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How Do You Become a Call Center Manager?

Become a successful call center manager

While a degree in management might be important to become a successful call center manager, you will need much more than that. One without a college degree who possesses the right mix of skills can still perform excellently well as a call center representative. From 18 years and above, you can secure a job at a call center.

Discover how to become a call center manager with ease.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of Call Center Managers?

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Firstly, we need to establish the fact that the ultimate responsibility of a call center manager depends on the type involved. Why does your business need a call center? For clarity’s sake, there are two types of call centers and their managerial roles differ.

  • Inbound centers – receive calls and emails from customers and clients, e.g. queries, requests, product support, orders, and complaints
  • Outbound centers – contact potential customers and clients with the aim of gathering information or selling a product.

Below are the responsibilities you will face when you become a call center manager:

  • manage the daily running of the call center, including sourcing equipment, effective resource planning, and applying call center strategies and operations
  • undertake needs assessments, performance reviews, and cost/benefit analyses
  • set/meet performance targets for speed, efficiency, sales, and quality
  • ensure all relevant communications and data are updated and recorded
  • advise clients on products and services available
  • liaise with supervisors, team leaders, operatives, and third parties to gather information and resolve issues
  • maintain up-to-date knowledge of industry developments and involvement in networks
  • monitor random calls to improve quality, minimize errors, and track operative performance
  • coordinate staff recruitment, write job adverts, and liaise with HR staff
  • review the performance of staff, identify training needs, and plan training sessions
  • record statistics, user rates, and the performance levels of the center
  • prepare reports on these statistics, rates, and performance levels
  • handle the most complex customer complaints or inquiries
  • organize shift patterns and the number of staff required to meet demand
  • coach, motivate, and retain staff
  • coordinate bonus, reward, and incentive schemes
  • forecast and analyze data against budget figures on a weekly and/or monthly basis.

The Various Types of Call Centers

There are basically two types of call centers. These two types of call centers used by big brands are in-house or outsourced call centers. 

Businesses use internal or contract call centers based on their needs, budget, and size of the company. If a company needs a lot of customer support, it might resort to using an internal call center. The company’s employees who do the work of answering the phone can be allowed to work remotely from different time zones. 

When you choose to have remote in-house call center managers, you will not only pay their salaries but also purchase and maintain all equipment and pay for telephone services.

Other companies that cannot afford to open, staff, and manage a call center have turned to outsourced services. If you choose this option, you will have less control over the center but you will pay less overall for this type of customer service or sales force.

Call centers are also classified according to their activity. Some call centers are inbound and answer customer calls about purchased products, including technical support questions. Others are outbound call centers that call consumers or members of the public, typically for sales, fundraising, or survey purposes.


What Skills Do You Need to Be a Call Center Manager?

Call center manager skills

There are key soft and hard skills required to discharge your duty efficiently as a successful call center manager. Knowing these call center skills and deploying them will not only make you a highly sought-after person but also help your company to grow.

1. Customer Service

Statistics show that 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company. What’s the implication for your business? If the business isn’t growing, chances are the unit of the company responsible for handling customer service isn’t doing its job well. If you want to become a successful call center manager, you must take customer service seriously.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize and regulate emotions. What role does emotional intelligence play in boosting the effectiveness of a telemarketer? It helps in boosting a positive culture in the workplace which will translate to a great customer experience. You have no need to take the job of a call center representative if you lack emotional intelligence.

3. Excellent Communication Skills

How quickly can you communicate the vision and goals of the company you are working with? The faster, the better your communication skills. It was G. Riley Mills, author of The Bullseye Principle who said that “The ability to communicate with clarity and purpose is the key to personal and professional success.” And I quite agree with him 100%.

To become a better call center manager, you need excellent communication skills and must have the ability to solve problems fast.

How to Prepare for a Call Center Manager Interview?

The best way to prepare for any job interview is to first and foremost understand the company you want to work for. Who is their target audience? What industry are they playing in? Who are their biggest competitors? Armed with these answers, then you can narrow it down to the job itself.

The hiring process won’t yield the right result if you fail to interview candidates so as to screen out unwanted applicants. No company can get a good call center manager if they do not interview you to be sure you possess the skills you claim you have.

To prepare for the job interview of a call center manager, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How did you handle the time you miscommunicated your visions to other employees under you or the features of the products to the customers? Your response here will prove if you actually have the excellent communication skills you claim you have.
  • What was your response when a customer repeatedly told you, “I will get back to you” but never did, yet they still want to hear from you? The way you respond here will tell your level of emotional intelligence.
  • Describe a time when you successfully navigated a disagreement with a coworker. 

These call center job interview questions and more will determine if you can become a trusted manager or not. 

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