to good could be an overwhelming task. You can’t tell the one that delivers good results until you try them.

Use these 7 keys offered as a guide when you are looking for a way to hire a digital marketing agency. Don’t hesitate to contact them for enquiry or give them a visit.

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