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3 Key Benefits of Using SEO for Your New SaaS Startup

Benefits of using SEO for your new SaaS business

What does a new SaaS startup stand to gain by using SEO at the early stage of growing their business? How exactly can you use search engine optimization to attract more customers to your new company? 

Is SEO really more affordable than using a pay-per-click advertising campaign?

The key to growing a new SaaS startup is to generate as many eyeballs as possible to it. This can be done easily when you have a rock-solid SEO strategy in place.

To help you get started in your business growth, here are three reasons why using SEO for your new SaaS startup is important:

1. SEO Helps You Boost the Brand Awareness of Your SaaS Startup

The role SEO plays in increasing the brand awareness of your startup is second to none. If you are able to rank your new company on the 1st SERP of the largest search engine platform like Google, you will not only remain relevant to your existing customers but you will also attract new customers effortlessly.

A deep study of how customers in the United States discover the brands they patronize shows that nearly 60% of consumers got to know their favorite brands while either catching up on news feeds, watching videos, browsing text or image-based search results or checking what their influencers are saying.

The result of this research shows that if you are able to optimize the images and texts on your website or blog, it will help you boost the brand awareness of your new SaaS startup and ultimately your sales.

Most of the best new SaaS companies in the United States, the UK and Australia don’t joke with their search engine marketing campaigns. They know this to be a powerful tool that has contributed to their startup growth.

How do you use SEO to boost the brand awareness of your new SaaS products? It’s as simple as knowing your ideal customers, setting a goal and a budget for your team, setting up your company blog, developing a strong value proposition and getting into a conversation with those that finally reach out to you.

A typical example of a company maximizing SEO in their startup growth is New Relic SaaS. Other companies that grew fast using SEO are WordStream, Ahrefs, Yoast SEO, Ubersuggest by Neil Patel and a host of others.


2. Search Engine Optimization is Highly Cost-Effective for a New Startup

We’ve worked with quite a good number of the best new SaaS companies in the United States, the UK, Dubai and Australia, and one thing they all have in common is that they are on a shoestring budget.

That goes to show they may not have so much money to throw around like Apple, Google, Netflix, Coca-Cola or Nike. They may not be able to afford influencers like Grant Cardone, Abby Roberts, Saffron Barker, etc. And they can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for billboard advertising.

The only way they can step up their marketing game will be to utilize search engine optimization. SEO is a cost-effective strategy for new SaaS startups.

The only downside to using SEO as your marketing strategy is that it takes a longer time to pick up. In addition to that, you will need to hire the best freelance writers in North America to create unique content for you.

3. SEO Can Help Improve the Loading Speed of Your New SaaS Startup

SEO Can Help Improve the Loading Speed of Your New SaaS Startup

SaaS startups care about the user experience of their website. Improving the loading speed of your website and mobile-friendliness are some of the important benefits of SEO to new SaaS companies.

Websites with faster loading time and well-structured content tend to appear at the top of the search engine results page. When this happens, it can help skyrocket your company’s perceived value and credibility.

Surfers hardly go to the 90th page looking for an article. Instead, they tend to focus on articles that appear on the first page. This makes them believe that you must be an authority in the industry for you to appear on the first SERP. While this might be true most times, it is not always true.


Having a strong SaaS SEO strategy can help you boost your website traffic, increase your email subscribers and product users, and subsequently, sustain traffic coming from your PPC campaign.

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