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How to Find the Best Coworking Space that Suits Your Business in the United States

How to Find the Best Coworking Space that Suits Your Business USA and London

Finding the best coworking space that perfectly suits your business in the United States can be a little bit exhausting if you are not properly guided.

This is because you will be faced with multiple choices of amazing shared office spaces in almost every city in the US, especially the tech-dominated areas.

To help you identify the coolest coworking spaces in the United States for startup founders who are bootstrapping, we will look at some key factors.

But before then, let’s look at what a coworking space is and what makes the coworking spaces in the United States different from the ones in the UK and Europe entirely.

What Is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space is a type of shared office space that comes as an alternative to conventional, serviced or home offices for independently working individuals or small business owners.

According to some coworking insights and statistics, in 2021, there were about 19,000 coworking spaces around the world. In the United States alone, this equates to 2.5 million square metres. London, which is popularly known as the co-working capital of the world, has 994,000 square metres dedicated to co-working.

About 65% of the people working in coworking spaces around the world are below the age of 40. That goes to show that it’s mainly new startup founders that are using coworking to save costs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Coworking Space that Suits Your Business

1. Location Is an Important Factor When Choosing the Best Coworking Space

The first factor to consider when choosing the right coworking space that suits your business is the location. The choice of coworking location is probably the most important factor.

Most private office spaces in central locations like Capitol Hill in Denver, Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay, etc., always turn out to be in high demand.

When selecting a coworking space, do not prioritize its fancy nature more than you prioritize its nearness to established business hubs. Clients want to be sure the best office space you chose is accessible before visiting.


2. Get an Office Space That Is within Your Budget

Get the best coworking space that is within your budget

What can be more embarrassing like choosing a coworking space that is way above what you can afford to easily renew every month or year?

One of the importance of coworking spaces is to help you start your big dream of a company in the most affordable way ever. Sticking to the budget is always important.

Starting a new business in the US can be more financially demanding if you spend too much on office space. The monthly rent of your coworking space shouldn’t turn out to be a burden.

While working with a budget is a financially savvy decision, ensure you have all the facilities your new startup needs to succeed.

3. How Safe Is the Coworking Space for Your Team?

The crime rate in the United States is becoming increasingly annoying. You will be setting up your startup for failure if you choose a coworking space in an area that is not safe and secure.

If you truly do not want to be sued by your employees or experience low productivity amongst your team members, prioritize their safety. You want to be sure the road leading to the coworking space is void of miscreants.

The busiest and highly booked coworking spaces in London, Ontario, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Zurich and Melbourne always have safety measures in place to ensure the well-being of their users.


4. The Liberty to Scale Your Startup Even When You Are Still Working From a Coworking Space

It’s possible you moved into your coworking space as a startup founder in the United States all alone. You’ve grown your business, generating thousands of dollars in the process. And now, you’ve decided to build a team that is passionate about being a part of a billion-dollar company in the making.

But one question that still stands out is: can your present coworking space or the one you are about to use be able to accommodate more people as your team grows? Can you stick to the shared office space etiquette that requires you to use only your rent space?

If your choice of a coworking space doesn’t fit into your growth plan for this startup in the next three years, you might as well reconsider your options.

The size of your team and the growth plan of your business in the next few years are some of the factors that will determine where your coworking space will be located and for how long you will work there.

5. How Much Do You Have to Spend on Transportation From Your Home to the Office?

How much do you have to spend on transportation from your home to the office

The best coworking space is a far better workplace than working from home. The ability to connect and collaborate on different projects with intellectuals is a huge advantage of shared office space.

Take the intellectual centre at Palo Alto, home of Stanford University. The beauty of working in such an atmosphere becomes nothing if you have to commute for hours to get to work.

Commuting a long distance to work will not only increase your carbon footprint but also increase your mileage. Higher mileage means that you will pay more for your auto insurance.

One of the reasons employees quit their job is because of the time spent on traffic while going to work. It’s possible you’ve experienced that as an employee and wouldn’t want your team to experience the same.


What are the easy ways to choose the best coworking space that suit your business in New York?

  • Pay attention to the locatio
  • Get a coworking space that is within your budget
  • Ensure the coworking space is in a safe environment
  • Find out how easy it will be to increase your staff capacity within the same co-working space
  • Don’t overspend on transportation to work. 

Later, we shall discuss the top coworking companies in the United States, how to compare prices and the not-so-popular coworking reviews. In all, the benefits of coworking space with a gym can’t be overemphasized.

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