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How Can You Attract Specific Demographics to Your Small Business?

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With some many small businesses competing for consumers, it can sometimes be a good idea to narrow your focus and know your audience.

Whilst positioning yourself as a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ business can work in some circumstances, you’ll often reap more rewards if you’re willing to instead engineer your business practices towards those that will actually appreciate your business.

We’ve singled out two very different demographics and will underline a few of the areas in which you should be focusing if you want to draw them in and turn them into repeat customers.


Generally referring to anyone born between 1980 and the year 2000, millennials make up a large percentage of your potential customer base.

It’s also been estimated that only 15% of small businesses actively market towards millennials, so there’s a gap in the market here that you could quite comfortably be filling.

How to Effectively Fill in the Gap and Market to Millennials

Social Media – Many millennials spend their lives completely absorbed by social media, so if your business doesn’t have an absorbing social media presence, you probably won’t get through to them.

Make sure you post often on all major platforms and interact with influencers who operate in your sector, as they will draw in their own followers to your business.

Going Green – Millennials are far more socially conscious than most other demographics and you can certainly turn this to your advantage, particularly if your business is environmentally friendly by design.

Start small. If you run a restaurant, for example, consider signing up with the First Mile recycling service or making a point of using locally-sourced, vegan and gluten-free produce.

Discounts – A generation mired in mountains of student debt will appreciate any discount they can get their hands on.

If you want to attract a millennial customer, the price is generally going to be more important than any other factor. Try offering discounts on social media or via a bespoke app to really speak their language.


Family custom is excellent for business and can represent customers for life if you play your cards right. Kids of today will later become the parents of tomorrow.

Make your business feel like a family tradition and you could be serving them for years and even decades to come.

Dog Lovers – Families will often go out with a canine companion and will feel ostracised from your business if you don’t make it clear that you are ‘dog-friendly’.

This is particularly true if you’re running a small café or pub where dogs are often welcomed with open arms.

Kids Corner – Keeping the kids entertained can be a full-time job for parents, so if your business makes a concerted effort to draw their focus for a while so mum and dad can get on with spending the money, you’ll make fans for life.

Obviously, this will depend on the business (a toy store, for example, if kid-friendly by default), but try to get creative.

Discounts – Millennials might like a discount, but families LOVE a discount. Kids eat free, free entry for babies, back-to-school sales and more are all options to consider to court frugal families.


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