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7 Important Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Videography

Videography is important because of the increase in demand for video content which can also be used for diverse marketing purposes.

Unique reasons to build a career in videography

Would you like to know why videography is a profitable career? Are you looking forward to migrating and you want to know a hot in-demand job that pays well? We are here to show you how shooting and editing videos can be a lucrative business for you.

Videography is the production of videos from conception to the final product. It involves shooting the video, setting and editing until you get the desired results. 

Why is videography important today?

Videography is important because of the increase in demand for video content which can also be used for diverse marketing purposes. Businesses need videos for marketing campaigns. 

Apart from businesses, individuals also need to create videos for various occasions to serve as a way of preserving memorable experiences. 

According to Glassdoor (An online community for workplace conversations where people find jobs and companies they love), the average salary for a Freelance videographer is $50,712 per year in the United States. 

Salaries estimates are based on 77 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a freelance videographer employee in the United States. 

What are some of the ways of monetizing videography as a career?

There are different types of videography. We discussed 7 unique ways to monetize your knowledge or skill of videography if you want to build a career in it. Below are seven strategic reasons to consider a career in videography:

1. Brand documentary

A brand documentary is a film produced to communicate the brand’s strategic platform. 

The major aim of brand video documentaries would be to tell the true story of a brand.

To document their stories in video format, the services of a good videographer would be needed. This is just one way you can monetize your skill as a videographer. 

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2. Business explainer video

The second way you can monetize or make money as a videographer is by creating business explainer videos for companies. 

What is an explainer video in the first place? Business explainer videos are short and straight-to-the-point online marketing videos used by companies to educate their ideal customers about their products or services. 

Business explainer videos are what you see on landing pages, website homepages, or frequently visited product pages of company websites. 

Videographers are usually the ones hired to create these explainer videos. To give you a practical example of what it looks like, take a look at the different styles of animated explainer videos.

3. Wedding videography

One of the happiest moments in the lives of married couples is their wedding day.

 True, marriage is a lifetime event. But a wedding?  It only lasts within a few hours of a day. Intending couples would do everything possible to make that day a memorable one. 

One way they can do that is by capturing those moments in pictures and videos. They would do everything possible to hire a good videographer to capture the event from start to finish. 

In years to come, as they celebrate the anniversary of their wedding, they will no doubt be grateful for the wonderful experience captured in their wedding video. 

As a good videographer, all you have to do is to position yourself well as an expert to be getting gigs regularly.  

Since a wedding is an event that takes place throughout the year, this means you would be engaged throughout the year. Doing a good job would guarantee a referral from your previous clients. 

4. Drone videography

As a result of the advancement in technology, the art of videography is taking a new turn.  To get a more beautiful shot and experience, drone videography is now the new normal. 

Drone videography is simply the art of capturing video footage from the sky using a drone. 

Drones help you to capture unique views that weren’t possible with traditional ground-based cameras. 

Companies, especially real estate companies, find it useful to hire drone videographers to help capture the aerial view of their properties for sales to create powerful marketing videos for their prospective ideal customers. Ensure you find out what the rules for flying a drone are in your country.

5. Social media videography

Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are mostly video-based platforms. Users of these platforms and many other video-based platforms need the services of a good videographer to create high-quality videos for them. 

These videos are mostly used for marketing purposes. 

Apart from the above-listed means of monetizing your skill as a videographer, what other industries are in high demand for good videographers?

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Two industries that can’t do without videographers

We have already discussed the various ways of monetizing your skills as a good videographer. But, there are these two Industries that are constantly in need of good videographers. 

They are the music and movie industries. Let’s discuss them one at a time. 

6. Music video production

Music has a way of penetrating the souls of the listeners without their permission. It helps us connect with the artist and try to understand the lyrics of the song. 

Music helps us feel relaxed after a busy day at work, school or life entirely. 

However, a music video helps bring those emotions to life. It helps us see the visual expressions of the lyrics and enables us to become more connected to the artist. 

Music video production is a type of filmmaking that is a direct connection between the audio and the visuals. 

As we stated earlier, it helps bring the lyrics to life. It creates a visual expression that lasts longer in the minds of the listeners. 

A music video production can be broken down into three major components. They are filming, editing and producing. 

a.  Filming

Filming involves capturing the raw footage that will be used to produce the final product. 

This is where the videographer captures all the angles he needs to produce an excellent music video. 

b. Editing

Editing has to do with joining the various footage into one in an order that transits smoothly. 

Here, the videographer who also doubles as an editor cuts out the errors and bloopers that are not needed in the final product, and makes use of the best shots. 

c. Production

Production has to do with making sure the final product is an excellent array of the various footage captured during filming. 

This is where effects are added and subtitles included. 

The production of a good music video is made possible with the help of a good videographer. 

This is why you should consider venturing into videography. 

7. Movie production

Movie production is another industry that has a high demand for great videographers. 

Although we have audio films and movies, video movies are always the best for movie lovers. 

True, movie production involves a whole lot of work, such as screenwriting, ideation, planning, execution, sound design and other necessary elements that bring the movie to life. 

But, videography lies at the center of them all. Poor video quality will amount to low interest in seeing a movie. 

It is the videographer who helps us enjoy the various scenes as they open and fade. 

According to eTown Videos, video production costs from $2,500, (small business video spots) to about $15,000 or more (corporate brand videos). 

For a movie video production, the movie “Titanic” cost a whopping $200 million to produce as of the year 1997, according to Business Insider. This should give you an idea of how much you can make as a movie videographer.

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How can you become a successful videographer?

To become a successful videographer, here are some of the steps you need to take: 

  1. First, you need to learn valuable skills, such as capturing and video editing. 
  2. Invest in high-quality tools like digital cameras, and other necessary equipment. 
  3. Determine if you want to be versatile, or you want to specialize in any of the areas of videography discussed above. 
  4. Build a portfolio. Have a strong portfolio of why people should hire you. 
  5. Develop your brand and be different from other videographers. 
  6. Look for opportunities to market your brand and grow. 


In conclusion, we have considered what videography is, and ways you can monetize your skill as a videographer, as well as the 2 industries that cannot function properly without videographers. 

Collectively, this gives us 7 important reasons you should consider a career in videography. 

 As you may already know, video content has become the order of the day in the business world. Music and movie industries are constantly in need of good videographers for their next project. Jump in and seize the opportunities videography has to offer.

If you are considering a career in videography and you want to know how to achieve that using artificial intelligence, take any of these AI courses.

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