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How To Create Different Voicemail Greetings

Create Different Voicemail Greetings

Professional voicemail greetings go a long way to boost your credibility. Unprofessional ones can cause potential connections to run the other way. Fortunately, using a virtual assistant app, like Ninja Number, makes it easy to change your voicemail for any situation. Be sure to plan out a good one, practice, and record it to your satisfaction for the best results. 

Direct Line Greetings

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Employees who have their own lines are encouraged to leave more personal voicemails. The most important thing for a short greeting is that you start by stating your name. You may also include what company you are with, but that should come after your name. Start with a hi, hey, or hello and go right into the “you’ve reached.” After that, you can include a reason you didn’t answer if you would like. Otherwise, prompt the caller to leave their name, number, and a message. To finish your greeting, thank the person for calling and assure them that you will call back as soon as you can. This will create a short greeting for everyday settings. 

Business Greetings

If your business only has one voicemail, you only have to create one message. For these, you are going to want to start by stating the company name. After that, you can get creative. Some businesses prefer to keep it short. They mention why they can’t come to the phone and prompt callers to leave their name, number, and a message. Others prefer to leave details for callers. For instance, companies may leave their operating hours in their messages. Others may choose to direct callers to websites, Facebook pages, or other social media outlets, where they can find alternative contact methods. If your business has a popular event coming up, this is the time to tell clients where they can find more information or a FAQs page. Once you have included all the details you want, prompt the caller to leave their name, number, and message. If you want, this is the time to thank them for calling. Otherwise, close the greeting with an assurance that you will call them back as soon as possible. 


Vacation Greetings

If you have a direct line, you should update your voicemail whenever you go on vacation. Again, you need to make sure you start your greeting with your name. You may also include the company that you work for, but that should be placed after your name if you desire. The next thing you need to do is mention that you are on vacation or out of the office. Then, include the date you will return to work. Once you have done this, it is a good idea to leave a coworker’s information so people can get information before you return. You should leave this person’s name and phone number. You may also want to include their email address. After that, you should prompt the remaining callers to leave their name, number, and message. End your greeting by assuring them that you will call back as soon as possible or thanking your callers. 

Holiday Greetings

People who work in public servicesfederal positions, or many other jobs will need to leave holiday greetings when the business is shut down. You can get creative with these greetings. Most people choose to start with a hello or a hi. Your other options include happy holiday or thank you for calling. After your opening, you can mention your company’s name and that it is closed for the holidays. Be sure to include the date you will reopen. If your company has an emergency line, be sure to include this contact information. It will probably mean leaving a name and email address. Then, prompt your callers to leave their name, number, and message. You can end your greeting by thanking them, assuring them you will call back as soon as possible, or wishing them a happy holiday. Don’t be afraid to spread some holiday cheer in these messages and have a little fun. 

Having an up-to-date voicemail greeting creates a more professional appearance. Coming up with what you want to say isn’t always easy. Fortunately, if you follow these rules, you can create the perfect greeting for any situation. 

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