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How I Made $500 on Warrior Forum and Quora in a Day – Interview with Igwe Chrisent

How this internet marketer made $500 in a day

It is a pop-pleasing pleasure as well as a privilege to welcome you to today’s entrepreneur interview series on Entrepreneur Business Blog. It’s our goal to continue to feature entrepreneurs who beyond all challenges are making a serious effort to stand out and make an impact. With us today is an internet marketer, a blogger, a motivational speaker and a creative Nigerian entrepreneur, GT Igwe Chrisent. In this interview, he shared with us how he was able to make $500 (that’s N200,000+) on Warrior Forum and Quora in a day, his amazing goals for the next 3 years and the next trend of online businesses entrepreneurs can venture into.

EBB: Can you please introduce yourself to us? Who is GT Igwe Chrisent

IGWE CHRISENT: Waoo! I am Igwe Chrisent Nnamdi, popularly known as GT. GT means “Gudtalent,” a name my friends gave me back then in school which I later adopted and started building myself around it.

I’m from Ebonyi State and I was born on the 14th of June, 1992. I’m a speaker, business and tech writer, blogger, online marketer and Geologist.

In general, I’ve grown to be a very simple and easy-going guy who loves meeting positive friends to share new ideas with. Gymnastics is my favorite sport; playing good music and dancing, watching documentaries, guide videos and live performance videos are things I do for fun. No movies!

EBB: What was growing up like?

IGWE CHRISENT: From all rounds, growing up has been fun for me. Coming from a business family has been the most interesting part of it. I grew up virtually being in the absence and care of my family. Absence in the sense that I  can’t recall spending more than a month with my family after my primary education but have always been in touch and have received the greatest support and care from my lovely mother, Igwe Veronica.

I grew up with wonderful friends. I have been business and enterprise-oriented right from my childhood.

EBB: What would you consider as the biggest challenge in your career and business?

How this internet marketer made $500 in a day
How this internet marketer made $500 in a day

IGWE CHRISENT: Instead of saying challenge, I would rather say challenges, and they are time, motivation and environment. Time runs so fast that I accomplish too little in a whole day.

  • Imagine staying up for over 15 hours at a stretch, working with little to no rest only to find out that I still have more work to do. I thank God Almighty for not allowing my health to fail me even when I have been breaking the rule of not having enough sleep.
  • Also, motivation can sometimes be a big challenge when work gets boring but I still have the responsibility to lead my team as well. Thank God for the gift of a wonderful mentor that I have and I am very lucky she is my mother, next is Christian Chukwuka of Techvaid who gave me just one good reason to create a blog after GT Farms failed, and thereafter I met with Precious Ngwu popularly known as Precious NG who helped me to create my first blog, gtpedia.com.
  • The environment is also a challenge to me in my business, in the sense that many individuals and corporate organizations outside Nigeria turn me down due to my environment. Thank God we have Google that made information dissemination easier.

EBB: How did you go into online business?

IGWE CHRISENT: I went into online business a few months after one of my startups (GT FARMS) failed and I lost virtually 96% of my Capital, leaving GT LABELS with virtually nothing and that led to me to lay off the 3 employees I had them in 2014. Late 2014, a blogger by the name, Christian Chuks of Techvaid (not going to mention other blogs of his) convinced me into starting a blog where I can showcase my multiple talents to the world. I didn’t take it too seriously then until my graphics skills brought me to Precious Ngwu. Having seen my curiosity and passion towards blogging, Precious Ng helped me create gtpedia.com where I published business and entrepreneurial articles as well as rendered business services to people (but that have all changed now).

Gtpedia after almost 1 year, never produced results and that increased the frustration, so I benched the blog and created Techliet which is the second most successful out of 4 blogs in different Niches. Now I’m a full-time blogger/marketer and have started online consultation and mentorship platform (https://www.gudtalent.com/) where I give out free tips on how to build a successful online business while sharing opportunities at Entrepreneur Nigeria.

EBB: What are the major online businesses you consider as the most lucrative for young entrepreneurs hoping to venture into an online business?

IGWE CHRISENT: As an online and web future forecast analyst, below are the trends entrepreneurs can take advantage of if they are considering starting an online business:

  1. Video guide blogs and video service render blogs will make a huge impact
  2. Video marketing and affiliate niche is also a big sale out
  3. Agricultural tools and service business will sell in the future
  4. Quality information and online success blogs won’t be left out, don’t forget that Infopreneur and consultation is a $419 Billion industry, you can see more about it on the 2017 content marketing trend
  5. Before entering News and Entertainment Niche, make sure you have enough financial budget to invest as the competition will never reduce and will keep a frustrating newbie
  6. The demand for SEO, online marketing companies will increase as brands will keep competing for page one rankings
  7. The demand for the services of Freelancers will keep rising as more companies are bringing their business online
  8. E-commerce will continue to sell but will require startups to make huge financial and SEO plans before they can succeed
  9. Errand and logistics companies will emerge to be a success

EBB: You recently made a whopping sum of $500 dollars in a month from Warrior Forum, how did you do it?

IGWE CHRISENT: Sorry, I actually made approximately $500 from Warrior Forum and Quora in just a single day and not in a month. All I did was to provide honest answers to epic questions and recommended the best product that will best solve the problems of these people. How to do all these is what am giving out all for free at GudTalent.

EBB: What do you think makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to make money online? And how can it be corrected?

IGWE CHRISENT: The number one reason why people fail online is laziness. My boss Precious Ngwu works for over 10 hours on screen before he became a billionaire and have never stopped doing that, I spend over 10 -15 hours at a stretch on my computer screen and have made it a daily routine, yet I am not seeing the best even at the moment. It bleeds my mind to see people who barely have time for their online business come on social media to make noise and expect millions to start rolling in. NO WAY! Below are some remedies I recommend:

  1. Give your business full-time attention; that is the only way it will give you maximum earnings.
  2. Focus on building authority in just one particular topic instead of trying to master every online business.
  3. Work more and sleep less, learn more and entertain less, connect with the pros and don’t get distracted by another person’s success.

EBB: What are your goals for the next 3 years?

IGWE CHRISENT: In the next 3 years, my goal is to make my proposed company (GT Group) go public, set standards for entrepreneurs within the age of 15-30 to follow. Of course, make more Billionaire friends that will inspire me into bringing out the best in me when I get to my 30s. Thanks to Niel Patel and Ryan Philips (the United States and the UK respectively) for their selfless help and inspiration so far.

EBB: Got some advice for young people who desire to achieve their level of success?

IGWE CHRISENT: Well, at the moment I won’t say I’m successful because am yet to spend a decade in the game, so I will just say I’m going with the grace and favor from God. So my advice to everyone out there is:

  1. Hold onto God and pay your tithes
  2. Work hard on your own and connect with people who do what you do, that way, you will be motivated when things go wrong
  3. Follow the proven steps and improve on the existing inventions
  4. Think global and big until it scares you and never stops being hungry for more.

EBB: What do you think about us, Entrepreneur Business Blog? Do you have any advice for us?

IGWE CHRISENT: I must say you guys at Entrepreneur Business Blog are doing great and I must say, keep it up. The blog should always endeavor to publish its monthly E-maiden Business and Entrepreneur list and get influencers to be listed here, that way, a time will come when every influencer will want to be listed here and that will eventually make this platform the next Forbes Magazine list.

Thank you.


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  1. Hi Emenike and Igwe,

    Good deal! Keep raking in that sweet chedda 😉 And a geologist? WAY cool. A man of many talents. I am a meteorologist myself, got my degree many years ago but never went into the weatherman field. So much fun, reading and enjoying all of our stories. Thanks for sharing!


  2. HI Emenike Emmanuel,

    Personally I Love Quora Platform. its give more insight for me. and his is a great interview.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is interesting. But Warrior forum now charge money if you want to register.
    Anyway, am really happy for your success. There is money to be made online, you just need the right information and the right knowledge for you not to fail too much.
    You will surely fail, but you will rise up again if you know what you are doing because success road is always on construction.
    I will also advice people who want to make money online to start with affiliate or as a freelancer, this will make them get good result.
    Am happy for you

  4. Mehn, Igwe’s story is really inspiring, i love this multi talent energy and have gone through his Facebook profile, The dude is everywhere and i see he is on the right line….. Thanks for sharing bro


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