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Is Outdoor Advertising Still Profitable in the Modern Era?

Profitable outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is one of the few profitable marketing trends that is unlikely to decrease in effectiveness or popularity any time soon. Billboards especially are one of the most common outdoor advertising methods that have come ingrained into society. Keep reading to find out why outdoor advertising is still profitable, even in the modern era where digital ads are the norm. 

Outdoor advertising breaks down pre-existing barriers between audiences and ads 

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Potential customers don’t have to do anything to view outdoor ads – the very premise of outdoor advertising is that it reaches audiences whenever they leave the house, in contrast to digital advertising, which requires activity on the consumer’s part. The main benefit of this is that the effectiveness of it doesn’t depend on the consumer having to take any action to view the ad. 

You can get more detail on an outdoor advert 

Digital ads only allow for a minimal amount of detail and, or, time, making it very difficult to say everything that you want to say. Outdoor adverts allow business ads to be more detailed. This works out especially well on bus stops and billboards that can reach captive audiences when they’re waiting in traffic, for example. 

Partnering with an OOH specialist like Clear Channel helps companies to improve brand recognition, by giving advice on how to create and where to place outdoor adverts to reach audiences in the most efficient way. 

There’s a high conversion rate with outdoor advertising – it’s profitable

You’d be surprised at how many people make purchases when out of the house. Whenever someone is out of the house, there’s an opportunity for businesses to reach them with their marketing messages. 

Consumers can’t avoid or ‘turn off’ from outdoor ads in the same way that they can with radio, TV or online advertisements, providing a chance for connections between businesses and their consumers. The same way you can measure your TV advertising performance, you can also measure how profitable outdoor advertising is.

Approximately 37% of people say they look at outdoor ads when they pass one, so whatever type of outdoor advertising you choose, know that you’re effectively providing your business with an increased chance of getting recognised. This is one of the most impressive outdoor advertising statistics.

Outdoor advertising helps with market research 

The location of your billboard advertising campaign will have a big impact on how effective it is. Things like target audience, demographic, the business of the area, and the area’s value all have an impact.

You can measure the ROI of outdoor advertising from every location you choose, and use this to your advantage. You might find out that there is a better and more profitable choice out there than what you first went with, so outdoor advertising can tell you a lot more about important factors than general research or guessing. 

Outdoor advertising billboards trigger the best emotional responses

Cleverly created ads can trigger emotional responses which in turn prompt sales. According to research, 50% of all purchases are brought from emotional responses. For example, billboards can tell stories that trigger emotional responses that appeal to the public and their emotions. Ads that resonate with audiences are a lot more likely to trigger sales than ordinary ads are. 

So, there you have it. Outdoor advertising works and is certainly profitable within the modern era. Although there are constant changes within the advertising industry, outdoor advertising is still a worthwhile way of reaching audiences.  

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