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3 Easy-to-Use Strategies to Help You Crank-up Offers that Make People Buy Like Crazy

Easy to use marketing strategies to make irresistible offers

Once you’re done with this post you’re about to read, you will discover 3 proven secrets you can easily use to come up with a good offer.

These easy-to-use strategies are guaranteed to help you sell more, especially if you currently suck at writing copy or you don’t even understand the basics of marketing.

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So, let’s get right into it without wasting time.

How to Make Irresistible Offers in 3 Simple Steps

1. Bonuses

Nothing makes people feel so eager to buy like when you offer to give a FREE add-on to something they want to buy.

The question is, why is it that adding a bonus to a marketing offer works so well?

It’s because, it tricks their mind to have a feeling of “taking advantage” of you.


We, as humans, are naturally SELFISH. I mean, we know the price of something, yet, we secretly long for a “discount”.

Simply put.. we want a BARGAIN.

A free bonus, especially if it complements the main stuff we are about to buy.

Think about this.

Would you reject an offer to get a FREE data subscription for 6 months when you want to buy a Samsung device or an iPhone?

You won’t reject such a unique marketing offer, right?


Because you need mobile data. You won’t mind doing anything ETHICAL to access the internet, chat with your loved ones and business partners, download and stream videos for FREE, right?

Now, here’s a hint on how to apply this in your next OFFER.

Let’s say your eBook on “How to Get A Girl” is worth $17.99.

Don’t ask them to pay the same amount.

First, you need to raise the price. After stating the BENEFITS of your offer

Then, you can SAY:

It’s worth $27. But I won’t charge that amount. Just pay $17.99 and you will get access to it.

And on top of that…

=> You’ll Get My Secret Formula for Coming Up With Interesting Conversation Topics to Help You Start Talking to Your Crush…even if you’re shy…and usually run out of “What to say”. (value = $49 for FREE)

=> A List of 17 Carefully-Selected Seduction Sentences to Use On Her While Gisting…To Make Her Want to Kiss You (HINT: the good part is – this instantly makes her want to feel your lips rubbing on hers…so you can subtly AVOID that frustrating… “I have a boyfriend”… or ANY…”Please, stop it” objection) value = $47.3 for FREE.

Plus, you will get 1-hour FREE Question and Answer Session with me every weekend for the NEXT 3 weeks.

…So you can ask me questions on anything bothering you in dating… So you can get my ADVICE to help you step-up your game. (FACT: I charge $97 per hour but you’re getting this for FREE).

And you’re getting all of these for just $17.99 only.


Now, you’ve tapped those buttons. They will be a lot more EAGER to pay you the money. As compared to the previous offer.

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2. Benefits

I’m not going to say much on this, though but here’s the “cheat-code.”

It’s just about stating all the GOOD things about your product or service.

Just clearly EXPLAIN “what your offer will do for them”. Because, that’s the best way to appeal to their “What-Is-In-It-For-Me” desire.

And you will have a killer list of BENEFITS.

Come to think of it.

You saw my headline before you started reading my post, right?

Now, do you know why you’re still reading this?

Let me tell YOU.

The reason is that I made you realize “What it will do for you” by reading this post.

Let me repeat the thing I SAID:

“You’ll discover 3 proven secrets you can easily use to come up with a good offer. Guaranteed to help you sell more, especially if you currently SUCK at writing copy or you don’t even understand the basics of marketing”.

This is one of the smartest ways to come up with “Benefits” in your marketing copy.

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3. Guarantees

This is one of the few most valuable sales strategies you can use to make an irresistible offer.

Why? Because, in this kind of hyper-skeptic generation where internet fraudsters are lurking at every corner to rip people off, you will need to give them some sort of “assurance” that their money is “safe” even if they don’t get the RESULTS you promise in your sales copy.

So, how can you use this?

It’s by giving a sort of “Positive” expectation to your prospects.


Let’s say you’ve introduced your offer, price, bonuses, and every other thing, you can round up with something like this marketing copy guarantee template:

“If after 30 days, you feel like my online course is not worth it kindly let me know. And you’ll get a complete REFUND of your money. Plus, I will personally call you to apologize for wasting your time.

“And you don’t even have to send back the course. You are FREE to keep complete access to the course. No hard feelings”.

I hope you got the secret?

Now, there are other smarter ways of crafting a jaw-dropping guarantee for your marketing copy but it largely depends on your product, though.

It’s just about making them have the feeling of “safety” by reversing ANY potential risk that may come up as a RESULT of buying from you.

Just make SURE you don’t give a guarantee that allows people to take advantage of your “Leniency” or one you are sure you can’t keep to.

How you craft a guarantee when you are offering a service is entirely different compared to when you are selling physical or digital products. Like I said earlier, it depends on what you are writing on.

Maybe in subsequent articles, we will discuss how to write a guarantee for a physical product or service business, and of course, how many days guarantee works better in converting cold traffic to raving customers.

Mind you, it’s not all the SECRETS you need. There are a lot more. And that’s why you need to check out this website for more tips to help you build and grow your business online.

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