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How Your E-Commerce Store Can Leverage High-Converting Video Ads to Grow

E-commerce video ads

Promotional video content performs better than traditional text and write-ups. According to Statista, online video ad spending amounted to 30% of the total ad spend worldwide. It also adds that social-based video marketing concepts, such as influencer marketing and User Generated Content (UGC) thrive the most.

These statistics are pointers as to the efficacy of e-commerce video ads for your business. You can tap into the trend and position your e-commerce store for more sales. In this article, we teach you some of the steps to making this happen.

What Are E-Commerce Videos?

These are dedicated product selling videos created to highlight the salient benefits of the products, as a way of encouraging the target audience to buy.

How to Increase E-Commerce Sales with Video Ads

You can grow your e-commerce store to make more sales when you implement the following video ads strategies:

1. Use the Storytelling Approach

People like to learn new things and telling these in the form of stories make sit awesome. Stories that are relatable tend to convert the most for e-commerce sales.

Here are tips on how to maximize storytelling for your e-commerce brand:

  • Research about some of the topics your target audience likes.
  • Find out the latest trends and create e-commerce videos out of those.
  • Make sure to use the videos to explain how your products can help the audience achieve something realistic.

You may like to watch these Ted Talks that highlight the best brand and corporate storytelling strategies. Model their approach.

2. Use the “Lifestyle-Based” E-Commerce Videos

People tend to believe in something more if it helps them get over something. It also makes sense to show your target audience how your products can make a difference in their lives.

Thus, using the lifestyle-based video marketing strategy works best. Here are ideas on how to make it work for your e-commerce brand:

  • Make videos of other people using the products you want to promote.
  • Show the before and after effects of such products on the users. This makes it more believable for your audience to anticipate a desired result from the product’s usage.

3. Make E-Commerce Demo Videos

Demo videos are designed to help your target audience get a sneak peek into the workings of the product.

A few tips will suffice:

  • Use the demo videos if you are introducing a relatively unknown product into the market.
  • Demo videos also walk the audience through the process of using such products.

4. Create Explainer Videos

Although this seems to share some similarities with demo videos; they are different. Explainer videos refer to the type of e-commerce videos that reveal the ins and outs of the products in view.

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Use relatable words and statements to make the videos.
  • Be honest enough about how the product works.
  • Use the explainer videos to describe both the functionalities and features of the said products.

5. Make Brand Videos

What is the goal and mission of your brand? This should serve as a basis for making another type of e-commerce video – branded videos.

These videos are meant to serve one major purpose – giving your e-commerce brand the needed exposure.

The best brand videos have one or more of the following attributes:

  • These videos should communicate the value and mission of your e-commerce brand.
  • Use branded videos to explain how your e-commerce store is committed to offering better products to the audience.

6. Create Tutorials

Despite the level of exposure your target audience has, it needs to be led by the hand sometimes. This is the essence of creating tutorial-based e-commerce videos.

As the name suggests, these videos are optimized to be a medium of “teaching” or “impacting” your audience with the right information.

Here are some of the best ways to maximize tutorials to create the best e-commerce product videos:

  • Show how to use the product.
  • Reveal some of the best ways to use the product to achieve specific goals or outcomes.

7. Make More “Case Study” Videos

Case studies, by default, are made to show existing or prevailing problems and the steps taken to solve these.

You can do something similar with your e-commerce video ads – making product videos that show how customers benefited from using the product.

The best case study videos for e-commerce ads have the following attributes:

  • It shows the previous challenges or problems your customers have.
  • It showcases the e-commerce success stories from the customers who have used the products.
  • You may also want to reveal the exact steps used by the customers to get the results with the product.

8. Use Testimonial-Based E-Commerce Videos

This is not to be confused to be the same as case study videos. As much as they have to do with the customers or users, their scope varies. While the case study videos show the before and after effects from your brand’s perspective, the testimonial-based videos come directly from the customers.

The goal of testimonial videos is to get the customers or existing product users to give honest feedback on their experience with the product.

For the best results, these videos should include the following elements:

  • Prioritize videos from satisfied customers.
  • These videos ought to be short and sweet. The important pieces of information should be communicated in a few seconds.
  • The videos should be spontaneous and honest.

General Ideas for E-Commerce Video Ads

Irrespective of the type of approach you want to use for the videos, certain guidelines will suffice. Here are some of the general rules to follow for the best results:

Platform Optimization

E-Commerce videos that do well on Facebook might not gain traction on Twitter or TikTok. Understand the quality and interest of your target audience on each platform, as that guides you to make the right videos.

Video Length

The length or duration of the video is also important. Depending on where you want to share them, shorter videos are ideal for Instagram and Twitter.


Make Laser-Targeted Videos

Do not make e-commerce videos because of the fun of it. Each of your videos should be focused on or primed for specific reasons.

These are some ideas on how to make that work:

  • Have specific goals for the videos you make.
  • Identify the target audience’s pain points and highlight how the product addresses those.
  • It is also important to factor-in the customers’ journey through the conversion funnel when making the videos.


Making and using the right video ads can help your e-commerce store build trust with the target audience. When the KLT factor has been satisfied, making sales become easier. Implement some of the tips in this article and see how they can help your e-commerce brand make more sales.

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