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Investment Migration Due Diligence Process: Become a Successful Candidate and Obtain Your Second Passport

How to obtain a second passport by investment in the US, UK and Canada

Immigration has become a global trend, especially for those seeking a second passport. Thousands of men and women from all around the world are looking for efficient ways to migrate to countries where they have better prospects. Below, the reader will find a comprehensive overview of the investment migration due diligence process.

For all the individuals who are interested in RCBI programs and getting a second passport, this detailed guide can make the investment concept clear. You will learn about the leading immigration industry trends and find handy recommendations on how to get future residency/citizenship via investment immigration programs.

The Definition of Investment Immigration

Investment immigration is when a country is interested in raising capital directly from foreign immigrants. As the motivational factor, the government grants residency/citizenship and foreigners do the investment. It is an efficient way for the government to raise enough funds for public programs, as well as attract capital. As a foreign investor, you have the right to live in the country and get a lot of benefits after obtaining a second passport.

Due Diligence in Citizenship: What Does It Mean?

Individuals who are interested in obtaining a second passport should have a clear understanding of due diligence for citizenship by investment. It is one of the most important steps in the application process. You start with an assessment of your application. You will need to provide a series of documents and fulfilled forms. Different due diligence for investors has different requirements. 

A typical list of due diligence requirements for investors seeking a second passport includes the following:

  • A birth certificate;
  • A passport;
  • Bank account numbers; 
  • Your income/wealth details; 
  • Employment history;
  • Personal references;
  • Lack of criminal history.

Your program’s due diligence check will be performed by the official authorities who are responsible for processing your application. It is a special act of investigation to be sure that the applicant has enough funds to participate in CBI investment programs and cover all the associated costs.

What Are the Main Benefits of Investment Migration Programs?

Access to superior healthcare

A lot of immigrants consider foreign countries with a higher healthcare level compared to their country of origin. Usually, such people consider countries with high income, for example, the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, or EU countries. When you choose your priority destination for immigration, you should check its healthcare system and what medical coverage you can get.

Interesting career/ employment prospects

Most investors are interested in obtaining a second passport because it opens a lot of bright opportunities in terms of careers. It is a smart solution to participate in investment programs and open new career horizons.

High international standards in education

If you plan to migrate with your entire family, you must think about the education of your kids. Children of immigrants can benefit a lot from higher education standards in the country of their choice. 

Social-economic factors

Some individuals consider getting second citizenship due to social, economic, or climate-related reasons. If you are concerned about political stability in your country of origin or the climate does not fit with your health conditions, immigration can be a reasonable solution. 

Freedom to travel

When you choose a destination for your future citizenship-by-investment program, make sure its passport has a strong ranking. It is a huge advantage to have a passport, which permits you to travel all around the world. 

Attractive tax system

As an investor, you know the importance of favorable tax policies and the overall business environment. So, many investors are driven by these factors.

The Preparation Process for Due Diligence

Every investor should pay extra attention while preparing all the required documents for due diligence. If you do not want to make any minor mistake, you can use the services of Global Citi-Zen, which is an expert in immigration issues. 

In order to avoid red flags on your immigration application, you have to be well-organized, thorough, and consistent in your actions. It is not recommended to exaggerate the finances on your application. Make sure you do not hide your criminal history from the officials. They can easily find out that the applicant has lied. As soon as the officials confirm your identity, lack of any criminal history, and valid financial profile, your application will be successfully accepted. 



Some investors find due diligence requirements to be too strict. You should take them positively because it proves that your chosen CBI program is serious. Every applicant should be financially stable and safe for obtaining a new passport and becoming a new citizen. The biggest advantage of such detailed and strict due diligence norms and regulations for the investor is the proof of the program’s validity. You risk nothing to participate and invest your funds into it. 

Always stay away from immigration programs, which are free from performing due diligence. We recommend you not rush as your immigration journey takes a certain amount of time, physical resources, and attentiveness to details. Cooperating with reliable immigration firms such as Global Citi-Zen will make your chances higher and ensure application approval.

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