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How to Create a Robust Internal Cyber Security Policy in the UK

How experts create a robust internal cyber security policy in the UK

What do you need to put in place when developing the cyber security policy for your new company?

Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. It seems like every day there’s some new story about the latest hack and the implications it might have for your company

It can be hard to keep up with all of this information, but it’s critical that you do so because cyber security breaches can cost you dearly in time, money, and reputation.

Simply telling your employees what they need to do isn’t enough. To prevent security problems, you’ll want to establish clear standards in the form of a cybersecurity policy that explains what they should do and how serious penalties will be incurred if they fail to follow recommended procedures.

In order to protect your company, it’s important to have a solid cyber security policy in place that includes all the necessary steps for your employees to follow. This blog post will discuss all the fundamental points every cybersecurity policy needs to include.


The Importance of Having a Cyber Security Policy

It is important for companies to have a cyber security policy in place so if an attack occurs, companies are able to assess the damage, minimise it, and prevent future occurrences. A company’s online presence is not only essential to its success but can also lead to its downfall if not properly protected against cyber attacks.

A cyber security policy sets the standard practices all stakeholders in the company should follow. A strong internet security policy will include steps for employees on how they can protect themselves online as well as what they should do if they suspect that their account has been compromised. If a company lacks a cybersecurity policy, there are no established rules for employees to follow, raising the possibility of security breaches and sensitive data being stolen or lost.

How to Create a Top-notch Cyber Security Policy

When creating a cyber security policy in the UK, it is important to consider all the stakeholders in the company. The policy should outline basic cyber safety practices as well as information on dealing with threats specific to your company that employees will have to manage on a regular basis

The final step is to implement the policy and educate employees on it. Training is key to ensuring that employees are aware of the cyber security policy and know how to use it.

What Should Be Included in the Policy

What do experts include in their cyber security policy

Each company’s cyber security policy may be slightly different in terms of the security measures they put in.  The following points are a list of criteria every cyber security policy should include:

Roles and Responsibilities

When it comes to cybersecurity, everyone in the company needs to be on board with the policy and understand their role in keeping the company’s data safe. The policy should designate specific roles and responsibilities for managing security both online and offline and whose duty it is to implement and enforce the cybersecurity policy.

Security Measures

A good cyber security policy should include a range of security measures that employees can follow to protect themselves and the company’s data. Some of these measures may include

  • Using strong passwords and changing them regularly
  • Installing anti-virus software and keeping it up to date
  • Being vigilant when opening emails and attachments, even if they appear to be from known senders
  • Restricting access to company data to only those who need it
  • Regularly scanning for malware and viruses

Disciplinary Process

This is an important part of the policy because if a company does not adhere to its own policies, it can result in many potential issues for the company. The policy should outline the disciplinary process for employees who do not follow the cybersecurity protocol. This step is to ensure that everyone takes data privacy seriously and knows what will happen if they fail to do so.


In some cases, however, it is not always the employees’ fault that they made a mistake but a reflection of an under-informed cyber security policy or poor training structure. When errors continue to occur, it might be time to reconsider your security policy, ensuring that it includes thorough information on security procedures and ensuring that all of the employees are being given a high level of cyber awareness training.

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