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5 Helpful Hints for Creating a Happy Workforce

Happy workforce leads to happy customers if you apply these helpful hints

Do you want to make more sales in your business and expand it beyond your imagination? Create a happy workforce and a company culture of excellence.

The single most powerful strategy that leaders of the best companies to work for deploy is that they are always seeking more ways to create a culture of happiness in their workplace. It was Richard Branson who said that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.

One of the biggest struggles business owners have is attracting and retaining the best talent in the hyper-competitive job market we have in the UK today.

Any business owner will tell you when you lose one of your star employees there is nothing worse than that sickening feeling of trying to find someone to live up to their standards.

There are times when happy employees will leave a job and there isn’t always anything you could have done about it… but a lot of the time your employees leave is because they are unhappy in the role or with experience at work.

We are going to look at five helpful hints to help keep your employees happy and ensure they don’t go looking for job employment elsewhere. This is important because a happy workforce will always lead to a happy customer experience.

Here are the top hints for creating a happy workforce:

Recognise their excellent input

If you have a great worker who is going above and beyond, you need to ensure you set career goals to recognise their achievements and help them grow at your company.

It’s a well-known fact that employees overlooked for promotions will often look for bigger and better things instead of waiting for the role to come around again. 

Creating a career plan with each member of your team to find out what they are looking for in the company and what their next steps are will help show them you recognise the work they do for the company and you want to see them grow.

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Trust them to do the job they were hired for

No one can survive without help in business especially the bigger they get, so often we will have to delegate to employees to ensure everything gets done.

Make sure if you are giving an employee a job to do…you must trust them. Nothing is more infuriating for employees than being handed a job to do by their boss but being micromanaged every step of the way.

It’s always good to step back and give your staff the trust to get on with the job themselves- tell them if they struggle your door is always open to help learn but you need to give them the chance to stand on their two feet if you want to keep up their morale.

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Reward them with extra benefits

How to reward your employees without necessarily giving them money and achieve a happy workforce
Award: Employee of the Month

Your employees are what make your business and as many say ‘they are your most valuable asset’ so why not show them how much they are worth. Employee Benefits are a great way of giving back to your staff and helping show them how much you care about supporting them or their family. 

We are starting to see a rise in employee benefits across the UK and Company Medical Insurance is always one of the most sought after employee benefits across the staff. Due to the strain put on the national health service more employees are seeing the value of private health care for them and their families.

How to reward employees in the most resounding manner include giving them fully paid special magazine subscription, a free ticket to a life-changing event, and many more.

Respect your employees

As a business owner you need to realise that even though the business may be your life and you think about it constantly, your employees are unlikely to have the same passion and want to have a work-life balance which is fair and understandable.

You need to respect their personal life and ensure they are paid for all the hours they work. Treat them with respect by giving them a fair workload and not dumping everything on their desk at ten to five on a Friday afternoon.

Do your employees feel respected? It will be obvious in the way they respond to you and issues regarding their job responsibility. When you demonstrate respect for your employees, it will help them know that they are valued for their contribution and achievement in the growth of the company.

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Listen to your employees

If you type into google ‘Boss does not’ you will see the top searched result is ‘Boss does not listen’ or ‘Boss does not communicate’ and these are common traits many business owners have and aren’t always aware of.

Even if your business is thriving and you haven’t changed the way you have done things for years, ensure you are still listening and speaking to your employees as you never know what insight they have seen that could triple your income.

If you are an employee reading this and you’ve been struggling with getting your boss to listen here are strategic things you can do to make your boss listen to you:

  • Always go straight to the point when talking to him
  • Show him respect
  • Stay clear of office politics
  • Focus on discussing only things that concern him first
  • Always be willing and available to give a helping hand.

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How you treat your employees will determine the fate of your company. Your employees are branches of a tree that makes your company grow. They are your best brand ambassadors. Their opinion of your company has more weight than all the advertisements in the world put together.

If you stick to these five helpful hints you will succeed in selling your brilliant vision to your employees, keep a happy workforce and excel in attracting and retaining the best talent the British job market has to offer.

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