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How to Use Branded T-shirts as an Offline Marketing Strategy

Use Branded T-shirts as an Offline Marketing Strategy

Branded T-shirts play an important role in every business that wishes to step up their marketing game. It is by all standards an effective marketing strategy. Even if you are running your business on a shoestring budget, it is possible to still promote your business and increase brand awareness

Oftentimes, big corporations, businesses, and organizations take up all the advertising spaces and platforms, making it extremely difficult for small businesses to compete. 

As a small business owner or start-up, you do not have the means to join them in the competition. Trying to do so will be living and running your business above your means and doing so can cause your business to run into bankruptcy or even insolvency. 

Fortunately, your business is not completely alienated from advertising. You still have a shot at marketing your business, creating brand awareness, and selling your products even in the markets dominated by authority brands. 

It is not about struggling to spend more on marketing and advertising even though it is important. It is about using supposed unconventional marketing strategies to spread the word about your business – and by that we mean the products and services you sell.

One of such unconventional marketing strategies is the use of branded T-shirts. 

Branded t-shirt is an effective marketing strategy you can adopt as a small business owner to match up with the bigger corporations and businesses who are big spenders and investors in marketing and advertising. 

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Before I show you how to use branded T-shirts to market your business, let me quickly share some benefits your business will derive when you adopt the use of branded T-shirts as part of your marketing strategy.

Benefits of Using Branded T-shirts as an Offline Marketing Strategy

Aside from being an effective offline and online marketing strategy, branded T-shirts would benefit your business in the following ways.

1. Branded T-shirts are relatively cheap

You can create branded T-shirts for your business at a very cheap cost as they are inexpensive to produce. 

It is usually cheaper if you are printing the T-shirts in bulk. To save costs, keep the design on your T-shirts simple and direct enough. 

You want people to know what your business is about by looking at your T-shirts and you do not want to spend much by having plenty of write-ups on it. The use of custom T-shirts is a cheap way to promote your business.

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2. The sale of branded T-shirts can generate profit 

Branded t-shirts can serve as an additional source of income. You can sell your branded T-shirts to your customers and get profits in return or add it as a bonus pack to increase your sales volume.

If the T-shirts are beautiful enough with lovely design and aesthetics, everyone who buys from you will have no restraint buying them when you offer to sell them. 

3. Branded T-shirts can serve as uniforms 

Instead of making your employees undergo the hassle of changing outfits every time they come to work, your branded T-shirts can serve as uniforms for your employees and give your business a unified outlook. 

There are tons of custom t-shirt printing companies out there willing to help you get them in mass quantity at a subsidized price.

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4. Increased brand awareness

Most importantly, having branded t-shirts for your business helps to spread the word about what your business is about. It is a passive form of marketing that goes viral without many efforts. Just by wearing your branded T-shirts and attending meetings will get your business in the faces of the people watching. Imagine when more people wear your T-shirts on a daily basis.

A typical example is a free T-shirt Clickfunnels gives her users once you become one of their users. If you check a couple of sales funnel videos on YouTube you will see users of this marketing tool wearing the T-shirt while making their presentation.

I remember reading a book where Russel Brunson, co-founder of Clickfunnels said the distribution of free T-shirts is one of the most effective black marketing secrets they have used so far to generate tens of thousands of users to their software.

The public perception of your brand will be known by all and sundry. While the other businesses are struggling for advertising space and paying thousands and millions of dollars, your business is getting into the hearts of the general public effortlessly. 

What better way is there to carry out offline marketing than the use of branded T-shirts?

These and many more are the benefits your business stands to gain when you adopt the use of branded T-shirts as a part of your marketing strategy. Now, let’s see how you can use branded T-shirts to effectively market your business offline like a big brand. 

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How to Use Branded T-shirts As an Effective Offline Marketing Strategy

Here’s how to use branded t-shirts to effortlessly promote your business offline like a big brand without necessarily out-spending your competitors on outdoor advertising.

1. Official Dress Sense For Employees 

Provide branded t-shirts for all your employees and make it a compulsory dress sense when they come to work. 

Your employees would definitely interact with the general public while putting on those t-shirts and what you would be having is mobile billboards with your brand’s logo and information. 

With the t-shirts, your employees will get on the bus, visit the grocery store, go for lunch, and so on. 

This will not only promote your brand, but it will also instill team mentality in your staff spurring them to work in unity so as to achieve your brand’s goal. For variety, you can print multiple color options of your brand t-shirts or even make particular color options special for a class of employees. 

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2. Custom T-shirts Can Be Used As a Loyalty Reward 

The growth and success of your business hinge on customer relationships. A good customer relationship will generate loyal customers. You can achieve this for your business by offering rewards for your loyal customers. 

These rewards can be anything including your brand’s t-shirt. Gifting free t-shirts to your customers as a way of appreciating them, will make them feel comfortable doing business with you and you get to win their hearts. 

Also, you do not need to coerce them into telling their friends and families about your brand. By the time they wear the shirts you gifted them, their friends, families, co-workers, neighbors e.t.c., will get to see things for themselves. 

Automatically, they become your brand evangelists, spreading the word about your brand without necessarily talking. 

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3. Organize a T-shirt Giveaway 

You can host a social media contest promising winners free t-shirts. We all like free stuff and would jump at any opportunity to win free stuff without doing much work. 

The contest is not just a giveaway for your t-shirts but also an opening to interact with potential customers, get their personal data, and retarget them if you wish to sell something. 

In an attempt to join the contest or vote for someone in the contest, some people will get to know about your brand and possibly purchase from you.

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4. Pitch Clients With T-shirts 

You can take your branded t-shirts with you when pitching for new clients and offer it to them as incentives for doing business with you. 

Formally, branded mugs were used during such meetings but who says you should not try something different and even better? Interestingly, not so many of your competitors will be willing to give out that much. A little effort like this can put you ahead of your competition. 


There is no limit to what you can do with custom t-shirts when it comes to using it to grow your business and expand your reach with ease. 

Branded t-shirts are by all standards the perfect, most effective offline marketing strategy you can think of. What’s more interesting is the fact that they are cheap. Whether your business is running on a shoestring marketing budget or not, you can still make tangible marketing moves offline using custom t-shirts. 

Are you looking for the best way to market your business online and offline? Consider the use of branded t-shirts.

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