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How to Turn Cold Traffic to Loyal Customers in 5 Minutes

How to turn ice cold traffic and visitors to raving customers

How do you turn ice cold traffic to raving customers in the most super-easy way? In this article, you will learn how to convert your traffic into paying clients.

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is trying to place a buy button in front of cold traffic who is just jumping on their landing page for the first time. 

The result when this mistake is made is that only a few segments of those cold audiences end up buying. Which means, most of their advertising budget gets burnt without maximizing the ad spent.

But this is not what you want. You want a smart way to convince those “strangers” landing on your sales page to type in their credit card detail and place an order for your stuff. 

Cold traffic is someone that is not familiar with you, your brand, your solution, or product/service. Normally, you will need to turn cold traffic to warm and hot traffic before they can buy from you. 

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But when you think you don’t have all the time to go through that process, the only option is to quickly convert cold traffic to raving customers. Interestingly, you can do it in 5 minutes.

1. Give Value Upfront

Give value upfront and convert cold traffic to customers

There’s a high rate of internet scams making people become skeptical when it comes to buying online.

So, how do you build instant rapport and turn cold traffic to a buyer? The first step is to give them value upfront and you will take them from being total strangers to lovers of your brand. 

The reason is that it helps to break any form of objections they might come up with when you instantly direct them to a sales page with tons of “Buy Now” buttons – like most small business owners do.

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However, you need to be smart about doing this. Else, they’ll consume your content and still not see any reason to buy or patronize you later. 

For you not to give them free valuable content upfront and they end up buying from someone else when they are ready to make a purchase, you have to pre-sale them.

A smart way to persuade your audience is to subtly inject some buying (emotional) triggers into your presell content while giving the “value” at the same time.

As you do this, they will begin to know more about their problems and realize that there is a real solution for it that can be gotten through you.  

By continuously giving them value upfront, they will become loyal to your brand because they now know, like and trust you.

2. Separate the Warm From Hot Traffic

What you are expected to do here is to basically segment your traffic. 

The reason traffic segmentation is very important is that they are not on the same level as your brand awareness.

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A small part of this traffic has already downloaded your freebie, signed-up to your email list, joined your webinar or are even ready to pay for anything you put in front of them.

(NOTE: This might just be about 11–13 percent of the audience). 

So the smart thing to do is to retarget them with a front-end offer to buy from you. That is, to pay for a low-end offer that takes them from say; point A to point B. 

However, some may not take you up your offer. So, you will need to warm them up again till they trust you enough to buy from you. 

3. Present Them with More Value-Based Advertising to Warm Them Up Till They Buy

Although, a part of your traffic may instantly buy from you a lot of them may be skeptical whether you are not one of those snake-oil marketers.

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So, you will need to prove to them that you know your stuff by running value-based advertising to the remaining traffic segments that are yet to convert. 

Here’s why this strategy works like crazy.

The more they get to see your worth, their trust for your brand also begins to increase thereby helping to strengthen the bond they have with your brand. 

But then, it’s not just by sharing any kind of content. No. There is a method to this cold-to-hot traffic conversion technique.

Below are some of the smartest ways you can share free and valuable content and utilize it to convert cold traffic into customers.

a. Use Social Proof

There are tons of social-proofs you can use to further convince your audience to buy from you. It could be a written post on social media, a comment on social media validating your brand/product or the screenshot of a WhatsApp chat showing how happy or satisfied a customer was after using your product. 

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Another way to make social proof to be more agreeable is to use videos. It doesn’t have to be professionally captured with expensive gadgets. Just a phone-recorded video testimonial using Online Business in a Box will help you to gain their trust and make them believe you.

b. Case Study

If you’ve followed quite a good number of highly successful online business owners you will agree with us that they are fans of using case studies to educate their existing audience how powerful their products and services are.

In case you don’t know, the use of a case study is a brilliant marketing strategy any small business owner can use to convert cold traffic to raving customers. 

By breaking down how you normally achieve the kind of result they are desperately looking for, you can make them fall in love with your brand and proceed to buy your product.

Alternatively, you can show them how you helped a client (that used to be like them) to get a jaw-dropping result.

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4. Education-Based Videos

education based marketing content video

Although, it’s good to use normal static images or text-based content to give value, however, recent studies have shown that video-based content tends to get a lot more engagement than the others.

Try and utilize it. 

PRO TIP: This does not mean that you have to share everything that you know about your industry, especially if you are into information marketing

Don’t go and start sharing all your trade secrets for free to your audience. Remember that what makes people buy information products is basically curiosity. So if you now scratch the entire “itch” then they won’t see a need to buy. 

HINT: You can simply use a new or a different ad creative to show an initial content that you’ve shared already.

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