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Guidelines for Choosing the Best Ticketing System for Your Business

Through ticketing systems like Zendesk, Hiver, Front Desk, and HelpDesk, customer service management is made effective.

Choosing a ticketing system made easy

Have you ever wondered how Uber manages their orders? How does the system log new orders from clients around the world?

Uber, a logistics company, manages its orders only through the help of AI tools. This company employs software called a ticketing system to process, handle, and keep track of consumer issues. The Zendesk software makes it easy for Uber to track customers’ locations and provide a stress-free trip.

Nowadays, companies use ticketing systems to streamline business operations and boost output. How can you choose the ideal ticketing system for your company? What difficulties do certain companies have choosing a ticketing system? How do today’s ticketing systems benefit businesses?

This article will respond to these questions and many more. To begin, we will learn how a ticketing system operates.

Ticketing System Explained

A ticketing system is software that helps to assess, handle, manage, and track client details and queries. It is similar to an AI customer service system, but the inquiries are forwarded to the customer service staff for final resolution.

Ticketing software improves customer service by tracking and solving customer issues aided by the customer service team. But, how can a company choose the best ticketing software?

What to Look for When Choosing a Ticketing System

1. Search for a ticketing system with an intuitive user interface

Do you want your team to enjoy responding to clients’ queries? 

The software’s intuitive design makes it easy for the customer support team to use without technicality. Its layout must be simple enough for employees to find features and functionalities.

Freshdesk and Cisco have a lot of favorable feedback from 13,000+ businesses that use their ticketing software. Why? Because of its intuitive layout. An intuitive layout makes it easy for team members to operate and saves time.

2. Seamless integration and collaboration with other platforms

While making your selection, choose a ticketing system that facilitates effective team communication. The system must have tools like notepads, to display the status of tickets to prevent duplication of effort and discern the right team member for each task. This software should be able to track and analyze all ticket-related activity.

One of the factors that makes Hiver a popular choice for ticketing is its seamless integration. Hiver integrates with other systems, such as Zendesk. Thanks to this feature, the customer team can use software to multitask and boost productivity. The customer service team can connect apps like WhatsApp and Slack while using Hiver without a switch.

This feature enables ticketing software to merge project management, social networking, email, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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3. Provides support to various channels

It is remarkable to message a company with your concern and receive a prompt response on Facebook or Instagram. This implies that the brand can offer first-rate customer service on all platforms.

This capacity is available for businesses through ticketing systems like Zendesk. This is why Uber and Shopify established Zendesk as the best ticketing system. Uber has 110 million clients who trust them because of their timely customer service.

When choosing a ticketing system, you must consider whether the software supports many channels. It must support communication channels like email, phone lines, and live chat. This does not imply that the ticketing system will need a new design interface for each channel to integrate. The system should have features that allow it to switch interfaces to manage all functions in one place.

However, individuals confuse Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for ticketing systems because of its similar concept. How can you tell the difference between these two customer management concepts?

What Distinguishes a Ticketing System from a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software collects and stores customer details from ticketing systems. Its function is to automatically handle client data, store it, and make it accessible to the customer support team.

A ticketing system is active after analysis of this consumer information. The ticketing system solves client queries by sending them to the appropriate customer care team member.

The ticketing system tracks client inquiries before sending them to the CRM, where they get stored until the customer support team resolves the issue.

What does a business stand to profit from employing a ticketing system?

Benefits of Using Ticketing Systems

1. The right ticketing system will enhance your communication

Companies that use ticketing systems confirm improvement in customer and staff communication. With what outcome?

Shopify responds to this in the July 2023 report, which indicates that around 2.7 million online retailers use Shopify as their e-commerce platform in the USA alone. This shows how the client’s reach is improved through effective communication.

Shopify has gained the trust of customers through productive customer support with the support of a ticketing system.

2. Choosing the best ticketing system reduces cost

Companies use AI tools like ticketing systems because it is affordable and earns the trust of their customers. 

The fact is that ticketing systems automate a variety of business processes. By automating business processes, manual labor is no longer necessary for running the business. To boost production, the company would require fewer employees to handle the ticketing software.

3. Enhanced scalability and security

Ticketing systems like Zendesk, encrypt private client data, including bank account information, national identification numbers, and more. 

These security precautions reduce the likelihood of data breaches or even actual physical data management errors.

4. It boosts productivity in the workplace

In 2022, over 86% of service teams recorded an increase in productivity level thanks to ticketing solutions like Helpdesk. Many operations in the business sector have been made more effective with the help of AI. 

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Today, many companies have effectively incorporated AI into their operations. A quick look at some AI-related business ideas will confirm this. Businesses choose ticketing systems that have an intuitive interface, support for several channels, and seamless collaboration and app integration.

Through ticketing systems like Zendesk, Hiver, Front Desk, and HelpDesk, customer service management is made effective. These ticketing systems support growth, and customer trust, and save costs and time for companies.

In the future, ticketing software will get more refined, with advanced features that will boost its worth and benefits. Would you be one of the pioneers to adopt this AI tool?

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