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How to Resolve a Dispute without Going to Court

Resolve a dispute without going to court with a lawyer

The legal term ‘litigation’ refers to taking legal action to end a business or private conflict and in this article, here are a few ways that a dispute can be handled without having to go to court.

File a Lawsuit

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In many cases, the act of filing a lawsuit is all it takes to bring both parties to the negotiating table. If, for example, a business is in financial difficulty, the management might try to avoid payment. When a lawsuit is filed, they decide to arrange a meeting with the other party and come to a settlement. 

Starting the litigation process demonstrates that you are serious about recovering the lost revenue and more often than not, this is enough to bring both parties together to come to a settlement.

Arrange a Meeting with the Other Party

Whether a private individual or a company, you could make use of a Bangkok litigation law firm when you’re in Thailand. When in other countries, a quick online search would easily point you to a litigation lawyer near your current location. Have a professional mediator handle the meeting, which would hopefully lead to a mutually satisfactory outcome. Should the other party feel they have a strong case, their lawyer may advise them to go to court, in which case the attempt to settle out of court is unlikely to be successful.

Power of Attorney

If you give your lawyer power of attorney, they have the authority to represent you in formal or informal discussions. Many people do not have the time to focus on a lawsuit and therefore give their lawyer power of attorney, hoping that they can find a solution to the conflict. The lawyer may have to communicate with you during negotiations.


Meet the Other Party in the Middle

In some cases, sticking to your guns does not lead to conflict resolution, especially if it’s a breach of contract case. It might be necessary to compromise, which is much more likely to result in a firm agreement and the lawsuit can be withdrawn. Perhaps the figure you are asking for is unreasonable and a little compromise can work wonders. If you instruct your lawyer, they can negotiate on your behalf and might get a very favourable outcome that helps resolve the dispute without going to court.

Seek Out a Litigation Lawyer

The best person to ask for legal advice when looking to claim compensation is a litigation lawyer, who would have a wealth of hands-on experience and when informed of your situation, can quickly determine the chances of a successful claim. It is all about evidence that can be introduced to the court and if the lawyer feels you do not have a strong case, the legal expert will likely advise you not to go ahead with the lawsuit. Settlement agreements are possible. If, on the other hand, the lawyer thinks you have a very strong case, they might offer to represent you on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis.

It is always a wise move to seek out legal advice when you are faced with resolving a conflict and Google can take you to a leading English-speaking law firm near you. Oftentimes, this can help you resolve any dispute without necessarily going to court.


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