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10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness (Infographic)

infographic showing 10 simple ways to increase brand awareness
Brand Recall

Are there smart, simple ways a business owner can increase their brand awareness without freaking out? You will find out in this infographic.

What is a Brand?

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A brand can be defined as the image that a business, product or service instills on the mind of the consumers through their logos, slogan, and other marketing and sales materials and assets.

According to Mr Brenner, a brand is something that exists in the mind of your customers about.

One can argue that a brand can somehow be compared to a person because brands have their own name, a unique look (logo), core values (brand promise), people it associates with (target market), identity (product or service).

Brands Need Awareness

If you are a person, you probably want to be known to grow, make connections, and sell yourself out there in the world. Brands are the same, they need to be known in order for them to sell and expand.

If a person has fame, credentials, and referrals, a brand has something we call brand awareness. For those unfamiliar, brand awareness is when consumers easily recognize your brand and its products.

This alters the people’s consumer behavior. Over time, the brand itself have value and not just its products. So, when you see a Christiano Ronaldo or Manny Pacquiao having brand logos embedded on their sports attire, you could say that they are literally dress like a million bucks because they are.

Different Forms of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness comes in different forms. This could be brand recall, brand recognition, visual branding, top of mind and brand dominance.

Brand recall refers to consumers automatically remembering your brand when you say a certain product.

Brand recognition on the other hand, is the reverse of brand recall, this is when a brand name is mentioned, you automatically think of their product.

Visual branding is when a brand is recognized only with the use of visual symbols such as ads, brand colors, and packaging.

Top of Mind is when customers think of a brand for a product. Unlike brand recall, top of mind brand awareness comes when the product is remembered because a particular customer always buys particular brand of a product.

And lastly, brand dominance is when consumers cannot think of any other brand except yours when considering of buying a product.

According to Forbes, Apple is the world’s most valuable brand in 2018 with an amassing $182.28 billion brand value; this was followed by Google ($132.1 billion), Microsoft ($104.9 billion), Facebook ($94.8 billion), Amazon ($70.9 billion), Coca-Cola ($57.3 billion), Samsung ($47.6 billion), Walt Disney Company ( $47.5 billion), Toyota ($44.7 billion), and AT&T ($41.9 billion).

If you could notice, the world’s top brands are the ones who are involved with the internet and technology.

Nowadays, people rely on the internet for almost everything. If you want your brand to be known and recognized, the internet is the best place to be since billions of people surf the internet every hour.

There are content marketing strategies that could boost your brand awareness and even put it on a pedestal over time. With increased brand awareness, increased sales should follow.

If you want to know more on how you could increase your own company’s brand awareness, here is an infographic from Panda Paper Roll. Use this for your advantage and let your business prosper.

Increase brand awareness
Infographic on how to increase brand awareness


If you can craft compelling story about your business, host local or online events, guest post for authority sites, brand your regular wear with your company identity and possibly author a book, you will be on your way to increasing your brand awareness slowly and surely.

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