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How Much Will Blockchain Really Affect Digital Marketing?

How blockchain will affect digital marketing

As an online entrepreneur, have you ever thought of how much impact blockchain is going to have on digital marketing?

Blockchain technology is quickly moving in on numerous industries. While people mostly think of blockchain from a financial aspect, there are various implementations of blockchain outside of conventional markets.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai are researching how big of an impact blockchain technology will have on their current digital marketing business.

These digital marketing companies in the United Arab Emirate are trying to discover which methods they’ll need to implement to effectively incorporate blockchain technology into their online marketing and if it will be possible at all.

Are Businesses Aware Of Blockchain Technology?

According to research performed by Statistica, blockchain research is already underway in media, in the technology sector and telecommunications.

40% of this group stated that they are well aware of the blockchain technology or that they’re beginning to educate themselves about blockchain, while 39% said that they are creating proofs of concepts or even experimenting with blockchain technology.

However, only 12% of them have already deployed blockchain technology and use it regularly in their everyday business.

Read more and find a detailed explanation about blockchain technology and digital marketing in this article https://www.business.com/articles/blockchain-online-marketing-help/.

In case you chose to move to the UAE to live and work, you’ve made an excellent choice since Dubai became an IT cradle of the world.

But in case you have some cryptocurrency you wish to invest, here’s how you can make a proper investment in Dubai https://www.entrepreneurbusinessblog.com/blog/2019/02/19/how-to-make-proper-and-profitable-property-investment-in-dubai-2/.

Can Blockchain And Digital Marketing Work With One Another?

Because of blockchain’s similarities with the finances, many are asking the same questions:

Is there a place for blockchain in marketing? How would marketers use this technology?

It seems that the answer is positive. Blockchain can change the way marketers are collecting and using data, how they manage ads, and how they address customers.

Today we’ll mention various impacts that blockchain will have on digital marketing and how you can take advantage of blockchain technology as a digital marketing professional.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking is a challenging task for most marketers because the search engine algorithms change very often forcing marketers to change their course of action frequently.

Trying to decipher a national versus local search can be problematic. Organic SERP results can be extremely complicated to comprehend, and that’s the reason why many marketers need to assume or guess when making reports.

Better Leads

You should know when consumers give their data to some brand, that means that they are most likely already interested in this company.

When consumers willingly give you their data, it makes conversions in the funnel and leads scoring much easier since these are the consumers ready for nurturing.

Since blockchain transactions are already decentralized, marketers would need to reach the source for collecting the data.

Marketers can incentivize or even pay consumers for their data. Since that would mean higher cost upfront, it is more likely that the ROI on this campaign will eventually become higher. This way, marketers can be sure of having accurate data coming straight from the consumer.

Fighting Fraud In Ad Space

How blockchain can help in adblocking

Every digital agency Dubai and its marketers know about the existence of click-fraud in advertising.

AdChain is a company trying to fight this with AdChain Registry which is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Clicks and Ad Impressions are unique because they’re found on the trusted blockchain.

The company is trying to solve the lack of transparency problem as well as the high levels of ad frauds.

This AdChain platform provides end-to-end transparency for all the data involved, and that doesn’t exist in the traditional ad space today.

Consumers Require More Transparency

Numerous blockchain technologies provide more transparency for consumers. That way, people know who has their data and how these companies obtained their data.

Therefore, marketers will have more data to run their campaigns. Consider that the marketers might need to pay for incentive data collection; all of the information they’ll get will be real and very usable in their campaigns.

The digital marketing industry is starting to adopt blockchain technology, while the implications and possibilities are endless.

Content Control

Every marketer would hate to hear this, but not all consumers want to see ads all the time.

Adblocking is increasing every year in the United States alone. People claim to have different reasons for using AdBlock software.

A recent study shows that 51% of people will justify the use of ad-block software because they wish to preserve their internet experience, and they want to have full control over it.

Blockchain technology gives consumers the right to charge companies in exchange for their personal information.

In case a company wants consumers to subscribe to their newsletters, consumers can state their price for receiving that content.

If you’re wondering about whether your company could benefit from the impact that blockchain will have on digital marketing, speak to our team of professionals and feel free to visit our digital marketing agency Dubai for consultation. We’re always available for our existing and potential customers.

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