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4 Secrets to Getting More Sales from Your Existing Clientele


Have you ever considered leveraging your assets as a core business owner to get more sales? Your asset here talks about your existing customers (people that have experienced your product or service offers in the past).

If you have not been doing that now is your best opportunity to pay rapt attention to the top secrets experts in your industry are using in getting more sales from their existing clientele.

Irrespective of what your budget may be, there are various ways you can use to dramatically increase your sales and grow your business at most times for free.

If you are thinking of ways to go about it, here are some pointers you can use to boost sales from your existing clientele. They have worked for a couple of our clients and we are sure these strategies will also work for you.

1. Listen To Your Customers

Most likely, this is the easiest and most overlooked approach when it comes to boosting your sales.

Listening to your potential customers or clients is the right approach to understanding and addressing their needs.

In the absence of an open communication, the likelihood of frustrations and misunderstandings increases. Therefore, it is important that your sales team can understand the significance of actively listening to your customers. This is not one of those marketing tactics you can afford to trivialize if you truly want to be a market leader.

If members of the sales team are not comfortable with using these sales tactics, that is okay. It could be better to ensure they focus more on making initial contact or closing sales than true consultative selling.

2. Create a Conversation

Your existing customers are your best resources when it comes to increasing revenue for your business. Make no mistakes about this in quest to get more customers to patronize your business.

Often, it is easier to persuade a client who is familiar with your services or products than spending money on advertising trying to acquire and convert a new customer. The difference is incomparable.

If you have a rapport with your customers and they consider your business to be trustworthy, then they’ll be more than willing to share the challenges faced by the business. This is why we encourage entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business to focus their energy in learning how to build rapport with potential clients by first becoming conversation starters and sustainers.

When you converse with your clients, you’ll be in a position to help them take care of the challenges faced by the company by providing alternative approaches to solving problems.

This technique also allows you to enhance the relationship you already have with your client, and this will end up increasing your revenue.

3. Bundle Your Services and Products

A lot of businesses have achieved success by selling bundled services and products as a package. This is a crazy sales strategy that has made a lot business owners jaw-dropping revenue especially in this season.

Customers, in most cases, equate bundled products with savings, making these an easier sell for you.

Where possible, try keeping your bundles flexible because a client may not accept a bundle if they believe some products are missing.

If you can be flexible to swap some products or services in line with the needs of the customers, you are likely to find success and increase sales notwithstanding the industry you operate in.

4. Use a Sales Management Software

Spiro.ai sales automation CRM for getting more sales from existing clients

If you are a sales manager looking to increase sales, then the sales automation CRM is the answer.

For instance, Spiro is an advanced CRM product which businesses can use to manage their sales and increase revenue without breaking the bank.

CRM systems offer companies with different strategic advantages including an ability to enhance the relationship between a business and its customers.

With this system, you can treat your customers individually rather than treating them as a group. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, you already know how much customers love personalized services.

A CRM software also allows your business to understand the customers’ needs and their transaction file as well.


When it comes to increasing your sales as a business, it is important to consider the pointers above.

While there are sales strategies that will require a financial investment, some of these will not need any outlay of cash up front.

Regardless of whether or not you will need some cash to implement these approaches, all of them will require commitment from you.

Are you ready to do what it takes to get more sales from your existing customers without having to spend on advertising trying to acquire new customers from scratch?

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