Home Intelligence Infographic: The Rise of Remote Working and Its Impact on Businesses

Infographic: The Rise of Remote Working and Its Impact on Businesses

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The Internet and its related technology have vastly changed our day to day lives. Smartphones and tablet technology are rarely out of our hands with higher rates of connectivity all over the world, it’s no wonder that we’re dealing with a world who relies on these devices throughout the day.

 This technology has made the world a smaller place and has facilitated collaboration amongst people who are based on opposite sides of the world.

There are of course, huge advantages to this advancement but of course there are challenges also. The advantages are manifold and just one of them is the fact that technology allows us to work from whatever location we choose.

This can benefit those who live in rural areas and don’t wish to commute; it benefits the employer because it gives them access to a wide selection of a talent pool without the restriction of location.

The challenges are also many but are 100% manageable with the right policies and attitude. For the employer, there needs to be a sense of trust between them and the employee that work is actually being completed. For the employee, they might sometimes struggle with productivity if they don’t feel a sense of accountability to anyone.

A company that advises businesses on issues like this is Davitt Corporate Partners and they have put together an infographic below which details around the whole area of Remote Working. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Definition of Remote Working
  • Remote Working Stats
  • Benefits of Remote Working
  • How to Make Remote Working… Work
  • Conclusion

Check it out!

Infographic on remote working


You can make a lot of impact working from home or any part of the world if you can master your skills and go for ideas that are digital-friendly. For security reasons, we always encourage that you use cloud storage software to save your details.


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