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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Online Course

Drive More Traffic to Your Online Course

One of the most amazing ways to make money online while enjoying a lifestyle of freedom is to create an online course. But what’s the gain of creating a digital product that works yet nobody knows about?

There is nothing as sweet as having steady and consistent traffic to your online course that can even run on autopilot while you are offline.

Automating your traffic generation gives you the freedom to take some time off your business and still be making money online.

Owing to the high rate of competition to get people’s attention on social media and other digital platforms, it’s becoming uneasy and expensive to drive quality traffic to an offer.

However, in this blog post, I’m going to be sharing seven (7) killer strategies you can use to get more traffic to your online course. 

These traffic generation techniques which most e-commerce experts also use are tested and proven and they can help you get more students to enroll in your online learning platform.

Here are some of the marketing tips and strategies you can use to increase website traffic to your online course (business):

1. How to Use Vblogging to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Online Course

Making videos and editing them is not really an easy thing to do. However, as long as you create a vlog and update it with relevant videos, your prospects find them helpful. 

When you do this consistently, it will go a long way to help you increase your website visitors on autopilot. 


Let’s say you are into graphic design and there are basically 4 steps to get a design project completed. 

For example; an A, B, C, and D steps. 

You can create videos on how to find the writing tools to execute step A. And then, you can also proceed to share how to achieve step A too. 

In order for you to effectively use your vblog to drive more traffic to your online course, ensure that you always recommend your advanced program after giving out some helpful tips by putting a link to your sales page in the video description.

Doing this gives those interested to learn more about how to master graphic design skills the opportunity to see your online course.

2. How to Use a Blog to Drive Steady Traffic to Your Online Course

Starting a niche-focused blog is another smart way of not just getting more traffic to your online course but also a way to build your brand authority too in your niche. 

Online marketers with a reputable blog are usually respected. A typical example is the founder of this Entrepreneur Business Blog, Emenike Emmanuel. He’s one of the most respected online marketers in Nigeria because he leveraged his blog growth to sell his online courses and gain recognition even at the international level.

Because of the “Halo Effect,” that comes with having a respected platform, this consumer bias makes people respect everything else that has your endorsement – including your online course being promoted with your blog.

How do you start a blog? All you need to do is to secure your domain name from Namecheap, get your web hosting from Siteground and integrate both of them. 

You can take it a step further by enrolling in our Blogging Business Masterclass where you will learn how to create a blog from scratch, generate massive traffic and make money blogging.

You don’t have to spend years or even months before you can start using your blog to sell your online course, all you need to do is to just write an education-based marketing content on a relevant topic on your blog and use inbound links to direct them to the sales page of your online course.

A typical example when we create an article on profitable online businesses to start in less than 6 weeks and on each of the online business ideas, we will link them to our respective digital products.

3. How Guest Posting on Authority Sites Can Help You Drive Quality Traffic to Your Online Course

This is similar to influencer marketing but with a twist. 

What we mean in essence is that it’s about leveraging another authority blog’s reputation to increase your own perceived value before your audience.

It’s all about creating high-quality content on another blog that is more popular than yours and linking back to your lead generation page.

To get as many authority blogs as possible to guest post in, all you need is to master how to pitch your guest post to popular bloggers and blogs in your niche. If need be, you can negotiate how much they will take for allowing you to post on their blog.

In the course of educating their audience, you can use a content marketing strategy to subtly pitch your product in the article. 

Don’t forget to add a backlink to the sales page where you are promoting your online course so that you can be driving massive traffic to it. 

PRO TIP: Collaborate with a blogger that gets a high traffic volume on his site.

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4. Do Facebook Live Videos to Increase the Website Traffic of Your Online Course

Consistently going live on Facebook to educate your audience on a specific subject can help you sell as many spots of your online course as possible.

If you don’t know, be reminded today that Facebook algorithms always tend to favour live videos more than any other type of content.

The reach when you go live on Facebook is often higher than manually uploaded videos (even though video content too, performs better than the usual text-based content). 

When you go live on Facebook to discuss a couple of topics related to your online course, you can put the link to the sales page of your online course in the video description and as a pinned comment, and encourage your viewers to check it out.

As you continue to do this over and over again, you will continue to drive more traffic to your online course.

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5. Leverage Forums to Generate Traffic to Your Digital Course

A lot of people only use forums like Quora to ask questions bothering them but most of the responses are not comprehensive and easy to understand due to lots of badly-typed answers and typos. 

This is why you need to hone your content marketing skill because you can literally have tons of people sending messages, asking you for “further help” if you know how to inject attraction marketing strategies in your answers that will spark up a conversation. 

When they finally check you out privately, you can send them a link to a freebie or trip-wire offer that will take them slowly through your sales funnel.

Another way you can do this is to write relevant posts on a forum like Medium and send them back to your sales page to buy your stuff (in case they need more knowledge). 

Publishing your article on Medium is free but it will only generate massive traffic if your content is valuable and well-optimized for search engines. You may need to check out how SEO and content marketing goes hand-in-hand.

6. Build an Email List for Your Online Course

The importance of building your own email list cannot be overemphasized whether you are selling an online course, you are promoting an affiliate product or you are just trying to bring your existing offline business online.

Earlier, we talked about how to grow your business using email marketing, how to increase your email marketing conversion rates and how to dramatically increase your email list without necessarily out-spending your competitors.

But today, we will focus on how to use your email list to drive massive traffic to your online course and close more sales via emails.

Please understand that the email list is not the only type of list you can use to send high-quality website traffic of your digital course. 

If you are on a shoestring budget and you really want to build a list that can help you reach your target audience directly, you can build a WhatsApp List, Telegram Group, Chatbot list, or a Facebook group.

The goal of any list you are building is to find a way to get people into your funnel so you can easily remind them of your current offer and other offers you will be promoting in the future without spending an extra dollar to acquire the lead.

What happens when you grow your email list while trying to sell your online course is that you can even upsell your subscribers other related products that will help you increase your bottom-line.

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7. How to Use Paid Advertising to Drive High-quality Traffic to Your Online Business

All the aforementioned strategies to driving massive to an online course are very helpful, especially if you are good at search engine optimization.

However, if you want to cut to the chase and get ahead of the competition in a matter of days, then running paid advertising is a no-brainer. 

It doesn’t matter what platform you are using to run it, you are likely going to get a better result than your competitor who’s waiting for their article to be indexed by Google before they go into competition with authority brands that has been in the business of blogging and content marketing long before they even learned how to operate a computer. 

But then, the cheapest platforms where you can also get the most traffic are platforms like, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Google and Twitter too.

Because paid advertising tends to work faster doesn’t mean that you should ignore paid advertising. The likes of Neil Patel, Larry Kim, Shane Barker, AuthorityHackers, etc., use both the organic marketing (search engine optimization) and paid advertising to drive traffic to their online courses, and so should you.

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Do not get involved in this mistake people make when selling their online course by relying on just one platform and paid advertising channel only. Using one platform and advertising channel can bring your online business to a halt if something goes wrong.

If you need professional guidance on how to implement these marketing strategies and more, you can send us now an email to [email protected].

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