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How to Make Internet Influencers to Promote Your Blog for Free

Make internet influencers promote my blog

The truth most bloggers haven’t realized is that it does not require rocket science to come up with a blog post that will get tons of comments, traffic and mention. You can get internet influencers in your niche with millions of followers to tweet and share your blog post to their audience without you spending a dime.

Make internet influencers promote my blog

Of all the strategies I ever implemented in growing my business blog and those of my clients, one thing I derive so much pleasure doing is getting organic traffic. I do this so often that even with zero budget, popularly referred to as, Nothing Down by Robert Allen, I can still get my articles to rank on Google anywhere it is published. This is not because I’m a creative writer. As a matter of fact, I don’t even see myself to be that good but there’s something I mastered, and that’s getting influencers to share my content.

All industries, no matter how small they are have influencers. These influencers are the ones taking the innovative lead, shaping the way others think and making their chosen niche a lucrative one for the next generation to follow.

In this article, I will be showing you 6 things you need to do to start getting influencers in your industry to promote your posts for free. These strategies are so real that if you implement them, the level of engagements on your contents will begin to blow over the roof like Emeka Nobis’ updates on Facebook do.

What You Will Learn

  • What to Tweet, Retweet or Share to Make Internet Influencers Look in Your Direction
  • How to Write an Effective Expert Roundup Post that Pull Thousands of Traffic Endlessly
  • How to Growth Hack Your Blog Traffic through Commenting
  • 2 Things You Can Buy from an Industry Influencers that Will Make Them Completely Out to Help You at No Extra Cost
  • How to Make Experts in Your Niche to Run After You by Being Completely Exceptional
  • Why You Need to Start Granting Interview to Experts in Your Niche

Any blogger that pays rapt attention to these 6 strategies will likely be increasing their chances of growing their business using inbound marketing. Would you like to take the lead? Read on.

What to Share to Attract the Attention of Internet Influencers

Internet influencers are damn busy. They and their team are always working on a new project. So for you to grab their attention, you must have the capacity to write insightful contents on your blog or microblog (Twitter) they will find interesting. No matter how busy Harsh Agrawal, owner of ShoutMeLoud is, a message from my friend, Theodore Nwangene will definitely make him pause to read and of course, respond to it. Why? He’s one of the young minds in his team he doesn’t toy with.

Ryan Biddulph tweets my work

You may not be that lucky to work in a team of such an internet influencer at the moment but the truth is, you can still get him and even people with more influence than him to promote your blog for free if you share contents that promote them and they consider it helpful to their audience.

I’m not talking about the fake promotional tactics which every well-meaning influencer will gladly blacklist.

To smartly use this strategy in your favour, here are 5 things you must do now:

  1. Write a list of 20 influencers in your niche you would want your article to penetrate into their audience.
  2. Study their blogs and all you can find on the internet about them. This was exactly what I did the first time I heard about Ronald Nzimora, author of Sell Your Brain.
  3. Share quotes from these influencers and mention them, especially on Twitter and Facebook. If you can find a blog post on your blog that is related to their quote you can share it alongside.
  4. Design an image quote with their best picture and attach the URL of your blog at the base. They will gladly share it without reservation.
  5. Talk about them in the positive sense. People are always glad when positive things are said about them. It could be in the form of appreciation for how their recent post was helpful to you or a post recommending their course to your audience like my friends, Enyum Patrick Elechi, Genny Okoli, UbongAbasi Matthew etc did when we first launched our freelance writing coaching class early this year.

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Armed with these information I outlined above, I can assure you that your daily tips for running a successful online business has already been achieved.

Use Expert Roundup Post

Do you know it is possible to get 100+ internet influencers to make mind blowing contributions in a single post without paying them a dime to do so?

In case you don’t know, it’s good you catch the gist now. Using expert roundup post, top bloggers have mastered an unbeatable strategy that will make them set any post ablaze on social media notwithstanding what the content or quality of the article is.

This strategy is so powerful that if it is well implemented, you can get nothing less than 500 social shares for a single post in a single day without spending a dime on Facebook advertisement.

For me not to keep you in suspense of what an expert roundup post is, take this definition from me.

Expert roundup is a kind of blog post where the host blogger throws the same question to many experts to make their multiple contributions. Afterwards, the host blogger will receive response from all the experts they reached out to and organize these contributions in a way they make logical sense to form a long article.

Why You Need to Start Implementing Expert Roundup Post Now

For several reasons, any blogger serious with taking their blog from the place of obscurity to the place of authority must by all means embrace expert roundup.

You know why? Let me explain.

  1. It gives you the opportunity to connect with internet influencers

Expert roundup gives a blogger an amazing opportunity to connect with internet influencers they wouldn’t have had the privilege to develop a relationship with. The confidence and bragging right that comes when you watch your blog post receiving massive engagements from the audience of one of the contributors is something worth looking forward to.

When your prospects know that you mingle with the influencers in your industry, it amplifies your courage to call your quotation without feeling like you’ve robbed someone.

  1. It helps your blog generate tons of traffic

Assuming you feature 50 internet influencers in your roundup and 3 fans of each of these experts (including themselves) decide to share it on social media, you will have 151 social shares. Guess what? As the social share increases, the traffic increases. And more people who find it insightful will gladly share it as well.

  1. Your blog audience can now tap into the creative abilities of your guest

You can’t know it all. And even if you think you do, you will never have the same point of view as will all your guests. The perspective all the featured contributors will approach same topic with will definitely not be the same. Bringing experts together to share their thoughts on the same topic will avail your audience an opportunity to tap from their wealth of experience.

What You Should or Shouldn’t Ask Experts If You Want to Get the Best in Your Roundup Post

Notwithstanding implementing all the 5 simple tips top bloggers do daily to grow their blog and avoiding all the marketing mistakes and blogging pitfalls, most bloggers still fail in their attempt to drive massive traffic to their blogs simply because they ask the wrong question.

To get the right answer you must be ready to ask the right question.


What should you or should you not ask?

  1. Don’t ask a question whose answer will be “Yes” or “No”.
  2. Ask them questions that will make them reflect back to the early days of their blogging career.
  3. Don’t ask them about their personal life unless you don’t want them to respond at all. Nobody likes to share their privacy in the public.
  4. Ask only questions that will be very vital to your audience. If your readers like it they will share it.
  5. Don’t ask an expert in a particular niche to make contribution in another niche they know little or nothing about.

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Growth Hack Your Blog Traffic through Commenting

There are so many ways an online entrepreneur can growth hack their site’s traffic. The first that comes in your list to an extent depends partly on your budget and decision. When I began this blog, I made up my mind not to spend any extra kobo in terms of paid advertisement to grow it but to settle for all the free strategies like blog commenting, guest posting, social media sharing etc. until recently.

Web blog traffic
Blog growth

Going through these processes, I discovered how blog commenting stood out in connecting me to internet influencers like Ryan Biddulph, Zac Johnson, Tiffany Simpson, Roger James Hamilton, John Rampton, Sue Anne, Harsh Agrawal, Adeshokan Shamsudeen, Theodore Nwangene and so many others to the extent that I was able to create contents that got shared on social media by them. Theodore Nwangene personally wrote a guest post for us that went on to blow the roof. Read it here.

The value of blog commenting can’t be overemphasized.

In order to start driving massive traffic to your site using blog commenting, here are 3 things you must do:

  1. Comment on authority blogs related to your niche with thousands of readers and commenters

Comments left on a popular blog gives you the opportunity of bringing your expertise to a large audience who will appreciate what you do. Though not all authority blogs still allow comments on their blog but some still do.

Like I’d outlined in a blog post of what top bloggers do to grow their blog, one thing I deliberately didn’t mention was that most of them still find time to visit every blogger that leaves a comment on their blog by simply clicking on their names. This alone can drive more traffic to your site than search engine would have done if your blog is new.

  1. Let your comments be informative, inspiring and educating on all blogs

Intelligent comments attract numerous clicks. I made it my principle to leave informative comment on any blog I ever have a chance to comment on. Short and spamming comments are the dumbest thing any online entrepreneur desiring to grow their blog through blog commenting should do.

It doesn’t just connect.

How can you land on someone’s comment section and start writing, “Hi, it’s my pleasure to be here; I so much appreciate your effort.” It sounds spamming. You can duplicate this comment on more than 100k blogs without feeling out of space. Everyone that reads such comment (if it ever gets approved) will have one common insinuation, and that is, “This one never read this post before rushing to comment.” Guess what? You may never get a click coming from that site. Don’t do it. Instead, add so much value to the post that the blogger or editor will be persuaded to reach out to you. You never can tell if you will get your next client from there.

  1. Make a list of blogs in your niche using commentluv; visit them regularly and leave a comment there

CommentLuv is a plugin that allows a blogger to reward their readers by automatically allowing a link to their last post at the end of their comment. It has both free and paid version, so you can make your choice.

I have a list of 10 blogs using commentluv which I visit regularly to add value to any new post they publish. With the link of my latest post showing after my comment, it makes it easy for people to know what the new content on my blog is.

Whenever I publish a new post, I move straight to those blogs to leave a comment so that the link of my latest post will be visibly present there.

Not only will this increase your blog traffic, the pro-version also helps you to fight spam comments.

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Buy These 2 Things from an Internet Influencer and They Will Be Completely Sold Out to Support You

Do you have an internet influencer in your niche you’ve been desiring to grab their attention but it looks as if they are very busy? The truth is, if they aren’t giving you their attention they are giving it to someone else.

Would you like to get into the circle of influence of thought leaders in your industry?

Do you believe it’s possible to grab the attention of some of the world’s smartest internet marketers without having to spend all the years working so hard for it?

If your answer is yes, then I have secrets I need to leak to you now. Most internet marketers selling cheap services won’t be happy I’m doing this, but I have to do it anyway. If you apply them I can guarantee you of multiple mentions on the platform of any internet marketer of your choice. People seeking the attention of any influencer you built a relationship with can’t help but mention you with hope you do same for them when the need arises.

Okay. Let’s get down to this.

  1. Buy their products and high ticket offers

We all respond to money. As a coach, there are aspects of my services I can never offer for free no matter how I’m interested to help you if you aren’t prepared to let me part with your money. It’s not because I’m wicked but because those things are exclusively reserved for my clients who understand the worth of my time and always ready to support the sustainability of my business. Just like me, most internet influencers won’t tell you this but that’s the reality.

In order to grab the attention of any internet influencer and get them promote your business for free, buy their products and high ticket offers. When your money hits their bank account or wallet, it gives them an impression that this one truly deserves to succeed. Guess what? They automatically become committed to make that happen for you. Johnson Emmanuel can attest to how this particular section changed his business after buying Neil Patel service.

  1. Buy off their stress

That sounds simple, right?

Well, of a truth it does but unfortunately, most entrepreneurs, especially those running their business online still find it difficult to comprehend.

No matter how highly placed you are in the society, you need help. There’s something you desire that someone can help you do. Some of them you can do but due to your busy schedule you can’t help but outsource them.

Let’s say you are a powerful speaker with millions of Facebook followers but you don’t have a website. And out of the blues a young man sends you a link showing a well-designed website he has just finished developing for you. When you look at it, you discovered that everything you’ve ever wanted were there, how will you feel when he breaks the ice to tell you, “Sir, I just want to use this to support what you are doing; don’t pay me but you can recommend your friends and fans to me”?

If you are human I’m sure you won’t hesitate to blow his trumpet.

Possible, right?

Okay! Now think of yourself as this web developer mentioned above and the internet influencer you are hoping that they promote your blog for free as the international public speaker with thousands of followers.

Don’t look at internet influencers and think they don’t have stress they wish someone could help them buy off. You can volunteer to do a thing or two for them at their seminars.

The amazing thing is that they will completely be sold out to support you if they find out that you are genuinely out to help. 

Be Exceptional and Experts Will Promote Your Blog

Do you know that the people you are dreaming to meet are also dreaming to meet you?

In fact, can I shock you a bit?

You are so valuable and highly revered by some of them that they are ready to go the extra mile to get your attention.

But you know what? This can’t happen except you are an exceptional blogger.

Bloggers that stand out from the crowd, exhibit a level of expertise and professionalism will always get noticed by giant players in internet business.

I wouldn’t have had the privilege of becoming friends with awesome bloggers like Chinedu Nwaigene, Francis Nwokike, Samuel Troy Chinedu, Ngozi Blessed Onwukwe, copywriter, Enyum Patrick Elechi and mini importer like Godswill Igbokwe if I didn’t work on myself to be exceptional at what I do.

Before you finally decide to settle for paid promotion make sure you’ve exhausted all the free promotion strategies your mind can ever grasp.

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Interview Experts on Your Blog

Interview an expert without looking like a fool

Interview is one of the most dynamic strategists experts are using to grow their brand. Media attention, especially positive ones is something no internet influencers would love to ignore.

Good enough, if well-utilized, expert interviews can be used as a means of getting internet influencers to promote your blog for free. I’m not saying this should be your motive for asking an expert for their permission to grant them interview on your platform. But it still boils down to that.

An interview I had with Tiffany Simpson has been such a successful one that when she shared it on Twitter, it generated over 12,000 retweets. ** See screenshot below.** A similar thing occurred when I interviewed GT Igwe Chrisent on how he made $500 in a day on WarriorForum.

Paid Promotion

Ordinarily, I shouldn’t add paid promotion in this publication but for the sake of emphasis, I want to tell you when it is right to start running a paid advert.

Most online entrepreneurs that didn’t quite understand this always end up spending on advert (especially Facebook ad) more than their ROI.

Before you finally decide to settle for paid promotion make sure you’ve exhausted all the free promotion strategies your mind can ever grasp. Otherwise don’t dare it.


It is my desire that this article will remind you that lack of money is not the reason your blog is not growing. Here’s where most talented people miss it and go broke. There are so many other undisclosed strategies leveraging on the platform of experts can help you to achieve. But how else can you get them except if you research and consult people who has gone ahead of you? Use the comment box below to make your contributions and ask questions.

Have you been inspired by this post? Use the social media icons to share it to your friends, colleagues and family.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the mention Emmanuel, I’m really honored to be mentioned along side these big names in the industry.

    Getting the attention of influencers in your niche is not a rocket science, the easiest way to achieve it is to create sharable contents.

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    Thanks for sharing bro

    • Hi Theodore,

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    Thanks Emenike, you are extremely good.

    • Hi Patrick,

      You are right. Some will give it out as an eBook but I have decided to launch it for free. I wouldn’t want any blogger to have any excuse for not achieving their dream.

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    Guestposting and roundup post have been a game changer for me. My first guestpost was on Ogbongeblog. It literally made me popular overnight even when I just started.

    This is super useful. I’m gonna share it with everyone I know.

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    Thanks for the shout out too!

    Good money to spend money on a blogger’s products or services. I love all forms of support but have to admit; if someone spends 100 or 250 bucks on one of my courses it does raise my eyebrow. Especially when other bloggers make the excuse “I have no money to buy anything for my blog” , these folks who literally put their money where their mouth is move up in the blogging world and pop up on the radar screen of successful bloggers.

    Even if folks spend 1.99 or 10 bucks on my eBooks I appreciate it; as do I appreciate the social shares, comments, features, all that good stuff.

    This is a fantastic post.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Yeah, none can deny that feeling. For me, I am personally excited to help such a fellow who considers it worthwhile to reciprocal value for my time.

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    There is of course no doubt getting just a retweet from the industry’s big players will obviously make a big differenc as a newbie but the question is, how does one get it?

    And this is obviously something this lovely post of yours have clarified.

    • Hi Samira,

      Yeah… You are right. Most people are stuck thinking about that. I’m glad I did justice to how one can achieve that in this blog post. If entrepreneurs can apply this in their business, they will see huge changes.

      Thanks for stopping over to read this lengthy post.

      Emenike Emmanuel

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    To be frank, what you have penned down here need to been see by everyone who need to grow his business influence…. Networking with influencers can help one get good exposure which we all need.

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    • Hi Sirtemi,

      It’s my pleasure to have you here. I’m glad this article was helpful to you. Please, do not forget to share your success with us when the ideas shared in this post start working wonders for you.

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  11. So nice and captivating. Lol no wonder I had to share the post before reading. I enjoyed every bit of this post. I ate and digested it. Very nice article you’ve got. I’ve learned alot from this piece and very such it’s going to help me get to the climax of what I love doing. Thanks alot for the post.

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    Paid promotion is kinda easy for leveraging the short term results. I had tried it and got wonderful results. I will check the feature bloggers now.

    • Hi Nick,

      Thank you for checking on us. Yeah, paid promotion rocks at all times. It helps you channel your traffic before the right audience who are already interested in your business.

      Go ahead and check them out. They are all doing great jobs in their sphere.

      Emenike Emmanuel

  13. Hi Emenike Emmanuel,

    I have to say you’ve done a really good job with this article. This is a very informative guide on how to build healthy relationships with other bloggers and also use that as a way to promote your own business.

    Not only I’ m bookmarking this for me to read it again slowly, but I am also linking to it in my next article since I am indeed writing about something similar.

    One thing I’d like to add is that answering questions and following influencers in Quora is always a good practice to build up some good relationships and also get free traffic.

    • Hi Ronald,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      I agree with you that answering questions on Quora (and other forums) are wonderful ways to connect with influential bloggers. This is one strategy most newbie bloggers are quite unaware of. I’m sure this article will help them understand how to build relationship.

      Thanks for sharing this piece. I love what you do. Keep it up.

      Emenike Emmanuel

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    Emmanuel, this article is so cool and informative, I have been going through most of your post, they are really good. I got to know about this blog from a site i checked its alexa ranking, your site was linked to it. I think site linking to other sites can help increase your visibility.

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    Early this month, my blog is going to come life, and am glad am already becoming an expert by reading every bit of a single word on this post and some of your subsequent post.

    Thanks for sharing. Emenike

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad with how fast you are improving. You are doing amazingly well. Keep it up. I can’t wait to see your blog.

      Obviously, the strategies shared here won’t take away the place of Facebook ads but it will help to increase your ROI even if you are just starting out.

      Keep it up.


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    There is no point mentioning the numerous areas where you’ve influenced my blogging career-they are in deed numerous.
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