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How to Deal with Haters Online

How professionals deal with haters online

Going through Reddit recently, I saw a post made my Tai Lopez hater. It so explained what I’m going to teach you this article that will help you understand how best to deal with haters online.

The young dude said:

“I fucking hate Tai Lopez. Seriously I hate him beyond belief. Fuck you Tai. In fact, I click on all of your ads. Every single one. I click them all to cost you that penny every time you advertise to me.”

How Tai Lopez deal with haters online
Hate comment against Tai Lopez by a Reddit user

I do not know Tai Lopez and neither do I subscribe to his “Success marketing” strategies but one thing is sure.

This article is not about him and what he stands for. It’s about the hater who goes on hating someone that doesn’t even know if he exist in Pluto or not.

If you’ve been on this space for awhile, chances are someone must have said something negative about you no matter how good other people think you are. 

In 2017, a lady asked for free access to a course I was selling at that time but I refused. 

Few weeks later, she said to me: “I will pay for the course. I can see that you LOVE MONEY so much.”

In my response, I kindly told her not to bother paying for the course again that she’s not the kind of student I would love to have. 

Fast-forward to 2018, life hit her and things became more terrible. She came back to apologize for her unruly attitude but at that time she couldn’t afford half of what I was charging. My charges had gone up. 

As a kindhearted man, I encouraged her and suggested a few things she could do to raise money but she was hellbent on going for get-rich quick. She invested in First Coin and the rest was history. 

Listen and listen good.

If you are doing something right, it’s okay to have one hater in every 100 compliments. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with but it exposes what a person the hater is. 

But on the hand, it will be childish and unprofessional to allow one Hater’s comment get into you amidst 100s of compliments you’ve received. 

* This is why I detest people who 90% of all their posts are about their haters. *

If you are struggling with how to deal with haters, I have an article that will help you.

Unique Ways Professionals Handle Social Media Bashers

You see, hatred shows the hating capacity of a person. 

It has little to do with you or the outside world. 

If the hatred target is removed once by leaving, it will find another destination target. Unless the source hater learns to deal with it. 

People who hate others find reasons to hate and justify the wrongs to be right. 

Hate is like an acid in a vessel. Hate will burn the container from within. 

Hatred can only be neutralized by loving compassion and learning to forgive others. 

We need to constantly GROUND ourselves daily and learn NOT to take all problems of this world as a personal insult. 

5 Simple Ways Experts Survive Social Media Trolls And Bashers

When that lady said to me, “I can see that you love money so much,” I gave it a different interpretation that, “She’s not the kind of student I would love to have.” Simple! 

The moment you learn to stop taking all problems of this world as a personal insult, you will care less of all haters around you. 

Read this article for the step-by-step strategies professionals use in dealing with social media bashers.

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