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Is a Solar Air Conditional Right for You in Singapore?

Why solar air conditioner is right for you in Singapore this year

In Singapore, one advantage of owning a home is the fact that you can customize it with trendy and innovative ideas. Your home is a sanctuary where you return every evening to relax. As such, you have to invest heavily to transform your ordinary living space into a comfy getaway.

Air conditioning is one of the essential systems you need to boost the comfort of your living space. Singapore experiences high humidity due to high rainfall levels. At the same time, the temperatures are high due to the country’s proximity to the equator. The high humidity and heat can make life unbearable without a functional air conditioning system.

Conventional air conditioners consume a lot of energy and this increases your home maintenance costs. Solar air conditioning is a smart alternative and a popular option for many homeowners today. If you are looking for a great way to improve your home, you need to consider leveraging sun-powered air conditioning for your home.

But is a solar air conditioner right for you? This post explores the mechanics of solar air conditioners, their benefits, and installation. This information will help you determine whether this is a suitable home improvement technique for your living space.

What is Solar Air Conditioning?

A solar AC is a system of cooling and heating that utilizes solar power. While most conventional ACs use electricity from the mains, a solar AC harnesses the sun’s energy. When the sun is at its brightest, the solar panels collect energy and the AC system uses this energy to cool your living space.

The solar panels contain small electro voltaic cells, which transform the solar energy collected into electricity in the form of a Direct current (DC). It’s possible to convert the Direct current (DC) into Alternating current (AC) for use in electrical devices.

There are different types of solar-powered ACs on the market, including:

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Solar-powered air conditioner: This is an air conditioning unit that uses solar energy to provide energy for the AC system, at no cost.  Any excess power can be stored in batteries, which is then available when there is no sunlight. A solar thermal panel drives the refrigerant in the AC system as opposed to electricity from the mains.

Solar hybrid air conditioner: This is a hybrid AC system that combines photovoltaic technology (PV) with direct current (DC). It uses grid electricity to charge the unit’s batteries. It is an automatic system that switches between solar and battery power as needed.

Should you Consider Solar Air Conditioning?

As a homeowner, you should stay abreast of the latest trends in home improvement.  Solar-powered ACs are all the rage but this is not enough to make you embrace the technology.

You need to consider other practical benefits that this air conditioning system offers before you make a decision. Take a look:

Cost- savings

The cost of home maintenance continues rising and this is a huge burden for households across the country. Leveraging new technology is one way to overcome this challenge and this is where solar energy air conditioning comes into play.

While these systems have a high initial cost of installation, they offer a high return on the investment in the long run. You can install solar-powered AC that requires no input from the grid. This saves you a lot of money on electricity bills.  Choosing a hybrid solar AC also saves you money as you only resort to the electricity mains when there’s no sunlight.

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One big advantage with innovative solar energy systems is their flexibility. There’s no one-fits-all solar AC unit. You can install an AC system to suit your unique cooling needs. A solar AC installer will help you carry out an energy audit to quantify your home’s energy needs. This way, you can install the appropriate number of solar panels and other accessories.

Eco-friendly Air Conditioning

More homeowners have adopted green living by installing solar power systems. Air conditioning makes up a large part of power consumption in households. Using solar energy to power your AC reduces your property’s carbon footprint.

These solar-based AC systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also reduce demand on the grid. By reducing the use of power from the mains, you will make a great impact on environmental conservation.

Availability of Financing

The initial cost of a solar power system’s installation discourages many homeowners. Luckily, financial institutions in the country now offer favorable financing options to support the government’s clean energy initiatives.

You can take a personal loan, use a mortgage redraw, solar lease agreement, or Solar power purchase agreements (PPA) or another affordable financing to install your home’s solar power system. The best solar air conditioners for solar distributors also offer tailored financing options and you should approach them for a quote.

Ease of Maintenance

A professionally installed solar AC system is easy to maintain.  A solar air conditioner Singapore technician can check on the panel system and the AC unit once a year to guarantee there’s no dirt buildup on the panels.


Maintaining your home’s comfort should be a priority. A functional air conditioning unit will do the trick but these systems consume a lot of power. With solar-powered air conditioning, you not only cut the cost of power but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is a home improvement idea that offers great ROI in the long run while also helping with environmental conservation.

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