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Jerome Karam Friendswood – a Business Tycoon and Humanitarian

Jerome Karam Friendswood in Texas
Jerome Karam - Former Attorney

When we look at the real estate business in Texas, and Louisiana one name that would emerge as one of the top businessmen is Jerome Karam Friendswood.

There have not been many real estate names in Friendswood, Texas, that have made such an impact that Jerome did in a short period.

Interestingly, Jerome Karam’s career did not begin in real estate. His education was in law, and he began practicing as an accident injury claims and business litigation lawyer.

Jerome Karam’s career in the legal industry lasted for ten years. True to his nature of excelling in a profession, Karam was one of the well-known names in his legal services and had endorsements of several of his clients and colleagues.

His reputation as an experienced and successful attorney-in-law got him fame before he even switched careers.

After a decade, Karam decided to follow his passion, and he moved into the real-estate business.

He has over twenty years of experience in the real estate market. His achievements are monumental. He had so much of an impact on the market, that he was named “Dr. Impossible” by Jim Yarborough, the Galveston County Mayor.

Indeed, the business acumen of Karam saw no boundaries. He was one of the most successful property dealers who bought and sold properties worth million in the Gulf Coast.

In 2000, he founded the JMK5 Holdings, and his investments continue to grow throughout Louisiana and Texas. His business also specializes in restoration, refurbishing, and turning old structures for new uses.

Karam is a local in Louisiana and understands the region and its market dynamics. This knowledge gives him the business acumen to select the old buildings that are good for renovation and guarantee good returns.

His investments and the ability to turn the old buildings, making losses into profitable structures, makes him the best in the real estate market.

Karam has shown that nothing is impossible, and his business accomplishment is a testament to his ability. However, he has other goals as well. He has a strong inclination to give back to society.

His vision is to support all charities that can bring betterment to his fellow people. He also wants to build for his community to provide them with new resources.

He has been a generous supporter of many philanthropic projects in Louisiana, and he is one of the most influential contributors to the Catholic Community in Galveston. Truly he sets him apart as a symbol of excellence in the real-estate and philanthropic field.

His passion is to give back to his society, and he never misses an opportunity! With a person of his status, one would expect to meet a man who would stand proud among all.

In reality, Jerome is a humble man. People are surprised to see a person of his stature to be this friendly and down to earth.

Some of his active contributions go to build new public gyms, renovating fitness centers, and providing funds for Galveston Historical Society.

Jerome Karam Friendswood is a strong advocate to give your full effort to the cause. His career from his days as an attorney to the real estate tycoon reflects his passion for the work. He has the same love for his community that he supports and represents.

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He is one of those influencers in the area that hosts many sessions to motivate others to give to society. While he sets examples himself, he firmly believes that the affluent people in his district should step forward and play their part to better the lives of others. As always, he keeps his door open for all.

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