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How to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle [Infographic]

How to close sales faster and accelerate your sales cycle

The 7-step sales cycle will show you how to close sales faster even if you have never sold anything in your life before.

We’ve gone ahead to simplify this process in an infographic so you can master how to accelerate your sales cycle.

Salesforce statistics have it that companies with a well-defined sales process show 18% more revenue than companies with an informal sales process.

According to Mailshake, offering discounts can decrease the odds of successfully closing a sale by 17%. This is one of the most amazing sales statistics you need to reposition your mindset.

The 7-step sales cycle you need to dramatically accelerate your sales cycle are:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Contacting the lead
  3. Qualifying the lead
  4. Nurturing the prospect
  5. Presenting an offer
  6. Overcoming objections
  7. Closing the sale

Below is an infographic that will show you how to accelerate your sales cycle in 7 strategic steps.

How to close sales faster using the 7 step sales cycle

Source: Configure One

The moment you master this sales cycle, you will not only acquire new and quality leads consistently but you will also close them faster than your competitors will ever do.

Inbound sales techniques work like clockwise as long as you follow these 7-step process.

These sales closing techniques work irrespective of the industry you apply. We’ve seen it work in the real estate, e-commerce, construction, digital marketing, health, insurance and make money online niches.

If you are wondering why you are not closing real estate deals faster, chances are, you are not following these sales closing techniques one step at a time. It’s an error to present an offer to a lead you haven’t qualified yet. Doing that will make selling a struggle.

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