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How to Boost Your E-commerce Revenue with PPC Marketing

How to Boost Your E-commerce Revenue with PPC Marketing

How can one boost their e-commerce revenue using PPC advertising and by doing so protect their business? What is PPC marketing? And why is retargeting in advertising an essential part of running a predictable marketing campaign?

With 2.14 billion people estimated to buy things on the internet in 2021 across the globe, e-commerce experts are on the lookout for how they can profitably maximize various PPC advertising channels to boost their e-commerce revenue.

According to Neil Patel, the three primary reasons why top e-commerce store owners are turning to pay-per-click advertising include but not limited to predictability, scalability and its ability to deliver a faster result compared to inbound marketing.

This massive migration to the use of PPC marketing in the e-commerce sector is a plus to digital marketing agencies. Freelance copywriting agencies are not left behind. 

If you are considering starting a profitable e-commerce store in the future, you can start today by first setting up a freelance copywriting agency targeting North Americans. This will help raise enough capital and as well understand the business terrain before launching out.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC is a model of internet marketing used by e-commerce vendors where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. In pay-per-click marketing, advertisers don’t pay until their ad is clicked.

Search engine advertising is the most popular form of pay-per-click. If you are serious about boosting your e-commerce revenue using paid advertising, then PPC marketing should be your best option.

If you are looking for the best tactics for improving your PPC campaigns, we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will learn five strategic ways to boost your e-commerce revenue using simple pay-per-click marketing tactics.


5 Ways to Boost Your E-commerce Revenue Using Pay-Per-Click Marketing

The e-commerce marketing niche is a dynamic one.  If you truly want to be profitable, then you must do the following things to increase your sales volume.:

1. Identify the Right Audience to Target

No business will survive it if you are not targeting the right audience. It doesn’t matter how much you are budgeting for your PPC campaigns, if you are not targeting the right audience, you will never experience a boost in your e-commerce revenue.

You can start by identifying the right audience using an effective customer survey. What’s the age, income level, location, social position and needs of your ideal audience?

The more you know about your target audience, the more you can reach them with the right message.

2. Make an Irresistible Offer to Keep Growing Your E-commerce Revenue

How to make irresistible offers in order to increase your e-commerce revenue (1)

No matter how good you are with optimizing your PPC campaign, if you don’t know how to make irresistible offers like a pro, nobody will buy your product.

That goes to show that generating quality traffic to your e-commerce store is not enough if you are promoting a weak offer.

A unique way to create an irresistible offer is to first understand exactly what your ideal customers are craving for. Look through your e-commerce store and check what your customers are buying in droves then add more bonuses to it.

If you are new to marketing or struggling with your e-commerce sales, here’s an article, written by one of our contributors that will teach you the A-Z of crafting a high-converting offer.


3. Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Using one traffic source as an e-commerce vendor is a deadly mistake.

The primary reason why you should diversify your traffic sources is because you can easily get kicked out by one advertising platform for violating a policy you didn’t know about.

Another smart reason why e-commerce entrepreneurs diversify their traffic sources could be because they want to reach different market segments that might not be reached if one is to focus on one source of traffic.

Some highly converting traffic channels utilized by smart e-commerce experts when promoting their dropshipping products are Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.

PPC advertising is a guaranteed way to diversify your traffic sources and protect your business in the long run.

4. Do Not Forget to Set Up Retargeting Ads to Increase Your E-commerce Revenue

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service.

You will agree with me that oftentimes, it wasn’t when you first heard about a product that you immediately proceeded to make a purchase decision.

This is where a retargeting advertising campaign comes into play.

The goal of a retargeting ad campaign is to remind your web store visitors about your product or service after they left your e-commerce store without making a purchase.

You will be leaving so much money on the table when you run a PPC campaign without retargeting those that visited but didn’t buy. 

Why does retargeting in advertising work? It works simply because you are dealing with prospects who already have a degree of interest in your product. By reaching them once again, you not only persuade them to buy but also continue to raise your brand awareness.


5. Track Your Activities

How to track your ppc campaigns and boost your e-commerce revenue

Google analytics and CRM software are amazing tools an e-commerce expert can use to track their audience activities.

By tracking the actions people take on your online store, you can know what the product page with the highest impression is. If a product page has a high impression and clicks but generates low sales, it, therefore, means that something is wrong somewhere and it needs to be addressed.

When trying to track your activities in PPC advertising, you must focus on key factors that will increase your e-commerce conversion. 

One of the key factors capable of boosting your e-commerce revenue that you will need to monitor and track is your click-through rate (CTR). 

PPC experts pay so much attention to their click-through rates because it’s a practical demonstration of how helpful your target audiences find your advertising campaign. The higher your CTR, the higher your chances of getting more sales.

How Can E-commerce Increase Their Revenue without Necessarily Using PPC Marketing?

Is it possible for an e-commerce expert to increase their sales volume without necessarily depending fully on pay-per-click marketing? The answer is yes.

When you build a brand people can trust, master how to acquire, nurture and convert leads and offer an effective customer service experience, you can comfortably grow your e-commerce sales without struggles.


If you understand how to use various PPC advertising strategies to drive more traffic to your online store, protecting your business in the face of difficulties won’t be a struggle.

While SEO and content marketing still works, that doesn’t mean you should not double down your effort in PPC marketing knowing fully well that it is more predictable – but more expensive.

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