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How Do I Get Thousands of Legit Backlinks?

How to get thousands of high quality backlinks to a new website

I know that feeling when you open web content, and you see thousands of backlinks on it. Then you start wondering, “How do I get thousands of legit backlinks on my new site with no money?”

Getting lots of legit backlinks to your site might seem like an unrealistic dream at first. But believe me, it is very much achievable.

To get lots of backlinks on your site, you have to create valuable content that others would want their readers to see. And you can do this by following these steps:

1. Write Skyscraper Content

Skyscraper content is high-ranking content with lots of quality backlinks. To get thousands of backlinks by writing skyscraper content, you have to study skyscraper content first. Figure out why everyone is linking to it.

Do in-depth research, then sit down and write better content than that one. You can do this by giving in-depth explanations of important information the skyscraper content barely mentioned. Research on the accuracy of the entire information revealed in the content. Update the ones that need to be updated and work on the ones that don’t seem genuine.

Overall, your content should be far richer, more in-depth and more resourceful than the skyscraper content you’re improving.

When that is done, reach out to all the relevant sources linking to that content and ask them to link to your content instead. Believe me, provided your content is far more valuable, thousands of them would gladly send backlinks to you. Here are two great examples of skyscraper content on our blog: how to start your own dropshipping business as a newbie and how to write a small business blog.

2. Be an Information Hub

In this case, you have to be the go-to resource for important information in your niche or industry. To pull this through, you have to find out the numerous questions people are asking in your niche and provide answers to them.

You can do this by conducting surveys, interviewing authority figures, or doing anything that makes you the major carrier of the detailed answers they seek.

3. Create Content to Fix Broken Links

You can search for broken links in authority websites, write unique and valuable content that matches them and reach out to the link owners.

Broken links are backlinks to web pages that are no longer existing. They are bad news to bloggers. So once you discover a broken link and write content that fits it perfectly, the link owner would be grateful to link to your content.

4. Guest Blogging

Another way to get thousands of legit backlinks to your site is to engage in guest blogging. Guest blogging means writing articles for other websites

When you do this, you can use that opportunity to link back to some content on your website. If you intend to use guest blogging to build thousands of legit backlinks, avoid these guest posting mistakes.


What is Backlink Building?

What is backlink building

Backlink building is the act of obtaining backlinks from other websites to yours.

There are several ways to do this. You can consistently write quality content and expect that others would make references to your site. Or manually request backlinks from these other site owners.

However, editorial backlinks from authority websites can only be earned, you can’t get them by asking.

How Do I Get .edu Backlinks?

To get .edu backlinks, you have to find ways to get featured on educational websites.

Edu backlinks are links from the official website of educational institutions like colleges and universities. They are perfect for your site’s ranking on search engines because educational websites have a high level of authority.

So, to get backlinks from them, you can do any of the following:

  • Interview a Faculty Member
  • Run Student Promos
  • Offer internship or job opportunities
  • Donate something to the school
  • Offer scholarships to students

Doing any of the things listed above would get you featured on the school website, and you know what that means? Transfer of domain authority, massive traffic to your site, improved search engine ranking, etc.

You can as well publish an article titled, “The best universities to get an online degree.” Doing this can increase your chances of getting .edu backlinks to your new website without spending any money.

How Do I Get .gov Backlinks?

Getting featured on government websites is the only way you can get .gov backlinks. This is because only government agencies or departments have the right to own .gov websites.

Backlinks from government agencies are the most sought-after backlinks by website owners.  And the reason isn’t far-fetched. They transfer a lot of authority to your website and give you an unimaginable amount of traffic.

To get backlinks from .gov domains, you can use any of these strategies:

  • Strike a partnership with a government agency
  • Search for broken links on .gov websites and write articles to fix them.
  • Write about a government agency or top personnel
  • Praise the good works of the government
  • Guest post on a government website.

Why Backlink Purchases Won’t Make a Difference If They Come From Low-Quality Sources

It is not enough to know that search engines frown at the act of purchasing backlinks. You should also know that purchasing backlinks from low-quality sources makes no difference to your site.

Low-quality sources are websites with low domain authority and are in no way relevant to your site. That means their content are completely outside what you discuss in yours. And to think they are low-quality. There’s no degree of SEO strategy that will work if you build thousands of backlinks from low-quality sites.

Backlinks from such websites do not add anything to your site. Instead, they negatively affect your ranking on search engines. Imagine purchasing a backlink that reverses the growth of your site instead of improving it.

Even if you’re to purchase backlinks, they should be from high-quality sources. By that, you know you’re paying for something that leaves a positive impact on your blog.  

How to Find Opportunities for Link-Building

How to find opportunities for link building

In getting quality backlinks to your site, you either earn them naturally or you find strategic ways to build them.

To earn backlinks, you only have to publish high-value content on your blog and do nothing else. People who find your content relevant would naturally link to them to give their readers more in-depth explanations.

However, to strategically build backlinks on your website, you have to look out for link-building opportunities like these:

Brand Mentions

An authority website in your niche could mention your brand in a post without linking your website to it. This is an awesome opportunity for you to reach out and ask to be linked. Since they’ve already given you a shout, it won’t be a big deal to actually link back to your site.

How do you increase your online brand mentions? To increase your online brand mentions and by so doing attract a couple of backlinks to your new website, do any of these three things: build your personal brand, grow your social media followership and speak at industry events.

You Can Earn Thousands of Backlinks Through Broken Links

This is a piece of common but powerful knowledge in link building. Most authority websites in your niche might have broken links they do not know about.

You can find them, write valuable contents that match the anchor texts and reach out to the site manager.  Many of them will be glad to link to your blog post if you help them find broken links on their website. They know how harmful broken links can be to their website growth.

Having multiple broken links will increase your bounce rate, worsen your user experience and reduce your ranking on search engines.

How do you find and fix broken links on your website? It’s pretty simple. Log into your Google Analytics account and click on the Behavior tab. Then select “Site Content” and then “All Pages.” Proceed to choose a period under review. Change it from the default page to “Page Title” and click on advanced and select 404 page then click on apply. It will instantly show you all the broken links.

The method for finding broken links on other people’s websites is entirely different.

Question and Answer (Q&A) Websites

Q&A Websites provide awesome link-building opportunities. You can leverage them by providing useful answers to questions people are asking on the sites. While you’re at it, you can strategically add links to your website.

What are the top question and answer websites you can create high-quality backlinks from? The top two Q&A platforms for getting thousands of backlinks for your new website are Quora and Reddit. The only rule you must adhere to is never to abuse it.

You can also build backlinks to your new website by publishing articles on Medium.com and linking back to your website. If your article goes viral on Medium, you will get a sizable volume of page views from there. This is a smart way to drive steady traffic to your online course at no extra cost.

You Can Get Backlinks Using the Infographics on Your Site

People could use infographics from your blog on their own website without giving you credit. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to reach out to them and ask that your site be linked to the infographic.

You might be wondering how you’d find out they used your infographic. It’s simple. Run an image search on Google with the infographic, and you’d see all the websites that have made use of it.

They risk facing a Google penalty if you report them for copyright violation when they refuse to give you a backlink. Here’s a guide on how to report any website for plagiarism and literally force them to link back to you.

How Do I Automate Link Building Plans?

To automate your link-building plan, you have to get tools that do the entire link-building process for you. Call them, the ultimate SEO link-building tools. From searching for link-building opportunities on the internet to submitting your links to different platforms.

There are tools designed to submit your site to website directories and submit comments to thousands of blogs with your site link.

However, these activities might be detrimental to your website. In fact, automating your link-building process isn’t a healthy SEO strategy.

What should you not do in link building? Do not buy links. Avoid exchanging links. Do not create backlinks from low-quality and unrelated websites. And stop using SEO automation tools to build backlinks because it can be very harmful to your website.

Creative Link Building Strategies that Work

Creative link building strategies that work for attracting thousands of backlinks

Being creative in your link-building strategy will earn you lots of legit backlinks. This means, adding to the common link-building strategies, you have other creative less-known strategies for getting backlinks. Here are a few of them:

Engage in Interviews

Interviewing experts in your niche is one effective way of getting backlinks to your site. You can interview a couple of experts on a certain topic and summarize their opinions on a post.  Most of them, if not all, would love to make a post about it on their websites. When they do this, normally they would link to your website, and a link from each of them could do you a lot of good.   

Appeal to People’s Egos

Everybody loves to appear at the top of a tier list. When you write content, rank individuals or institutions based on their level of expertise, performance or any other metrics. It is natural for those featured to have an ego boost.

They’d want to talk about the ranking on their websites, and in so doing link to your site. That’s a strategic way of getting backlinks from authority websites.

Imagine writing an article that says, “Top 10 SEO brands you should study and emulate.”  The brands mentioned would be glad to give you a shout. 

Create Valuable Infographics

Create infographics that everyone in your industry would find valuable. Once it is valuable to them, they would love to write content around it. And when they do, with the image search strategy mentioned above, you could reach out to them and ask them to link to your site.

Offer Scholarships

This is a very creative way to get backlinks from .edu domains. Create a scholarship offer or reach out to someone who has the capacity. Then talk about it on your site and provide the guidelines for applications.

Schools whose students are eligible to apply would want to refer their students to your site. And by doing so, you earn lots of quality backlinks.


What Link-Building Methods Would You Recommend for a Website Focused on Pet Care Products?

Pet care product link building strategies

If you deal in Pet Care products, the normal link-building methods other niches use applies to you too.

However, you might want to pay special attention to earning backlinks from top brands in your niche. Focus more on writing quality content about pet care products and pets generally. With time, your brand will get the visibility it deserves.

To ensure you sustain your SEO growth, we highly recommend you focus more on white hat link building strategies. The key advantage of white hat link building for a pet care product website is that it helps you to grow your traffic and audience in a natural and organic way.

How to Get Backlinks from YouTube Effortlessly

The easiest way to get backlinks from YouTube is to create a channel and deliver quality video content. To promote your videos and rank them organically, follow these YouTube SEO tips.

Write articles on the same topics and publish them on your site. When uploading the videos on your YouTube channel, you can attach the links to the contents on your site as descriptions of the videos. With that, you will get backlinks from YouTube. In our previous article, we outlined the best YouTube video ideas that will generate more views for you and help you earn more money vblogging.

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