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Growth Hacking Techniques: 10 Best Ways to Boost Sales Conversion

What are the growth hacking tactics for boosting sales conversion

Would you like to master the growth hacking strategies SaaS startups are using to boost their sales conversion and retain their industry market share?

The growth of every business depends majorly on its sales conversion strategies. There’s a marketing myth that building a fancy-looking website and channeling thousands of leads to it is all it takes to make sales. Is it correct?

As much as it is important to do that, what a business requires more to thrive is to effectively convert those leads into loyal paying customers. And knowing how to boost sales conversion should be top on the priority list of every business owner. 

In this article, we will take you by the hands and explain to you powerful, practical strategies you can use to boost the conversion rate of your business in record time. But before we go right into that, let us know in simple terms what a sales conversion rate is and how to can calculate it. 

What is Sales Conversion Rate?

Sales conversion rate refers to the number of sales made from the total number of visitors to a webpage. So if you have 200-page visitors in a day, the number of sales made from those visits divided by 200 is the conversion rate for that day. Let’s assume 30 sales were made. The conversion rate is 30/200 = 0.15. That’s a 15% conversion rate. 

Now, having known how to calculate your conversion rate, the next thing is to know the different strategies you can use to increase it. 

10 Best Ways to Boost Your Sales Conversion

Boosting sales conversion is easy if you know the different strategies to implement. From leveraging the power of a strong social media presence to building a free-flowing sales funnel, here are tips on how you can boost your sales conversion by at least 100% in the next 30 days. 

  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Use compelling headlines
  • Employ video creative
  • Build trust and credibility 
  • Use social proof
  • Strong social presence
  • Follow up on your leads
  • Communicate in the right language
  • Show up daily 
  • Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

1. Generate Quality Leads

Generate quality leads to boost sales conversion rate
How do lead generation and conversion work?

A good marketing campaign starts with cultivating and stacking up quality leads. Channeling traffic or any form of leads to your sales page will cost your business much money. That is why effectively generating quality leads is key to a better sales conversion rate. 

What is a High-Quality Lead? 

High-quality leads refer to leads who have an interest in what you are selling and are more likely to buy. 

If you run a business-to-consumer (B2C) company, generating quality leads would mean using the right interest keywords to target your prospects. Social media ad platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and product-listing websites (Amazon) are the easiest ways you can reach and engage your potential customers. 

Running a business-to-business (B2B) company would require you to target the key decision-makers in your desired companies. These decision-makers could be the procurement manager, the inventory personnel or the quality control/acquisition manager. 

Now, these are quality leads to your business. And they are so because of one reason. They have an interest or need for what you are selling. Targeting the right audience helps you understand how to generate quality leads in your business.

We believe you’ve seen why channeling all forms of leads to your sales page is like pouring money down the drain.


2. Use Compelling Headlines

how to create a compelling headline
An article from EntrepreneurBusinessBlog.com on search engines

The headline is the first thing your prospects see in your sales message or advertorial. A compelling headline should grab your prospect’s attention and force him to click on your advertorial. 

An attention-grabbing headline should be clear enough to not get your prospect confused (remember, a confused customer never buys), concise enough to make meaning and intriguing enough to get your prospect curious and excited. 

The quality of leads your marketing campaign generates depends to a large extent on your headlines. Therefore, your headline should be able to weed out money-mongering leads and only allow quality leads to access to your sales pitch. 

Boosting your sales conversion rate would be a lot easier if you generate high-quality leads or traffic by using compelling headlines. 

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 people who see your headline will read it, but only about 2 out of the 10 will open it. 

Now that means, out of every 100 people that see your headline, only about 20 will open it. And that depends on how compelling and intriguing it is. 

So to boost your sales conversion starting from your headline, ensure to run diagnostic tests on them. Experiment with your headline by using different power words, and tones and at some point add statistics. Then compare how they performed and choose the best.

We recommend you read this powerful guide, The Magic Headline Hooks by Emenike Emmanuel which teaches you how to write attention-grabbing sales, email and blog post headlines using plug-and-play templates.

3. Employ Video Creatives


Why you should start using creative videos in your growth hacking strategies

According to research by the American marketing company, HubSpot, 72% of consumers prefer video to text for receiving every form of marketing information. 

No matter your industry, videos can come in handy when addressing your prospects. As much as the internet has made business transactions between business owners and their prospects seamless, people are still skeptical about making purchases online. 

This could be for a couple of reasons. One of which could be that people like to see, touch and feel what they are buying before making payment. This could be because they are skeptical about the quality, texture, or authenticity of the product. 

Product images can go a long way to reduce these doubts. But videos provide the ultimate satisfaction in this regard. 

Videos can be used to showcase the product, giving extra practical information on how it can be assembled, and used by the customer. 

Another thing is that people can easily get bored with text. But with video, you entertain and educate them while making your sales pitch. So it’s easier to boost sales conversion with video creatives. Here’s an article that explained in detail exactly why brands should start using videos in their marketing.

4. Build Trust and Credibility

People make buying decisions based on trust. A prospect would never buy from you except if they trust you. 

To win your prospects’ trust, you have to go the extra mile by offering guarantees and after-sale services like a consultation for a specified period of time.

Credibility is something you build from your headline down to the call-to-action. You have to let your prospects know you know more about what you’re selling by educating them about it from the beginning. 

This is called, education-based marketing. You can sell ice to an Eskimo and gain their trust if you understand how to educate them effectively.

A prospect would feel more relaxed and at ease when you show (not say) that you actually understand their problems or desire and explain in a very clear and concise way how your product is all they need to solve or satisfy themselves at that point. 


5. Use Social Proof

Boost your sales conversion rate using social proof

Using social proof in marketing is the idea of using the actions and opinions of others to influence your prospects into making buying decisions.

People would always want to know how others feel about your product before they make a decision. That’s why they look for reviews, ratings and sales volumes before making a purchase. 

How can you use social proof to your advantage in marketing? Tell a story of how happy and fulfilled your product makes your customers. Paint a picture of their situations before they got your product, how desperately they needed it and how fulfilled they felt when they started using it.

It’d even be more authentic when your customers are the ones telling these stories. Your prospects don’t want to take your word for it. They prefer to hear it directly from those who used the products. 

That’s where you bring in testimonials. Screenshots and videos are the best forms of testimonials you can use to convince your prospects. 

Social proofs make you more believable and trustworthy in the eyes of your prospects. And the more trustworthy you’re, the more you’ll be able to convince them to make purchases on your webpage. 

Another form of social proof that boosts sales conversion is the use of celebrity influencers. When you get a celebrity to use and advertise your product, trust me, you should just get ready for the inflow of sales that would follow.

People love to do what others are doing. They love to try out what they’ve seen work for others. But when a celebrity is involved, they abandon their logical senses and emotions take over them. And the truth is, most buying decisions people make stem from emotions. 

Learn how to boost your social proof and use different forms of social proof to promote your business and watch your sales take an upward trend to the sky. 

6. Strong Social Presence

Boost your social presence to increase your conversion

The key natural instinct common to every successful businessman is that they identify easily where their potential customers spend most of their time… and they follow them there. 

Take ice cream vendors for instance. They don’t go to air-conditioned offices to market their products. Rather, they look for where the sun is intense (like the open markets, streets and concert venues) and carry their wares there.

People spend most of their leisure time on social media these days. And it is only wise for a businessperson who wants to boost sales conversion to pitch his tent in those spaces. 

Set up your business page on those platforms and engage your prospects consistently. This also helps build trust and credibility. Because it would be easier for prospects who have consistently seen your presence on the social spaces to trust you and therefore make purchases than for one who hasn’t seen you before.   

Retail stores like Walmart and Amazon are leveraging greatly on this wonderful opportunity to increase their customer base and make massive revenue in the end.

Amazon is present on all social media platforms where their prospective customers are dominant.

Most e-commerce startups run ads on those spaces, engage their prospects and even handle some buying objections along the line. They set up customer care lines that take care of customers’ requests and complaints.

So if you really want to boost sales in your business, do what is required now and join your prospects on these social spaces.

Promote your products there. Use discounts and juicy deals to whet the appetite of prospects who feel your products are expensive. Be consistent about it. 

In just a matter of time, you’d start seeing the impact on your sales revenue as these methods are guaranteed to boost your sales conversion for a long time.


7. Follow Up on Your Leads

Growth hacking techniques for following up your leads

When you channel quality leads to your web or sales page, it is not all of them that would buy at once.  That doesn’t mean that those of them who didn’t buy are not interested in what you are offering. If they weren’t interested, your headline should have filtered them off from the beginning.

But since they are quality leads, it means they are interested. They just might need a little more convincing to cave in. 

There are obviously a couple of things that prevented them from buying outrightly. It is your duty to find these things out with quality and consistent follow-up. But you shouldn’t overdo it. There’s a stage follow-up will get to, and it becomes harassment. Know when to draw the line. 

The most used medium for follow-up is email marketing. You see, when prospecting, it is advisable to not rush into sales immediately. You have to build a solid relationship first. And the best way to do that is through email marketing. Here’s how to do it:

Collect their email addresses the moment they hit your landing page. This will help you follow them up when they don’t buy. You can do this by sending them abandoned cart emails (it is possible they got distracted while on your page and forgot to check out), sending them vouchers and discount sales offers. This will help encourage those who left because they couldn’t afford to buy at that time to eventually make a purchase. 

Why causes abandon carts? Read this article to find out.

Follow up on those who bought to ensure they enjoyed your services. If they did, get them to drop reviews for you. If they didn’t, at least you’d know why. That would help you improve your services for them and other customers.

There’s a saying that marketing begins before production and continues after sales have been made. You don’t leave a prospect alone because he has already made a purchase. No! That is even the perfect time to pitch your other products and services to him. 

Always pitch them another product if they are complementary to what they bought before. It is called upselling in marketing, and it is the sweetest way to make more money from sales without running paid advertisements.

You’d be leaving a lot of money on the table if you focus more on new prospects and abandon customers who have already shown you how much they love your products by making a purchase. 

Following up will boost your sales conversion rate more than running fresh ads. This growth hacking technique is so overlooked by a lot of small business owners who don’t understand what a goldmine it is. 

8. Communicate in the Right Awareness Level Language

How to boost your sales conversion rate as a growth hacker

There are different levels of prospect awareness. What this means is, that there are prospects who are aware of your products and might even have made a purchase from you. Then there are those who are not even aware they have a need for your product. 

You cannot address both audiences with the same tone and language. While someone who has made a purchase from you in the past might just need improved offers or bonuses to make another purchase, someone who has not bought from you before or even knows he needs your product might just need a little more education to make a purchase.

If you go straight to pitch your product to your product-unaware prospects without first educating them about their needs and how your product will solve or satisfy them, then you’re more likely going to leave them more confused than you met them. And obviously, a confused customer never buys. 

So, the first thing to do is to educate them. Make them aware of their needs by invoking their different decision-making emotions. Make them see how they need your product, then go ahead and pitch to them.

Using this technique alone will ensure you don’t miss out on potential customers and would eventually boost your sales conversion by a great percentage. 

9. Show Up Daily

Show up daily where your ideal customers congregate.

One marketing lesson every business person should learn is to never give their prospects the opportunity to test their competitor’s products and services. 

This is true because, even though your products or services are better, you never can tell what would impress your customers more in your competitor’s offers. It could be the manner in which they were served or even the likability of the personnel that attended to them.

So how do you boost your sales conversion rate by showing up daily? 

We will tell you.

Use ads, texts, emails, social media and whatever means available to you to keep your customers engaged and satisfied. It is called integrated marketing strategies for a reason. Employ proper inventory management to ensure you never run out of stock or be found wanting in your service rendering.

Companies like Google and Pepsi do this very well. Even though they have the highest customer base in their respective industries, they never stop advertising. They never stop showing up in the faces of their potential and loyal customers.

They run ads (both direct response and indirect response), send texts, give bonuses, and roll out promo offers. The most important thing to note is that they just never give their customers the slightest opportunity to test what their competitors offer. 

Coca-Cola’s products are everywhere. It’s rare to get to a shop and hear there’s no Coca-Cola product available for sale at that time. Imbibe this knowledge in your business and watch your sales conversion soar before your eyes.

10. Call-to-Action (CTA)

Growth hack your business using an effective CTA

Call-to-action is that part of your web or sales page that encourages your prospect or leads to take a specific action.

Your web or sales page might be the more aesthetically designed one out there – with a powerful and compelling headline, a very intriguing lead, irresistible hooks and even one of the most valuable offers in your industry. But if your call-to-action is not doing its function properly, you’d be leaving a lot of money on the table. 

You won’t convert most of your leads to paying customers if your call-to-action is not clear enough.

A clear and well-optimized CTA plays a very important role in boosting sales conversion rates. 

In drafting your CTA, endeavor to use emotional and compelling words. For instance, let’s assume you’re selling a cookbook for men and women who want to learn how to prepare continental dishes. A call-to-action similar to this will sell:

“Click here to learn from the best continental dish chef in the world.”

Have you seen how simple, clear and direct it is?

Of course, only those who want to learn how to cook continental dishes would click on the link. Aside from making the texts clear and direct, the call-to-action button should be designed in such a way that is appealing and irresistibly nice to the eyes. That would draw your prospect more to find out what’s on the other side of the page. You can use any of these pop-up headlines to increase your sales conversion.



Statistics have shown that the average sales conversion rate for most businesses is between 2-5%. But most companies with good successes in the business world tend to convert between 20-25%. And that is majorly for one reason:

They know great growth hacking techniques and are using them greatly to optimize sales results.

Most of the techniques mentioned in this article might seem like common knowledge, but very few businesses use them properly to maximize sales results. 

As much as these growth hacking techniques are great and can boost your sales conversion by a great margin. It is important that you understand that the number one sales driver is an irresistible offer

Ensure your offer is great. Tweak your sales funnel with the sales conversion techniques listed in this article, and you’re sure to see your business competing with the top goons in your industry.

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