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How to Make Your Prospects Believe Your Sales Letter

Things you can do as a marketer or business owner to make your prospects to believe you even if you don't have social proof yet

You just launched a brand-new business.

You offer amazing services.

Your product designs are on point.

And you have hired a team of highly talented people to handle the day-to-day running of the business. After all, how profitable can a new business be if you are not working with the best talents in your industry?

Did we forget to mention that you didn’t magically come up with a business idea without first doing due diligence? Oh yes! You are a smart entrepreneur who understands cost-effective ways to test new product ideas – so you did the needful.

Despite checking off your list of things a startup needs to be business-ready, you are still faced with one big challenge.

And that is…

How to make your prospects believe your brand promise to the extent of buying your product or hiring your service even when you don’t have enough social proof yet to convince them?

If you are currently finding it difficult to sell your products online even when you have the best e-commerce funnel because you are new to the market we’ve got a helpful guide for you.

You don’t want to experience that weird feeling of impostor syndrome.

Because the thing is…

While we try our best to provide value to the people we sell to, there are many scammers out there spoiling the overall image of online business owners.

They do almost anything just to rip people off and scam them, making it difficult for marketers to build trust and make total strangers believe their sales letters anymore.

So, how can you increase e-commerce conversion rate especially when you’re just starting out without lots of “Social proof” like other internet gurus?

Well, that’s why we published this article to share three (3) key methods we use to make our cold and hot audience believe our sales letter even if we don’t have enough social proof to back it up yet.

Over the years, we realized that other marketers are also leveraging these methods to sell more of their products and services online.

But before we dive right into it lets talk about what social proof is.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. It was coined by Robert Cialdini in his 1984 book. It’s an essential tool in magnetic marketing.

3 Ways to Make Your Prospects Believe Your Sales Letter Even without Social Proof

1. Live Videos

Yeah, even using recorded videos to sell alone is a smart way to build trust and believability.

For example, let’s say you’re a coach you can record yourself while talking or explaining something via live video. These days, social media has made it very easy to do live videos and put it in front of millions of people.

Live video gives your audience a better feel of your personality and also demonstrates the product you are trying to sell to your market. What product demonstration can do for brands are unimaginable when they start implementing. It’s underrated experiential marketing that most e-commerce gurus hardly use.

Again, if it’s a physical product you want to sell. One fast way to make them believe it works is to do a live recording of how it works.

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Using live video in product demonstration not only heightens the purchasing desire but it also increases the urge to buy whatever you are promoting. The visual recording helps in making them want to buy it without any delays.

You can even integrate a live streaming app with multi-dimensional functionalities to it assuming you want to go live on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at the same time.

2. Subtly Counter Objections

Another way to make your prospects to easily believe your message is to clearly list out the main problem and minor objections your market has as it regards your product or service.

After that, carefully come up with convincing facts to make them throw-off their objections.

At times, it’s not really about whether you have “proof” or not. It’s often a mindset issue you need to help them fix to be open to your sales message.

It will be extremely difficult to effectively counter a sales objection from your prospects if you don’t listen to them.

You can enroll in sales and marketing training to help beef up your sales objection handling skills.

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3. Admit the Flaws

No single product is perfect, not even the super expensive products from Bang & Olufsen. They have one of the super-fast gadgets on earth but that doesn’t mean that you can find a fault in them if you look deeper.

In December 2017, Apple had to apologize to its customers after multiple class-action lawsuits were filed against them for intentionally slowing down iPhone speed to save battery life. They didn’t try to deny it but admitted the flaws and gave reason for it.

However, they didn’t stop there, they went the extra mile to upgrade to a new version. This is exactly what you should do in your sales letter if you discover a flaw in your product that might make people resist your offer.

The truth is, your prospects know what they want. They can see your shortcomings. But even if they don’t, their minds are always curious to figure out that crack in your product.

One of the reasons we advise marketers and business owners to consciously admit their product flaw(s) and address them is because once customers find out before you admit or stylishly deny it, they will hardly trust your sales message again – including whatever you might want to market to them in future.

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The resultant effects of failing to admit your product flaws are that it may lead to buyer’s remorse, more returned orders (multiple requests for refunds), etc.

Of course, you know that more refunds equal to fewer profits in your business.

What is Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s remorse is when someone regrets purchasing something because they felt they should have used the money to buy something else they perceive to be more valuable. It is also a sign of dissatisfaction over a certain purchase.

So, what’s the best thing to do to ensure that your customers don’t experience buyer’s remorse after taking the required action in your sales letter?

It’s simple. Observe and clearly state the defects or downsides of your product. Put it in your terms and conditions and make it conspicuous in your sales copy. Statistics have it that over 50% of customers experience buyer’s remorse often and sometimes according to a report made available by CreditDonkey Survey.

How to Respond to Buyer’s Remorse Long Before It Happens

Here’s a good example of how you can admit your product flaws in your sales copy to avoid buyer’s remorse in the future using a fairly-used mobile phone as an example:

“This pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S9s has…(explain/list benefits here)

“Although, it still works fine and I’ve been using it for x-years but the screen has a v-shaped crack and the colour at the edges have faded because I hardly remember to put it in its casing. So, if you don’t like using a device with any scratch no matter how little, then this might not be for you.”

By simply saying something like that, your prospect would say:

“Wow! This seller is truly honest, I will just manage it.”

Once your prospect sees you as an honest and truthful marketer or business owner, you’ve won their trust and once that is done, you will surely make a sale and even get a referral. [Check out this article to how to effectively grow your business using word-of-mouth marketing]

The reason this works is that most sellers hardly admit their product flaws. They often hide it. This is the reason why your prospects will instantly believe your product is okay and worth buying.

(TIP: This should always come after you have exhaustively stated the benefits – you can read this article on how to make irresistible offers).


Once their desire is heightened. They’re more likely to overlook any flaw.

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