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How Can I Get a Virtual Debit Card Instantly in 2024?

Get virtual debit card immediately

Looking to get a virtual debit card instantly for your online payments, subscriptions, and other virtual transactions? You’re in the right place. 

The digital world is revolutionizing how we do things, and the financial sector isn’t left out. In fact, the need for instant and hassle-free financial solutions has never been more crucial. It’s almost impossible to avoid virtual transactions now, as most things we do revolve around the internet. Whether shopping online, booking travel tickets, or subscribing to your favorite channels, you must key in your payment details to have a seamless transaction. 

This article discusses virtual debit cards, and how you can get one instantly for your online transactions.  

What is a Virtual Debit Card?

A virtual debit card is a digital payment processing tool that allows you to purchase things online. It is like the traditional debit card but exists only in digital format. A virtual debit card does everything a traditional debit card can do, except to be used to withdraw cash from a cash point physically.

Virtual debit cards are generated electronically from the provider’s website or mobile app. They contain all the information a traditional debit card contains, such as the cardholder’s name, validity date, card number, card type, CVV number, etc.

Virtual debit cards are generally linked to an underlying account, which provides storage for the funds from which the card expenses are deducted. The most common accounts virtual debit cards are linked to our bank accounts and wallets.

Having a virtual debit card in 2024 is a must, especially if you make payments and subscriptions online.

The Benefits of Having a Virtual Debit Card

The most pronounced benefit of virtual debit cards is their convenience and security. You can create them and begin using them instantly, unlike a physical debit card, which would take more time to be issued and delivered.

Virtual debit cards are digital cards; they are not available in physical forms. That eliminates the limitations common with physical debit cards, such as theft, loss, or damage. You can use them through their validity period without needing to replace them.

Furthermore, virtual debit cards have enhanced security features to protect users from online scams because they’re primarily used online. Some of these features are one-time passwords for online transactions or dynamic CVV codes.

Steps to Getting a Virtual Debit Card Instantly

Here are some steps you must take to get a virtual debit card instantly:

1. Choose a Card Provider

The first step to getting an instant virtual debit card is to choose a reliable card provider. There are many virtual debit card providers, such as traditional banks, digital banks, and online payment platforms. You must do research and make sure you’re choosing a card provider that’s reliable and reputable to avoid being disappointed at critical hours.  

2. Sign Up on the Card Provider’s Website

Once you’ve chosen a reliable virtual card provider, the next step is to visit their website or download their mobile app. Then sign up for an account by providing the required information and verifying your identity. The standard information most card providers require is your name, email address, phone number, means of identification, and even your physical address.

Some card providers will require you to provide a means of verifying your address. That means you must submit a document verifying your stay at your provided address. Bill payment documents are often preferred as a good means of verification.

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3. Check the Funding Options

Before using your virtual card, you need to fund the account associated with the card. Therefore, you must verify the funding options on your chosen card provider’s platform. Some card providers may allow you to link your traditional bank account or credit card to the virtual debit card account, while others might require you to transfer funds to the account directly.

Whichever funding option is available to you, ensure it is convenient for you before you proceed. The next thing to do is fund your account with the required amount for your virtual transactions. Confirm if your card provider charges for card issuance and fund your account with the required amount.

4. Apply for a Virtual Debit Card

Once you’ve set up and funded your account, the next step is to apply for your virtual card. Since your information is already available on the account, all you’ll be required to do here is apply for your preferred card type.

The card is usually available instantly; however, some card providers may take time to verify your application. Verification usually takes a few hours, and your card is available.

5. Customize Your Debit Card

Some card providers allow you to customize your virtual debit card to your taste. The customization ranges from the card design to the card details, such as your name, card number, expiration date, and security code.

6. Receive and Starting Using Your Card

Once the verification is complete and your card is generated, it will be made available to you on the platform and sent to your registered email address.  

Now your card is ready for use. You can use it instantly for online payments, subscriptions, and other transactions that accept credit cards. Fintech companies are already taking the lead in this aspect. Before you start your own fintech company, it will be a great idea to consider how you can incorporate this feature.


Virtual debit cards are valuable tools to add to your financial toolkit, as they come in handy when making important online payments and subscriptions. With a virtual debit card, you’ll not need to carry your physical debit cards around. Hopefully, the steps in this article will help you successfully apply for and get your virtual debit instantly. 

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