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10 Highest Paying Menial Jobs You Can Get with No Degrees in Canada

Highest paying menial jobs with no degrees in Canada

Are you looking for high paying menial jobs you can apply for without a College degree in Canada? We’ve got you covered. Having a university degree will literally “open doors of opportunities” for you, especially in a civilized country like Canada. From getting better jobs to earning higher – the opportunities are so many. Yet, you might not give up entirely if you don’t have a degree. There are a couple of jobs that don’t require a degree or experience.

Quick Facts About the Best Jobs Without College Degree in Canada

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You can land a well-paying job in the country even without possessing a degree. Here are some key points to note:

  • Some of these jobs are considered to be “menial.”
  • The jobs are often offered directly to the people that need them.
  • The income range differs, depending on the type of menial job and the prospects.

The Highest Paying Jobs without a Degree

Here is a list of the top ten (10) good paying menial jobs in Canada that don’t necessarily require applications from graduates.

1. Welding

There is a short supply of welding service providers in the country, hence the continuous need for professionals.

The job description of a welder in Canada includes joining metals for a single purpose via the application of heat and pressure.

The job, however, comes with some catches:

  • The demands are higher in some territories. For example, provinces in Western Canada are the major markets. Provinces like Prince Edward Island and Alberta should be your destination if you desire to get a welding job.

The career prospects include offering your services in the automotive, construction and manufacturing industries.

Depending on your expertise, the income range of a welder could be anywhere between $37,000 and $50,000. Some skilled welders also earn up to $76,000 annually.

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2. Greenhouse and Nursery Workers

This is an unskilled/no-degree job that requires the applicants to specialize in the production of plants and trees.

Nursery and greenhouse workers also take care of these plants and trees and make them available for use across different facets – fields, offices and farms.

3. Plumbing

Just like welding, plumbing is one of the unique jobs that pay well without a degree in Canada. As a plumber, your job includes fixing leaking pipes and connecting new ones. There are a variety of plumbing business ideas you can explore. You just have to choose the one that works for you.

Depending on where you wish to get hired, some sort of trade certification might be required. You may also be asked to meet the following requirements:

  • Completed up to 5 years of apprenticeship and;
  • Having a high school diploma.

The income potentials range from $39,000 to $65,000 yearly income average.

The best places to ply your trade are:

  • Newfoundland
  • Yukon
  • Manitoba and;
  • Labrador

4. Construction Manager

The duties of a construction manager include:

  • Visiting the construction sites.
  • Supervising the activities going on there from start to finish.
  • Ensuring a hazard-free work environment.
  • Hiring and allocating duties to the workers.
  • Meeting with the project owner and giving regular updates.

While a university degree might not be a prerequisite, having a hands-on experience with similar projects is welcome. Some companies might also prioritize the degree in some cases.

What is the basic salary of a construction project manager in Canada? Construction managers in Canada could earn up to $83,600 annually.

5. Agriculture Service Contracting

This refers to the provision of agriculture-related services, such as plant growing and livestock development.

Agriculture service contractors also oversee the hiring and management of farmers, who take care of the planting, harvesting and maintaining of plants and crops.

Other services provided include:

  • Recommending relevant changes to the land and or the company/owner’s business model.
  • Suggesting newer ways to improve agricultural practices.
  • Caring for livestock.

6. Dump Truck Driving

Also called garbage truck driving, it is also one of the highest paying menial jobs in Canada because not everyone knows how to man a truck.

The work often requires you to pick and dispose of garbage from the designated places in the provinces.

While having zero degree can be a starter plan, some companies may have different ideas. From requesting some years of experience to having a DZ License; the requirements may vary.

7. Truck Driving

Available truck driving jobs in Canada

This is different from garbage truck driving because it doesn’t always have to do with refuse disposal.

Transport truck drivers are in high demand in Canada because of these reasons:

  • They help in transporting goods across the country.
  • Their services can also be used to boost the last-mile delivery rates of eCommerce companies.

While it can be easy to get a job as a truck driver, here are a couple of things to know:

  • The types of trucks are generally classified into small and heavy-duty trucks. While the former can be restricted to cities, the latter can be broadened to operate across different territories.
  • Specialized training is necessary.
  • Having a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for the class of truck you wish to drive is important.

The annual income of transport truck drivers in Canada is up to $47,000. As you continue to earn and save, you can start your own trucking company and employ others.

8. Firefighter

Given the incidences of fire outbreaks in the country, more jobs are opening for firefighters. The following are required:

  • Display your capability to communicate effectively, even when in high-pressure situations.
  • Having at least a high school diploma and;
  • Having a healthcare provider level in CPR and first aid administration.

You could expect to earn up to $90,000 yearly from this job. Take a quick look at some of the firefighter jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship.

9. Conductors

This job is designated to the transportation industry and varies, based on your experience. If you are a professional, your job description could include:

  • Overseeing the maintenance of order in the coaches during transportation.
  • Separating train cars and:
  • Selling train tickets.

Having a knowledge of the Canadian railway system and excellent English communication skills are required.

10. Miners

Miners earn one of the highest incomes for unskilled workers in Canada. Their job includes mining some of the country’s natural resources, particularly: Coal, Iron and Ore.

Other duties include:

  • Operating heavy-duty (mining) machinery and;
  • Building the pathways for transporting the mined minerals in and out of the mines.

Miners can find better job opportunities in these provinces: Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island.

A combination of a high school diploma and specialized training can get you certified for the job.



Canada offers job opportunities to both the educated and the uneducated. Having a skill or two can guarantee you a consistent flow of income. Even without a university degree, you stand a chance to become a welder, plumber, miner, conductor or a construction manager in the country.

Which of these high paying menial jobs would you like to get for yourself in Canada?

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