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How to Increase Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates

How to dramatically increase your email marketing conversion rates in 5 steps
Email Conversion Rates
How to grow your email list using Constant Contact
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We understand that you have been looking for the best ways to generate more income in your business. You have tried many digital marketing strategies recommended by agencies you respect and came to the conclusion that email marketing is dead.

But can I surprise? The truth is that email marketing is not dead. You just need to have a change of approach. Global email users are estimated to rise to 4.3 billion in 2023 as compared to 3.9 billion that it was in 2019, according to email marketing statistics published by Statista.

How do you get your email marketing strategy right? What can you do to convert cold traffic to hot buyers and loyal customers? And what are the tips needed to increase your email marketing conversion?

You have come to the right place where all your questions will be answered.

You see, marketing must be reckoned with at all times because it is instant and affordable. When it comes to running a successful email marketing campaign, it’s all about open rates, and most importantly, more conversion rates. This is why the average ROI for email marketing has stood at $38 for every $1 invested.

There are tons of autoresponder alternatives you can use in your email marketing campaign.

In this article you will learn the following:

  • What email marketing conversion rate is.
  • Why you need to increase your email marketing conversion rates.
  • Important email marketing statistics you need to know.
  • Unique ways to increase your email marketing conversion rates.
  • Why you need to start using double opt-in today.
  • How to increase your email click-through rates using an image with a hyperlink
  • And our most recommended autoresponder and email copywriting software

What is Email Marketing Conversion Rate?


What is an email marketing conversion rate?

Email marketing conversion rate can be defined as the percentage of subscribers who complete a certain action as desired by the marketer. This desired action includes; making a purchase, clicking on a link, signing for a webinar, or even subscribing to another email list promoted by a solo ad specialist.

The email marketing conversion rate is an important metric for marketers. Business owners using marketing emails, especially e-commerce gurus rely on it to make decisions.

If you are into affiliate marketing business, e-commerce and you are struggling to make sales it is an indication of poor email marketing conversion rates. The only way out is to optimize. This is because the key performance indicator of every e-commerce email campaign is profitability.

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Here are the best ways you can increase the conversion rates of your email marketing:

1. Use Double Opt-In

Do you know that you can boost your email marketing conversion rates when you use the double-opt-in option?

Here is the background: Double Opt-In means that subscribers wouldn’t be added to your email list until they subscribe the second time from the confirmation email sent to them.

This is essential considering that many people are only interested to get the free offer or lead magnet you are offering and not remain in correspondence with you.

In addition to that, it implies that such “unserious subscribers” tend to unsubscribe when you send subsequent emails. That will, in turn, send signals that your mails aren’t acceptable by the readers.

To avoid all that hassles, ensure your opt-in emails have the double opt-in option. It goes the extra mile to ensure that those who subscribed are really interested to be in your email list. A huge email list is useless if they don’t open your emails and even take actions as will be recommended by you from time to time.

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2. Set Up Automated Emails

You don’t always have the time to sit down and write a new mail. That is why you have to consider automated mails.

The idea is simple: you must ensure that the mails are scheduled to be sent out at specific days and times.

With that in place, you can work on other projects while the email service provider will complete the job by sending out the mails. Email marketing software like Constant Contact is the most reliable autoresponder that can take all the stress away from you and make marketing through emails a fun-filled experience.

You can also get this incredible copywriting software that can help you write a high-converting email copy in less than 5 minutes and automatically forward it to your subscribers if you integrated your autoresponder to it.

Besides, automating your emails help you to always remain visible because when you don’t have enough time to write new emails, your email subscribers may begin to forget about you.

3. Link Your Images

You don’t have to always use the traditional internal linking using texts. Rather, break the ice and do something unconventional.

Adding hyperlinks to images is an excellent way of increasing email marketing conversion rates.

The idea is that it is easier for the readers to click on images that link to other supportive content that to click on mere hyperlinks in the body of the mail.

Like we said, this is an unconventional marketing strategy. If you’ve been struggling with increase your click-through rate you can give this email conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy a shot.

4. Learn to Use Behavioral Triggers

How to use behavioral triggers to boost email marketing conversion rates
The brain of your autoresponder

You can segment your email list the more by using behavioral triggers to email marketing conversion rates.

The behavior here means that you are trying to see how to send content to specific email contacts depending on the action they took.

Some of the behavioral triggers you should be targeting are:

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5. Create Mobile-Optimized Mails

You can send email campaigns that convert when you create mobile-optimized emails. The essence of doing this is that about 74% of email list subscribers use mobile devices to open their mails.

Therefore, you have to consider how to create mobile-optimized emails. Some of the unique ways to achieve success at that are:

  • Reduce image size: This helps to reduce the load time of the page/email
  • Use white spaces to make the texts legible
  • Use about 30 characters for the subject line so it can be visible on mobile devices
  • Consider increasing the font size to boost readability
  • The Call-to-Action (CTA) should be bold for easy clicking

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There is no rocket science in increasing your email marketing conversion rates. All you need do is to make conscious efforts to apply the email conversion optimization strategies we have shared.

Have you been recording a great success at your email marketing approaches? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section.


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