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How To Hire the Best E-Commerce PPC Agency or Consultant

E-commerce PPC Agency

Hiring the best e-commerce PPC agency or consultant can help your platform to generate and qualify more leads, as well as make more sales. The challenge, however, is choosing the agency to work with, considering that there are lots of them out there.

I understand that you have your competitors pulling lots of strings in recent times and making more sales than you do. You also want to get across to your target audience and make them see reasons to patronize your e-commerce brand. This is a guide on how to hire the best e-commerce PPC agency or consultant.

What is E-Commerce PPC?

E-commerce PPC is a form of online or digital advertising strategy. Here, the advertiser (your e-commerce brand) pays the publisher (the owner of the platform being advertised on) anytime someone clicks on the link in the ad placed on the platform.

You can leverage e-commerce Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to promote your online store and the products through targeted ads placed on PPC participating platforms.

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What is the Role of the E-Commerce PPC Agency in All These?

The e-commerce PPC is a group or company of PPC professionals. They specialize in analyzing your target market, finding profitable PPC ad opportunities, and helping you promote products on pay-per-click advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.

They understand how powerful PPC can be in driving immediate sales through an e-commerce website.

Guide to Choosing the Best E-Commerce PPC Agency/Consultant

You must pick the best agency to handle the PPC ads for your e-commerce brand. I have come up with some of the factors to consider when looking to work with any of these agencies.

1. Find Out if the Agency Covers the Services You Need

There are several ways an e-commerce PPC agency can help. This includes creating content for your e-commerce brand and optimizing your blog posts for search engine optimization (SEO). They also help you place Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on different platforms.

The first thing you want to do is to be sure you are on the same page with the agency. Do this by looking at the services they offer. You can do this by checking the “Services” section on the website.

2. Check Out the Team: Do They Look Good?

As much as the agency will be offering different e-commerce PPC services, those services would be handled by the team. Checking out the team becomes an important criterion for selecting the best agency to work with.

Here are some of the things you want to look for:

  • Experience: Find out the different experiences each member of the team has. Also, consider the number of years the team has been working. This can be done by checking the individual year of experience. You can also look at it from the combined experience perspective.
  • Agency Values: This does not focus on individual team members but on the entire team. The goal is to be certain that your objectives for the e-commerce PPC advertising align with the values of the agency.
  • Investigate the Team History: Dig into the past operations of the team. Be sure that they don’t have any past dealings that signify unreliability or not valuing the customer.

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3. Don’t Forget to Make Enquiries About the E-commerce PPC Agency

It may still be wise to make inquiries. You are doing this to be sure that the agency has the experience and creativity. Be certain that the agency has the tactics to deliver the results you expect for your e-commerce brand.

Examples of questions to ask or inquiries to make include:

  • What are the steps you take to set up PPC ads for e-commerce brands?
  • Have you had any experience working on a similar campaign? If you don’t, what can you do to deliver the result I want?
  • Can you share a case study of your previous projects?

4. What Will It Cost to Hire E-commerce PPC Consultant?

Check the “Pricing” page on the e-commerce PPC consultant’s website to have an idea of what it could cost you to get them to handle your PPC ads. Take note of the different pricing plans for the services offered.

However, if the e-commerce PPC agency doesn’t have a Pricing page, you may have to request a quote after sending the details of the job you want to be done.

When Do I Need an E-commerce PPC Consultant?

We recommend hiring an agency to handle your e-commerce PPC ads when:

  • You want to test the market demand for e-commerce products in a different niche.
  • The ad budget is higher and you want to maximize it for more ROI.
  • There is a large volume of e-commerce PPC ads that may not be comfortably handled by a PPC freelancer.

What is E-commerce PPC Management?

E-commerce PPC management can best be defined as the process of monitoring, overseeing, and managing PPC ad spending and campaigns in order to achieve a great ad conversion rate. The PPC manager handles all the keyword analysis and competitive analysis while tracking all the KPIs. The core purpose here is to convert web visitors to raving customers without spending an arm and a leg running paid ads.

Get Started with PPC Advertising for E-commerce

The benefits of liaising with a professional e-commerce PPC advertising agency are many and would help your e-commerce brand grow more. Always consider the tips shared above so you can partner with the best agency that drives the best results.

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