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How to Sell in the Middle East and Reach Thousands of New Buyers

How to Sell in the Middle East and Reach Thousands

Selling your products in the Middle East region may be kind of hard due to the daily increase of sellers in the market, but today I want to show you how to sell in the Middle East and reach thousands of new buyers easily. This guide will help you as a marketer or manufacturer in China to sell more of your items in the Middle East.

As a seller who is targeting the Middle East region, you need to understand that selling is a skill that will require your personal intelligence to be put to work combined with the area where your business is situated.

However, if you are not familiar with what we mean by “Middle East” don’t worry. The Middle East is referred to as the region spanning the Levant, Arabian Peninsula, Anatolia, Egypt, Iran, and Iraq. This is more of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or other Arab countries. So, let’s get started.


How to Sell in the Middle East and Reach Thousands of New Buyers

1. Understand the Culture of the Region

A lot of you will wonder why I listed this as the number one criteria needed to attract more sales and customers in the Middle East. Yes, if I were you, I would have done the same, but don’t worry I will explain my reason to you in the summary below.

The reason why you must, first of all, understand the culture of the particular Middle East area where your business is situated is so that you will know what they like and what they hate, what to sell in the region and what not sell. This will play a vital role in helping you to reach more customers and in turn get more sales records when promoting your service and products through pay-per-click advertising or telemarketing.

In this part of the world, families, groups, and tribes are given a high level of attention.

2. Make Use of Arabic Language More than English

Although most Middle East countries use English frequently, they cherished using their mother language which is ARABIC to communicate with people. You need to write your e-commerce product description and logistics features in Arabic.

Since the Middle East countries tend to pay more attention to their tradition, it is good that you know how to speak the Arabic language fluently and even use it on your business website if you have any. In Switzerland for instance, the common language used in most product descriptions is German because about 60% of Swiss citizens speak German. Communicating with customers in the language they understand helps you close sales faster.

Doing this will help in attracting more customers to patronize your business.

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3. Don’t Have a Biase Mind Against Religion

It’s noted that the most practiced religion in the Middle East region is Islam.

So, as a business person, don’t have the mindset that “If he’s not a Christian or Budha, I won’t rapport with him.” If you do that, it will affect your business patronage and sales.

Since that’s the most practiced religion there, just pay attention to their rules and stipulated regulations and take everyone as the same without any form of religious difference.

Play along with them so as to have more recommendations from your existing customers and that will bring about new customers.

4. Pay Attention to Your Product Branding and Packaging, and Let Them Look Luxurious

The majority of families in the Middle East countries are rich people and as such, they love buying products that look classic and expensive.

So, give your products a luxurious-looking packaging and this will attract customers to patronize you more.

5. Advertise Your Business Using Both Digital and Traditional Channels

Advertising is one of the best ways you can reach more potential customers and generate sales consistently for your business. However, how you advertise the goods and the platforms you used in advertising them matter a lot.

For example, you can choose to leverage the Social marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and a whole lot others. It’s so easy these days to create Instagram memes with which you can promote your business in the Middle East. You can as well use TV advertising or billboard advertising to reach a wider Arab audience.

But you have to be strategic in your ad settings or possibly hire the services of the best digital marketing agency in the Middle East to run it for you. Some people go as far as hiring a copywriting agency in North America to help manage all the sales copies.

The adverts should target the Middle East countries only since that’s your main location of interest. Make sure that the photo or video design used for the advert looks classic so as to attract the people seeing it who may turn out to be your potential customers.

Secondly, you can pay for radio and television adverts in the Middle East. Additionally, you can work with a Middle East country-based Instagram influencer to achieve your marketing goals.

Endeavour to create a website for your business and use Arabic as the primary language. Having a translator plugin won’t be a bad idea either. This can help you translate the website details written in Arabic to English or Chinese for your international customers.

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6. Have a Good Customer Support System and Maintain a Good Relationship with your Customers

In all your business dealings, always have in mind that your customers are the backbone of your business success. If a particular customer stops patronizing your company, you will lose sales and everyone else that they would have recommended.

If your goal is to build a formidable business in the Middle East, do your best to maintain a healthy business relationship with your customers. Offer quality services to your clients. Having a good customer support system is a huge advantage.

If you offer a good service to your customer today they will definitely recommend you to others.

You can always ask for your customer’s email address and phone number. With this data, you can always reach them using any of these email marketing platforms like Constant Contact or GetResponse. You can always call them to find out how they are doing if need be, alongside some collections of your new and old products.

For example, if a customer that normally comes three days every week to buy from you stops coming for about two weeks. What you have to do is to call the customer so as to find out if the person is in a good condition or not. By calling the person you will get to know why he stopped coming to patronize and by doing that you can win him back.

Beyond offering the best customer service, you will also need to take care of your employees. The way you treat your employees is the same way they will treat your customers.


The lists above are proven ways to sell in the Middle East region and reach thousands of customers. If this article on how to sell in the Middle East was helpful to you, please share it on social media for others to see and learn from it. Got something to add? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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