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How to Boost Your Shopify Clothing Store Sales in 5 Ways Like a Pro

Boost Shopify clothing store sales

Would you like to learn how best to boost your Shopify clothing store sales this Black Friday like a pro? Are you looking for the most guaranteed promo ideas that will drive massive traffic to your online store?

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are the best time of the year to make massive sales in your business. This is because most Americans are in a buying mood. People are on the lookout for gift ideas to show appreciation to their loved ones.

According to the online retail statistics published by Sales Cycle, American consumers spent $8.9 billion online during Black Friday of 2021. In 2020, the Black Friday sales figure rose to $9 billion, the highest ever.

In this blog post, you will learn the top 5 strategic ways to increase your Shopify clothing store sales like an e-commerce expert. Let’s get into it.

1. Get creative with your promo gift ideas

Your ability to come up a more creative promo gift ideas will determine how many products you are likely to sell. This is because potential consumers always do their research across different Shopify stores before making their purchases. You have to organize the best gifts for different categories of buyers in the most appealing ways.

You can decide to classify them into the following categories: kids, dads, corporate, mothers, gentlemen, and ladies. An alternative way to get creative with your promo gift ideas in your Shopify clothing store is to have a category for sports, games, and fitness.

The more creative your sales strategies are, the easier it will be for them to make a purchase decision.

2. Develop a proven customer retention strategy

You can easily boost the sales of your Shopify clothing store if you understand how to retain your existing customers. According to Survey Sparrow, an omnichannel experience management platform, the average customer retention rate for most industries is 20%. That goes to show that most business owners are yet to master what it takes to retain their existing customers.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 70% higher compared to selling to a new prospect. Beyond being more cost-effective, selling to your existing customers will help you boost your e-commerce sales. The value of online customer loyalty is so clear that simply increasing your retention by 5% can boost your business profits by 75%. This report is from Bain & Company, INC.


3. Create an outstanding sales page for your Shopify products

Displaying products on your Shopify stores alone may not give you the kind of result you are looking for. To boost the sales of your Shopify clothing store, consider building a sales page for each product.

Each sales page is dedicated to each product you are selling. Doing this helps you write a high-converting sales copy that will persuade web visitors to take action immediately. If you decide to run a pay-per-click campaign, it becomes easier to keep prospects glued to your product features and benefits without distractions.

You do not need to hire a programmer to build a sales page for you. You can get any of the responsive page builders with drag-and-drop templates to build a landing page for your store.

Having an outstanding landing page has helped Justin Phillips grow a Shopify business that generates $1 million a month selling hoodies. The same applies to Mapes who he and his co-founder took their apparel business from $3,000 to $4 million.

4. Start using a reliable email marketing software

Start using a reliable email marketing software

Email marketing is a permission-based marketing strategy that plays a key role in helping e-commerce professionals reach their customers. The ability to personalize emails and as well reach customers one-on-one makes email marketing a friendly strategy.

Going by how easy it is to integrate email marketing software into an online store and the ROI, it’s unarguably one of the most cost-effective ways to boost Shopify clothing sales. To get the best results, experts highly recommend you integrate your Shopify store with a reliable email marketing platform like Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s Shopify integration has a unique feature that makes it easy for you to automatically follow up with your Shopify customers through emails. No matter where your customers are in their purchase journey, there’s always an email that will help you re-engage them. A typical example is the automatic abandoned cart email that helps you follow up to find out what the problem is when customers abandon the cart.

Chances are the web server went down and people couldn’t check out. This can be avoided by using a web hosting platform like HostGator. Having trustworthy email marketing software like Constant Contact will help you follow up to bring the customers back. You can offer them another means of payment, an extra bonus, free shipping, etc., just to ensure the customer converts.

5. Start using a cross-selling strategy to boost your Shopify clothing store sales

How does cross-selling work? Cross-selling is a strategy that involves selling related, supplementary products or services based on the customer’s interest in, or purchase of, one of your company’s products. Through a single product, an e-commerce expert who has mastered cross-selling can increase their revenue with ease.

Not only does cross-selling help in increasing customer loyalty it also helps in boosting the customers’ lifetime value and retention rate.

How can you practically implement cross-selling in your Shopify clothing store to boost sales? To get more customers buying online using your cross-selling strategy here are three things you can do:

  • Offer your customers an extended warranty
  • Recommend another product that works well with the purchased item
  • Start using a trusted e-commerce automation tool

By auditing customer data to find patterns and behaviors, you can easily identify cross-selling opportunities. An example of cross-selling in the fashion market can be offering a bangle to a customer that just purchased a wristwatch.


Promote your Shopify clothing store to boost sales

All e-commerce experts are known for one thing – they know how to drive massive traffic to their Shopify store. They utilize both organic and paid. E-commerce SEO can help you rank for keywords that your ideal customers are searching for online.

You can 3X your sales of the entire year this Black Friday if you take the time to prepare your campaigns. As you prepare for the Black Friday promo, I would advise you to pay attention to the sales and marketing strategies that worked and those that didn’t work. Fine-tune the ones that worked and repeat them again during the Christmas sales and New Year promos.

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